Saturday, April 28, 2012

Really Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs review

I was able to read Really Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs through blogging for books. I was so happy I got to read this book, I had read a few of Liz Curtis Higgs other books before and loved them as I loved this book.

I loved the way she first tells us a contemporary story before every Biblical account of the chosen bad girl of the Bible . I think this approach really helps us put the Biblical stories in a different perspective.

I loved learning from Liz and how she has the ability to make us laugh as we read these stories. Liz is a great writer I love her sense of humor and her down to earth attitude.

In Really Bad Girls of the bible, Liz makes it possible to really get a feel of just what sort of circumstances surrounded each women that led them to make the choices that they did. The book also shows us how great our need for forgiveness is, and how no matter how Bad we are before finding Christ ,he still waits for us to turn to him so we can be healed and restored to him.

We all can really learn a lot from these Less than perfect women of the Bible and Liz guides us thought this process with sound teaching and gentle humor. I will be recommending this awesome book to all my friends be they Christians or not,because everyone can greatly benefit from reading it and I'm so happy I got to read and review it for you. Thanks for looking at my review of Really Bad Girls of the Bible by Liz Curtis Higgs.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Purex Let’s Be Honest campaign now available update

As a Purex Insider I was given a sneak peak to a new campaign that will be available soon at Purex . You will have the opportunity to win a years supply of Purex detergent by interacting in the activity's. What they will be doing is offering a bunch of really cute videos featuring Molly Erdman.

These videos are a funny series of short video vignettes sharing honest moments that reflect the ironic truths of everyday Life, Laundry, and Whatever.

This project will launch on the 30th of April and run Through mid July, there will be new funny videos uploaded every few days at, plus posts on Facebook and promotional tweets on Twitter. The daily sweepstakes will run through July 24th.

So get ready to have a lot of fun with this promotion. Be sure and look for it so you can enter into the sweeps for the year supply of detergent.

Once the promotion goes live Ill post more info and the links so you can view the funny videos and enter the sweepstakes. For now this is a heads up so you know its soon to launch. For posting about the promo I will be able to hold a giveaway for free product coupons for Purex in the coming weeks so stay tuned to my blog for your chance to win a coupon. Thanks for having a look at this Heads up post about this great new project from Purex :) The videos are up you can view them at this line now , these are really cool Purex lets be honest campaign videos

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just Eyewear eyeglasses review

I was able to try Just Eyewear through Tomoson and was given my choice of a free pair to try. Here is what I found

Just Eyewear, Has over 900 frames to choose from in many fashionable and beautiful designs. You can pick from big plastic frames, flex titanium, progressive lenses, Transitions, you name it. I found the ordering process to be really easy. I did a video review for you to not only show the outstanding quality of these glasses but to also explain the ordering process.

I love my new Just Eyewear glasses because they are just what I wanted in a new fashionable frame that are true to my prescription and work well. One of the fantastic things about Just Eyewear is you order them online and get them in the mail their is no standing in line or looking through glasses in the store or Eyewear shop. I hope you get a chance to view the video review I just made for these.

you can order your glasses at this website link.


here is the video I did for my lovely new glasses

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, April 16, 2012

NuBrilliance Real Microdermabrasion at home Review

I was so Unbelievably blessed to be able to try a sample of the NuBrilliance
Real Microdermabrasion at home tool recently and I have to say its the most innovative and easy to use Microdermabrasion I have ever used. I was so impressed by it I did a how to video review on all the many features this product has to offer anyone interested in skincare and anti aging.

First I would like to Thank the People at NuBrilliance
for sending me the unit to try:)

So what is Nubrilliance
you may be asking. NuBrilliance is a very innovative skincare tool that uses diamond tipped exfoliating discs to provide you with Superior Microdermabrasion . Its vacuum action whisks away the dead skin, that the diamond tips will loosen as you use the product. Dead skin particles are removed and vacuumed away.

The first thing I noticed about the NuBrilliance was its ease of use and its quite performance. Being a vacuum product I thought it would be really loud but its not, its very discrete so you can use it with out worry. Each different diamond tip snaps into the vacuum wand and is ready to use right away.

I really loved that you start the process with a clean dry face, there are no messy crystals or water going everywhere while using the NuBrilliance. You start and finish with a dry clean face.

As you know I'm really big on exfoliating the skin and have use different product to help me do this but the NuBrilliance is the cleanest and easiest one to use.

