Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Varolo review and subsequent email from them

well I thought I would give it a go and was able to get 3 villagers , looked like it would be easy to get points and maybe earn that walmart gift card but Heck NO !!

Last week I watched 345 videos and made exactly 8 cents , I'm getting one point per video and I would have to watch 20 thousand videos at this rate to earn a 10.00 GC.

I have no idea how people are making any money on this unless they have 100s of friends who are such great friends that they will spend time watching these videos . I don't know about you but my friends are not that stupid LOL , some of these videos are over a minute long ... seems like Varlol is making big bucks off the sponsors and we are doing all the work .

I'm now 8 cents richer but cant cash out until I reach 20.00 so if you figure Ill make about 8 cents a week , how many weeks or years would it take for me to get to 20.00 . it hurts my brain to figure that out LOL . I'm not sure if I'm going to waste anymore time on it , I say this because maybe they will change it and make it easier for us to actually make money  I wrote to them and said wow 8 cents for 345 videos and 2347 points are you guys nuts .

 Customer service at Varolo as just emaild me back and explained some things I thought would ne helpful for anyone doing Varolo to read their responceto me . I am posting a copy of that email By Permission from Varol so you can see what they are planning for the future , for your information

Thank you for your feedback. We understand your frustration, and you aren't alone. We have found that the most successful people in Varolo are those that not only recruit, but educate and train new villagers on the opportunity. This includes how to recruit others and ensuring they are watching their ads. We don't know if you are doing this or not, but if not, it may help. It is difficult when it is a free service and pennies are being spread out. We are making a system change in the next couple of weeks that we hope will help address this. Right now, it is only those that catch the Varolo vision, that build a village, but those that don't get the concept or are easily frustrated with growing a village (because they don't know how) get frustrated quickly. We live in a society of instant gratification and if things don't come easily, many people walk away.

 We are also going to be changing the experience users have when they first join Varolo. It will hopefully engage them more and help them understand how to make Varolo work and therefore (if you are their sponsor or if they are in your village) you will get the benefit from them.

 We are also getting ready to release (still a couple of weeks away) a new process that will make it much easier to invite people and sponsor people into your village. At the same time, it helps increase earnings and your chance at Jackpots.

 We are also going to be making some changes to the Facebook app to help people use it to grow their villages faster and easier.

 Again, we have found that the best thing you can do is educate new users on the concept and get them excited about the potential and also educate them on how to grow a village. The change we are making will help engage them earlier on in the process and hopefully get them hooked on it early. We have been releasing a series of training guides (blog posts) that show users step by step how to grow a village. blog.varolo.com In the end, many still won't do it because they want it to be easy. We have never said it would be easy. We only say it will be worth it when more and more people who are motivated are involved in Varolo. If you haven’t already, we would encourage you to read The Varolo Vision: http://blog.varolo.com/featured/the-varolo-vision/

 So good changes are coming that should really address this and we will continue to refine the process over time. Thanks for your support.

The Varolo Team

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My New Giveaway -2 New Harlequin romances -check it out

This is my NEW giveaway its for 2 different Harlequin romances , I get these as part of Harlequin insiders group and I pass them out to my friends and read one of each copy but one of my friends is up north for the summer so I have one of each copy to giveaway so they will be read and enjoyed by fans of Harlequin
these are both new and have never been read , the titles are
Harlequin Intrigue -Smokin six shooter by B.J Daniels copyright 2011
and Harlequin desire-The Billionaire's unexpected heir by Kathie DeNosky copyright 2011

All you have to do to get a entry is follow my blog , just click follow at the top of my box that says followers , for extra entries follow me on face-book and twitter -PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW SO I CAN COUNT YOU AS ENTERED -MANDATORY ENTRY IS TO FOLLOW MY BLOG- JUST POSTING A COMMENT IS NOT ENTERING   - thats it I will pick a winner June 15th and will ship both of these out to that winner . please leave me your email so I know how to contact you and thanks for looking at my contest

Friday, May 27, 2011

Book Review Sending Rupert Home By Tracy Fabre

I received a copy of Sending Rupert Home by Tracy Fabre through a gather chat .
I really loved this book , first everyone Knows I love a good ghost story and this one did not disappoint , it was funny and romantic as 2 people barely acquainted, find themselves haunted by the dashing professor Rupert Arbery.

