Monday, March 29, 2010

fantastic Mail day for me

I sure hope the picture shows up I had a fantastic mail day for free stuff
One box of Oreo Cakesters that I received as a win from in exchange for doing a review
Big bunch of Nabisco Mr Salty yogurt and chocolate covered pretzels my gift for writing a resolution journal for

Glade Sense and spray with apple cinnamon and a second refill in clean linnen - this was from right at home enter to win contest

2 ciggie coupons for 1.00 off each pack
Kashi golden crunch sample
Benniful dog food sample nice larger bagie MY dog is in Her happy place because of this she loves getting mail
Hi Everyone hope you are all good today , I thought I would update you one stuff .

yesterday I posted a video review of the neutrogena clinical that Im trying for bzzagent . I hope you have some time to see it , I know some of you saw my before video and I wanted to see if you saw any difference between them . I can tell you that I can feel a difference. My face feels tighter in a lot of places. I only wish it did better at getting rid of age spots . anyway here is a link right to the video if you want to check it out , If its any consolation , I look as goofy as always :)

If you missed the before video here is that link

Ok in other stuff . Scott is still having a lot of stomach problems and is back on the antibiotic for another round . Im better news , Scott had that appointment with the IRS . they made him bring in all our bills and everything so they could calculate a new payment for us . They had the stuff for a few days and then the lady calls and says that because of our poverty the IRS is not able to collect any money from us at this time . YAY ! This will be reevaluated sometime in the future if Scott ever starts making money again but for now we don't have to worry about them .

So far last week was really good for freebies coming in here is a list of some of the free stuff I got .
Copenhagen pocket tool -this is a very nice pocket knife it even has a saw and a screwdriver .
1 nice little change purse with some first aid products inside .
Burts bees toothpaste
a product test for shampoo and conditioner very nice .
sample bottle of olay 7 body wash (great stuff Ill be buying this from now on )
free coupon for philly cream cheese in the 4 pack
free coupon good for 1 bottle of vitamin water
free coupon for 1 free pack of Borden cheese
free coupon for a free box of Orville Redenbacher popcorn
free coupon for a free box of Kashi cereal yum this stuff is fantastic I like the blueberry crunch .
free coupon got yo plait Greek yogurt along with 10 45 cents off each tub coupons .
This stuff is hard to find in any flavour so I have not tried it yet .
I also won a few of books through one of the insiders groups I belong to they have not got here yet .
I got another uniball pen , Im not sure why they send another one but Im happy .
sample of tide laundry soap
I got a sample of a new fancy energy bar called zone perfect indulgence . WOW are these good I mean like candy bar good . I tried the caramel toffee .

I ordered a bunch of freebies this week and I sure hope they come in because some are really good . I still have not got the spray cleaner from some monkey company lol .

Im going to be putting in the blog products that I try and what I think of them once a month so far this month Ive tried

Chocolate cheerios ! Very tasty and good for you . I really like these because I cant eat to much chocolate with out getting a migraine so since these taste like chocolate yet do not give me a headache Im loving them .
Oreo Cakesters . if you have not tried these please do they are moist and delicious very very good and portion controlled and portable .I do not have any problem getting headaches from these either so that 2 chocolate thing I can snack on
I really also like Nabisco 100 calorie packs mister salty pretzels very good and portion controlled . I only wish they were a bit less crunchy because I worry about my teeth with over crunchy things , but they are really good .
Digiorno 100 calorie pizzas this is a very tasty pizza for as low a calorie count it has its a great lite snack, but don't think its going to be like eating a regular digiorno it is diet food after all .
I finely found a hair color that dose not look fake or to harsh Im using perfect 10 by Nice and easy its the very best hair color Ive ever used and it cover gray very well but keeps your hair very shiny I love it ( I did not even get a trial or sample of this )o I picked it up when it was on sale and I happened to print a 2.00 off coupon -other hair colors were turning my hair to straw and really to harsh a dark color . Im using the shade medium golden brown and it perfect !!! I am going to try and stick with this brand for as long as I can because it really is the better hair color for me .

If you are board and looking for some Really really good games , I have recommendations for you . My favorite casual games for the month of march are

Vampireville -If you like Keanu Reeves the character in the game looks like him and acts like him its really a hoot -Im thinking they got the idea for Vampireville after watching both Bill and Teds adventures and Bram stokers Dracula its funny yet deals with a castle full of vampires . its a long game too , took me a while .

Penny dreadful Sweeney Todd - very cool game -also very funny and a great afternoon killer . this one is a bit short not to bad and really should win some kind of award . very challenging game for sure

Dark Parables -the curse of Brier Rose - this is a stunningly beautiful Investigative hidden object game . Its done really well and has a lot of different mini games that are a lot of fun . based on the story of sleeping beauty yet spooky and clever.

Treasure seekers follow the ghosts - this is a really nice IHOG ( investigative hidden object game) I really liked it but thought it was on the short side . however its a series and I had played the other games so I just had to try this new one . its fun and challenging , a lot of fun

The Lost mysteries of 221B baker street Sherlock Holmes game with many many levels . this is really getting your moneys worth and has great re playability .

Bigfish has a promo deal going on for members of the game club -any regular game can be bought for 4.99 using code SPRINGFRVER now thats a deal and if you are in the club you know that with every 6 games you buy you get one free on the punch card . I don't personally think the collectors editions are worth the bigger price tag but they do give you 3 punches on the punch card instead of only one . I have never bothered with the expensive games and just wait till the reg version comes out a few weeks later .
Thanks for reading my blog !!!!

Here is wishing everyone a great and productive week with all of us having many samples and goodies in our mail .

Sunday, March 28, 2010

This is my video review for the Neutrogena... | Gather

I finely got up my video review for the Neutrogena clinical that Im doing for bzzagent . I hope you check it out I also have up a before video at the same site here is a link to the video I did this morning thanks for looking

This is my video review for the Neutrogena... Gather