Because of its Vacuum action you will be doing more than just exfoliating the skin, you will be encouraging it to produce Collagen which will add a support structure to aging skin.

In the NuBrilliance kit you get a bunch of filters so the skin that's vacuumed off your face will be caught in the disposable filter. You get 3 diamond tips. One larger oval for the broader parts of the face, one precision round tip for hard to get into places and one courser tip for the body. Yes this product can be used to exfoliate the body as well as the face!

The NuBrilliance unit has different vacuum settings so you will start out on setting one and move up as your face and body gets use to the process. The unit is electric and plugs into the outlet in the bathroom or where every you want to perform your treatment.

Many of you have seen these kinds of facial exfoliating devices at spas and the cost of just one treatment is very high. Imagine being able to do your own professional microdermabrasion at home, in comfort, whenever you want to, no appointment necessary.

Anyone can use the NuBrilliance, its so easy and so clean. It also comes with a how to DVD and a booklet so you will have no problems getting started as I did.

I have seen such an improvement in my skin from using the NuBrilliance. you can tell its working because after your first treatment your skin my be a little pink but that fades after about 20min or less depending on how much exfoliating you have done in the past. I am on setting 2, I find that to be comfortable for me yet also providing me with that pink glow so I know its working. Once you finish you just apply your normal skin care cream and its all done. I use the NuBrilliance 2 times a week.

watching the DVD you will learn how to use the NuBrilliance effectively and also when you should not use it for those days you have used a hair remover or had a peal or some other condition like a bad sunburn those would be the days you would want your skin to rest and forgo microdermabrasion.

As I said, I did a how to video for NuBrilliance. I show you how to use it effectively and its many features. The videos sound may need to be turned up a bit as my camera is particular and sometime the volume is lower. Also toward the end of the video even my Camera was sick of hearing me talk and it tried to fall over so I had to fix it its kinda funny seeing the look on my face when it did that LOL . I did try to cover everything you would need to know to make an informed decision about NuBrilliance

Here is the video review I did for this awesome product I hope you have a look at it, it will explain a lot.

before you go Please have a look at the website for the product, as price's and any deals can be found there. So for ease of use and superior exfoliating this product cant be beat and I really love it! Thank you so much for reading my review if you have any questions about it please let me know and I will be happy to help you . Nubrilliance

April Extreme Cash Giveaway!

It’s time for the April Extreme Cash Giveaway! This month’s prize is... a $500 Paypal cash prize! There are many entry options and daily entries as well, so keep this page bookmarked so you can come back every day to increase your chances of winning. Giveaway ends 5/13 and is open worldwide. Good luck! I wish you all good luck :) a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Unjunk your junk food book-Healthy alternatives to conventional snacks review

I was able to paticipate in this helpful campaign through Naturally Savvy's blogger program. I was sent a copy of the awesome book Unjunk your junk food-Healthy Alternatives to conventional snacks by Andrea Donsky and Randy Boyer. Here is what I found

first this book has so much information in it, its scary. Its very well written and has so may wonderful qualities for helping you make well informed decisions about which snack foods to use and buy and why.

The main thing I took away after reading this is I need a lot of help in making these decisions.

I was able to find in this book the products I use with pictures and if its good for us or not. This book made it so easy to find different snack foods and side by side compare them with other products that are better for you.

One of the scary 7 I had in my pantry was a snack food I thought was healthy but had olestra in it. This product said fat free and though it shows no fat Olestra is not good for you and this is clearly explained in this book.

The Biggest surprise I discovered was that one of my favorite Jellybeans has caffeine in it, I did not know that!

The other thing I really loved about Unjunk your junk food-Healthy Alternatives to conventional snacks was all the helpful ideas added to each page, I hope you get a chance to look at the video because seeing what I mean will help you understand how the book works and is presented.

Snack foods are categorized by type and as you go through the book you will see a popular snack food on the left page and one on the right, the left page is the bad choice and that's clearly shown. Their is also an explanation of why its not a good choice. On the right page you will see the alternative choice and why its better.

I also loved that below the good choice product their is a helpful bit of information on each one or a Savvy Fact these little bits of the other informational tips provided are really interesting and I really will be putting a lot of them to use and remembering them for the future.

These words of wisdom range from the differences, health wise, between table salt and sea salt and how to make your own D.I.Y body scrub. I really found the D.I.Y ideas really cool and very valuable and you will find many of these here along with detailed info about new things like Acai berries.. So much work went into creating this book that everyone concerned about the health of their snack foods should have a copy.