Just what Happened to Rupert ? He was so charming and full of life ,loved by many many women, how could this have happen ? why did his car go off the cliff ? And just why was he talking to Leanne and Noah in the library when he was already dead . questions, question and hilarious answers .

 This is a lighthearted mystery, where the deceased needs to find out what he needs to do before moving on to the great beyond and choosing Leanne and Noah to help him do it . Problem is, Rupert's memory is not so good anymore, him being dead and all ,so he can't really help Leann and Noah solve the mystery of his death and just why he's hanging around .Apparently he is only allowed to remember so much from his earthly existence and is not to much help at all .

so Leanne and Noah try there best to discover these things and also discover that they are becoming romantically involved . The problem with that is, they both have romantic tragedies in their past and having a annoying ghost pop in unexpectedly is not helping them work through it .

One of the big reasons I loved this story was because of the humour and believable characters .Between Rupert's whit and Leann and Noah's annoyance with him its just so much fun to read . Many times ghost stories are sad and heaven know the reason I stopped watching ghost whisperer was because I just could not stand anymore of her weeping .

Sending Rupert Home offers the reader a good time, a well planed mystery, and loads of laughs . In my opinion an, very refreshing change .

Thank you for reading my review :)

Book Review The Daughters walk By Jane Kirkpatrick

The Daughters walk By Jane Kirkpatrick
I was able to read this Novel through blogging for books .

This is the historical story of Clara Estby life set at the turn of the last century 1900s . The story starts out with the historical walk that her and her mother took as a wager for the fashion industries new reform dresses . This wager was that Clara and her mother would walk from Spokane Washington to New york city with out the aid of any help along the way . They had to support there journey by selling portraits of themselves and taking in laundry and such .

 Clara did not want to go on this journey as she was employed in a nice serving position and did not think that the wager would pay off , but upon her mothers insistence that the money won from the wager would save the Estby Farm perilously close to foreclosure ,Clara relented and went with her mother . I do not want to say any more about this part of the story because it would spoil the book for you .

 The perilous journey is only half the story ,because upon coming back to Spokane, Clara and her mother are not greeted by a loving and happy family as tragedy has struck as well in the time they had been gone. Family member were sure that If Clara and her mother would have stayed home, as good woman of that time did these tragedy would not have happened .

 As a result of the reception that Clara got upon returning home she made the decision to continue her walk alone and into the world she went . The is the story of Courage in the face of terrible odds and a family ripped apart by hasty decisions.Its also the story of how Clara found her own way and in the end found some peace with a family reconciliation .This is not a story of truly happy endings , Thought the walk is historical fact the story of Clara is historical /fiction as the writer had to peace together what happened to Clara through her walk and life . This book is interesting and often sad but will give you an idea of what life was like to be a woman in the 1900s .

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AMFs Summer Unplugged free Bowling for kids 16 and under

AMFS Fabulous Summer unplugged program
Sometimes it just to hot a day to play outside so AMF Bowling making it possible for kids to have something fun to do this summer
Here is the info
  • At select AMF centers, two free games of bowling per day for kids 16 and under. (Shoe rental not included, but they’re worth paying for.)

  • Time: open until 8:00PM, 7 days a week.

  • Dates: Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day) through Monday, September 5 (Labor Day).

  • Parents go to http://bit.ly/AMFfree select a participating center (over 200 locations) and complete a simple registration form.

  • Free game coupons emailed every Sunday starting May 29 for the following week – it’s that simple!