With chapters like

The key to unjunking

back to basics nutrition

The worst Ingredients, and Others, Each chapter deals with they kind of snack food like chips dips and party food to cakes, chocolate and soda and every kind of snack food in between.

There is also a really comprehensive list of websites that can help you find more info in the back of the book. So with all that being said I found this book to be a Superior way to help anyone make really informed decisions regarding snack foods of all kinds.

Here are some links for you to visit to find out more about Unjunk your junk food-Healthy Alternatives to conventional snacks. Naturally Savvy Unjunk your Junk food
And you can go over to Naturally Savvy
for more info on what they do, who they are, and why they can be very helpful to you in your quest to make the more natural choice for the health of your family. Thanks for reading My review:) Here is the video for it I did

Ask a Farmer! Food Dialogues answers questions about your foods production

Ask a farmer New website called Food dialogues, it answers questions about your foods production in a new way. One to One network and the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance asked me to spread the word about a fantastic new website where you can actually ask a farmer questions on how the foods you buy every day are grown and raised.

For those of us wondering about our meats and produce this is a great was to find out first had from the farmers and ranchers the ins and outs of the food production business. On Food Dialogues you will lean very valuable info and be able to ask your questions to the very people who are responsible for growing and producing you daily grocery's.

I know I have a few questions and I think this new tool will help me make informed decisions about what I'm buying and from who.

Get answers to the tough questions – How are farm animals treated? What are farm animals fed? What are genetically modified crops? How does farming impact our natural resources? And can this impact my food?.

all you have to do to get started is follow this link to this website and ask away.Food Dialogues

you can also join them on Facebook
where I encourage you to like the page

I found one of the really informative videos they did on you tube so I thought I would include it in the post so you can get an idea of how well done and helpful this Food Dialogues can be.

don't forget this is way more that just reading and looking at the videos you can ask your tough questions and get real answers here so you can make healthy decisions for your family's health and meal making.

Thanks for reading and Thanks One to One network for including me in on this awesome campaign

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Roots only review and video AND GIVEAWAY

I was so happy to be able to sample The Roots only applicator. I color my hair a lot and sometimes I just want to do the roots to save on damage. The Roots only precision applicator makes it so I can do my gray roots and not have to worry about doing my whole head of hair.

Some things I really liked about the applicator was first it cleans up really well as you can see from the video review. it looks like new and is ready to use for a lot more things than just hair color.

I really liked the graduated cylinder so I could measure out just the right amount of color to cover my roots. This saves money with hair color being around 10.00 a box you can get 2 uses out of one box by using the Roots only applicator.

I also loved that you can use this product to dispense root lifting gel in a really easy way making sure you get the gel on the roots to lift them as these products were designed to do.

because of the longer hollow comb points you can really get down to your roots with root lifting gel and not only make it more efficient but save time and money by not covering your whole head with a root lifting gel that's not going to work as well as if you got just the roots.

their are so many uses for this product and I also use it to apply a deep conditioner pack to the damaged roots and scalp and get a even distribution of the products I use. All In all I say this is a really useful and innovative product and a joy to use for all kinds of hair products . please have a look at my video review so you can see the product. Thanks for looking

You can buy Roots only here Roots Only
and like them on facebook here

Roots Only facebook page

I am now able to hold a giveaway for the Roots Only applicator I am able to giveaway 6 of these to my blog readers-USA only entries so if you would like to try one of your own please enter through the rafflecopter below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, April 6, 2012

Parazul handbags for style for a lifetime

I was so blessed to have won the above Parazul handbag from a blog giveaway I wanted to let you see my review of it . as you can see its really lovely and very functional. I really Love the style and features.

one of the things I really like is the weight its leather but not as heavy and some of my other bags are which is good because I get some back pain caring a really heavy handbag.

the first thing I noticed were the 2 outside pockets where I can store things safely that are needed quickly like my favorite lipstick or balm and a compact . this way I'm not shuffling through the bag looking for them they are right their in one of the 2 outside pockets .

these pockets are deep enough to hold securely a cell phone, ipod or other items of that size its really nice that this awesome handbag has these pockets.

The really nice thing about Parazul handbags is they can be customized with different charms and scarfs. Mine came with the ones you see in the photo but many are available to give each bag a different look.

Parazul sells different charms in different themes and scarves to go with them . They have bags of different styles too. You can view the different bags and bag accessories here.