  • Want to know how to find a AMF Close to you try searching here by zip code

    Don't forget to enter to win free books this month from goodreads

    I always post this once a month and I'm late with it anyway here is a link to the goodreads book giveaways , there are lots of choose from so be sure and enter I'm about to go see what I have not yet entered and with pages of them it will take a while lol good luck everyone :)

    My Hot now list for beauty products that work exceptionally well

    My List of great product for things that really work -just a few from my hot now list
    Clinique Moisture surge tinted moisturizer - Totally awesome product that provides more coverage than typical tinted moisturizers *****

    Clinique high Lengths mascara ! what an awesome brush gets every lash ! *****

    Avon Anew Ultimate contouring eye cream system -really gets rid of those dark circles ! *****

    Lancome -Hydra- Intense Masque awesome for those days when skin feels really dry ! *****

    Peter Thomas Roth laser free resurfacer with Dragons Blood serum , the best for Increasing collagen in the skin when used daily *****

    Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair with accelerated retinol SA - way more gentle than typical retinol's less pain but works Great *****

    Fekkai Glossing cream for hair -totally awesome !!and worth it ! ******

    Avon Anew Ultimate are repair cream cleanser *****

    Olay Regerist night cream , really softens skin overnight *****

    Clinique Touch base for eyes in color up lighting acts like a eye shadow and is beautiful******

    Clinique cream shapper for eyes in Egyptian ! Awesome so pretty ******

    Clinique even better dark spot corrector *****

    The Microdelivery exfoliating face wash by philosophy The best product for home exfoliating hands down *****

    Carmex healing cream for the body just wonderful ******

    Matrix Design Pulse Hard Lock hairspray -this stuff will probably hold your hair in place in a tornado

    One a day Women's menopause formula this product is great at keeping crabbiness in check and keeping hot flashes away

    Sunday, May 22, 2011

    Get paid cash to watch tv ads on varolo

    Im really excited about Varolo you get cash to watch tv ads . once you vote you not only get cash but you also get entries into the jackpot for big bucks and it beats the heack out of being board or just surfing around . all you do is watch the tv ads and when it finished vote on it than go to the next ad . This is a great way to earn extra cash and they pay by paypal or walmart gift card . I hope you join so we all can make some extra cash thanks

    Saturday, May 21, 2011

    Book Review-Here ,Home Hope By Kaira Rouda

    Book review -Here ,Home Hope By Kaira Rouda
    I just finished this fantastic and totally relatable book titled Here ,Home ,Hope by Kaira Rouda -I received a copy of this lovely book through one2one network .
    while reading "Here ,Home Hope" I found my self laughing a lot and seeing myself in this story . I could especially relate to the authors need to grow old gracefully and really had a laugh when I found out that ,like her I also purchased a face scrubber when I saw one to may lines popping out on my face ! I am also a beauty sales persons dream come true and ,yes Sephora is one of my weaknesses as well as other beauty websites and stores when I can affor it .
    I cant not tell you how many things in this story I could relate to .This story had me laughing at myself and at the same time making me feel like I am not the only woman out there who is floundering around trying to ,feel good , look nice and find a new "self" while getting older .
    Here ,Home Hope is a must read for any woman who has reached the stage in her life where the kids are doing their own thing and we feel the call to reinvent ourselves as we approach and progress through middle age . A time when our children are not making as many demands on our time ,and now that time is something we have ,,how to put it to good use .What to do that would take us from our desperate housewifery to becoming something we always wish we could be or do .
    As we start the journey we see women who have it all together and who have awesome and glamorous dream jobs and careers and we think , now why cant I do something like that . What can I do ? how do I get started ? how do I stop worrying about it and get moving in the right direction or moving at all . What is it I'm good at and how can I use my strengths to start doing something I am passionate about .
    I thought about one of my friend, who after her children started high school she found out she had some time on her hands to figure out what she wanted to do.
    She did not want to work at any old job BUT but work at something she loved . So My friend opened up her own wine shop because she loved wine and knew a lot about it ,so she turned her hobby and passion for wine into a lovely and unique wine and cheeses shop.
    Of course not every woman will have the resources to do this but I believe there are many ways a woman can turn her talents and gifts into a wonderful and fulfilling occupation with the proper motivation and "Here ,Home Hope " offers us this motivation and lots laughs as well .
    Bottom line -
    Here ,Home, Hope is one woman's journey of how to reinvent herself while facing the changes and challenges that come with approaching middle age and how Family and friends can help support us in our quest to realize our dreams and passions .
    its filled with humor and promise . I really enjoyed this book and would recomend it to any woman of any age