I cat tell you how much I love my new Parazul handbag the inside is big enough to fit all my things with really nice pockets to put stuff in. I am so happy I won because this Handbag will last me a lifetime and because of its customisable style I can change it up for different seasons or reasons.

The Parazul handbags are very very well made and just so lovely I hope you get a chance to go over and look at what they have to offer on the website.

This blog win was such a blessing and it made my entire month I am so thankful to Parazul for offering it and giving me the opportunity to win this handbag of a lifetime. :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

French's Crunchy onion chicken recipe

wanted to try the French's crunchy onion chicken recipe since I saw it on TV because I have to make a lot of chicken and am always looking for different ways to fix it . So with the money I got from cleaning dads house yesterday I went to publix and got a can of the French's French fried onions in the original and followed the recipe and proceeded to make it .

First thing I noticed was even after crunching up the whole can I barely had enough of the coating to cover 4 thin chicken breasts and this stuff cost me 3.39 at publix . the recipe says use 4 ozs and the can is 6ozs but I really barley had enough to coat the chicken using the whole can and the chicken breasts were those thinner breasts you get in the big plastic bag at walmart so I'm thinking that's not to great a value as a coating .

Second it was not as good as I expected - I expected a a much more onioney favour and this was not as flavorful as I thought it would be. Shake and bake has much more flavour in my opinion .

It was tasty but with all the work that went into it I could have saved an egg and not had a big mess by just using a shake and bake it seemed also very oily .

That being said Scott liked it but if I were to do it again I would get 2 cans because I had a hard time getting the crushed onion thingys to coat the chicken evenly because although it was crushed it clumped together and was hard to coat with and really messy . anyway I took a picture of the finished product . If I do this again Ill try and see if they have a store brand that's cheaper than the 3.39 cost of one can that really did not go very far .

the recipe is

2 cups french fried onions

2 tablespoons flour

4 chicken breasts

one egg

you crush the onion thingys with the flour

dip the chicken in the egg and coat

bake at 400 for 20mins

I took a picture so you could see them . bottom line

Good taste,but not worth the cost of the coating. thanks for reading

Nutella Hazelnut spread review and video

I was able to try Nutella Hazelnut spread Through Ferrero USA recently and wanted to do a review for it because I know people are wondering about it. First let me say I got a chance to have my friends and family try this great product and everyone without exception really loved it.

One of the things that really surprised me was how good it was, very chocolatey but not so chocolaty to give me a headache which a lot of chocolate products can do. I had no problem with it. I also did a video review for this which I'm pasting here so its easier to view. I also took a photo of some of the appetizers I made for my friends and family so they could try some of the wonderful different way you can use it. I made a bunch of different things with it but they were gone so quick I only got a picture of the appetizers lol

here are some way you can also use Nutella

Try it on a whole wheat bagel and slice some strawberries and bananas, place them on top of the Nutella spread and enjoy .

I also love it on pretzels its really tasty

or its, also great on a waffle with a bit of coconut and strawberries . their are so many ways to make a great snack with Nutella .

we made Nutella Smores which were a big hit with the kids , Mary and Tiffany just cant stop eating them . all you do is get a graham cracker , add nutella and than spread on some marshmallow from the jar on top and you have a quick smores like snack!

I also like to use Ritz crackers to make smaller portions as shown in the photo . these are great as a snack, just spread Nutella on a Ritz and add a banana or strawberry slice or both .

For a breakfast wrap grab a whole wheat tortilla spread Nutella on the tortilla add some dried cherries and chopped apricot , roll up to eat on the go .

Nutella has 50 hazelnuts in each jar along with some skim milk and a hint of coco . it does not contain hydrogenated oil or trans fat and is low in sodium. Nutella does not contain peanuts .

I loved this product so much I thought it worthy of a video review . That can be found here or on youtube

anyway all I can say is its a great tasting product that will make eating whole wheat breads so much more tasty for you and your family . . thanks for looking at my review for Nutella

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Menopause my tips and tricks

As most of you know I am well into menopause - expotv wanted me to do a video explaining what Im going through and if I can help with some advice. I thought I had better do a blog post about it .

Expo would only let me do a short video on menopause and its way to big a subject to talk about in a 2 min video. I have had to come up with help on my own because I cant take any hormone replacement therapy. So for those of you in the same boat I am in I thought I would recomend a few things that have helped me a lot.

First I have a big problem with the hot flashes, these use to be sooo bad that I would wake up 3 times a night soaking wet and have to change my PJs. I ended up keeping a stack of PJs next to my bed so I would not have to run around at night looking for something dry to wear. Although this was helpful it did nothing to help me get some sleep.

Here are somethings I use at night to get sleep that may help you too, but not everything works for everyone of us. 1- Flaxsead oil taken before bed will lessen the nightsweats a lot at least for me. I have not had to change my PJs for a long time because I take one 1000 mg flaxseed oil gel cap a night before bed. I get the nature made its great.

2- Estroven night caps, these are really good and work well to not only help you with night sweats but also to help you sleep. I take one of these a night. You can buy them for a great deal if you get a 3 pack off amazon. I do thins so I never run out because their will be no sleeping for me if I do.

All of these thing as well as the ceiling fan on all night really helps. Try and get some wicking wear T shirts so that when you do get a hotflash it will wick the moisture off your body and cool it a bit.

The big problem with Wicking wear is its really pricey. Sometimes you can sub flannel with it if you live in a cold climate or if you live where the air conditioner is constantly on as it is in Florida.

The problem with fans and air is that until you control the night sweats you really cant use them, you will get chilled to the bone if you are all sweaty but the initial hotflash has gone and your left with wet and cold its very unpleasant trust me.

The 3 day rule I have a lot of problem with mood swings too. One thing that does help me is the supplement Cocoawell it should be taken in the morning because it will also provide energy as well. It has the ability to help with stress which is a major problem for me.

I use to be so thick skinned that nothing much bothered me and I was a very happy person. Now with menopause this is not the case and I find that little things can really spoil my day.

I do a lot of praying and this helps a lot. What also helps is to write down what you are feeling daily in a diary.

I have found by tracking this that its a 3 day rule. If you feel crabby you will be crabby for 3 days and than it will change. I have found this to be the case in a whole lot of menopause problems.

for me its Three days for moods happy, depressed, manic and blah, also some day I will have sever hotflashes (you will always get hotflashes but some days of the month will be worse) 3 days for being really happy and elated. some days just plain disinterested in anything but TV . So if you are like me maybe this will apply to you as well. Its very helpful to know that in 3 days you will change to a different mood and that nothing lasts forever with it. Your next happy mood may only be 3 days away:)

Also Moods can vary, I do not get to much depression but I'm big on being just plain mean. I hate this, I really do. but its so uncontrollable sometimes and even though I'm not having a period anymore I still think my body is effected by a cycle of some kind. I even sometimes have cramps for a few days and nothing but a bad mood to show for it. Funny thing is I never had bad moods when I was having regular periods and I only had few cramps. sometimes I would be caught by surprise by a period with no symptoms to give me warning. Its seems I'm making up for this now with menopause :( More than anything I hate being crabby its the menopause symptom I hate the most

Now as far as Cocoawell supplement goes its very good at helping you not be crazy mean like I was for about 9 months. I take it everyday. That being said somedays it will just be overwhelmed and not work as well.Thise days are in the cycle of 3 I Told you about. Here is a photo of the kind of Cocoawell I take . Amazon sometimes has this in stock at a better price.

weight gain . wow is this ever annoying. I have gained 30 lbs since this all started and can no longer just eat anything and not do exercises. I have found out that fat is a big problem around my stomach and hips and so far I have no real answer for this.

I seem to gain weight even on a strict diet.

I was always able to burn fat rather well but now I am not able to at all and most of my cloths are not fitting well and I have had to put many away in bins in the hope of fitting in them again.

We do not have extra money for cloths so I have to make due but its really hard and often a real point of frustration for me. I exercise 20 min a day, so far I have not lost any weight just firmed up a bit. I am 5 foot tall and about 130 lbs now which dose not look so great when its all in my stomach and hips. I do not have one pair of jeans that fit me now and I end up wearing yoga pants for comfort. So as far as advice about weight gain, I have no advice that is currently working to my satisfaction to offer. :(

Pray for help I cant stress this enough praying will help you center your thoughts and make your requests know to the Lord who designed our bodies to work the way they do. If something is off or a problem ask him to fix it so you can go through this easily. This continues to help me a great deal. The Lord knows what you are going through and can make it so your stress level is easier to control. He and only he can really balance your hormones so they are in the proper proportions. I have had so much less problems asking the Lord to help me over come this problem that I consider it a miracle that I am so much better than what I was before praying about it. Well thats some of my very best advice You are very welcome to leave a comment or email me and Ill help you however I can with this. And if you have something that works for you I would love to hear about it. Thanks for reading :)