    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    Free Stuff I have gotten so far in the Month of May

    I was going to wait till the end of may to post this but it looks like Ive got in a bunch so If I get more in before the 30th Ill post a different post than . My mail has been slow this week but I am expecting a few things Ill let you know what they are on the bottom of this post .

    Gather was nice enough to send me the books I had won in April of 2010 and never received .Chuck worked tirelessly to get these to me they are

    This ones mine By Maria Semple

    Slip of the knife -by Denise Mina

    Apologize Apologize -by Elizabeth Kelly

    Laura Riders Masterpiece By Jane Hamilton

    The girl she use to be -BY David Cristofano


    Other stuff I got in in May so far

    May 1st -13.oo survey check -Marlboro flask and bandanna - one free pack of tide laundry booster - Entertaining book win by Peggy Post

    May 3 -10 dollar amazon GC

    May 4th -shopping bag and post it notes magnetic calendar for attending a yogurt webinar .

    May 5th Fab over 50 win book the menopause makeover by Staness Jonekos

    45.00 survey check

    May 6th -50.00 visa gift card from one2one network -this was a win for a campaign I did for them -Rachael ray dog food sample-head and shoulders sample-20 amazon gift card for cash out in valued opinions -May 6th was a good day :)

    May 7th - 2 tubes of Roc advanced night cream for shespeaks 12 week challenge - 2 nice tea samples .

    May 9th 5.00 survey check

    May 10th -Long sleeve t shirt to test for Agion sportswear (not a secret test) 3 coupons form Marlboro -one free coupon for and John Fredia hair color 12.00 value

    5/11 degree deodorant sample -facebook freebie

    5/12-gather chat win book -Sending Rupert Home by Tracy Fabre - one coupon for a free suave professionals product (I tried the dry shampoo)

    5/13- 1 zantac sample and the book The daughters walk by Jane Kirkpatrick from blogging for books

    5/14- received 10.00 survey check from Socratic

    5/16- 120.00 worth of menopause formulas from At Last Naturals from Dn busters blog contest -purex sample - Sandy sent me some fossils from her hikes , thanks Sandy !

    frosted mini wheats with fruit sample including a buy one get one coupon values at 3.45

    5/18-book sneeze book - The Seraph seal by leonard Sweet and Lori Wagner


    Things that should come in soon -

    Free sweet potato fries from facebook

    PT for a hair product

    gather cash out for a 25.00 pay pal - its already been 21 days :(

    My survey sending a PT for a cosmetic makeup product

    hand sanitizer from a blog win

    250.00 check for a focus group I completed last Friday

    50.00 visa gift card from a focus group and pt I did this ones late

    Natural instincts free hair color product -facebook

    10.00 amazon gift card from My survey cash out

    Magic wallet from L&M freebie

    a book from a win on gather hot Spanish Nights

    Glidden paint sample

    those are all the bigger ones I'm expecting by the end of the month but I do not write down the really small one so that list is probably a lot longer.

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011

    Picture of the so cute Brahmin Anytime tote mini

    I have the larger size its awesome for anything and anytime and now their is a mini which is so cute I just had to show you, here is a picture of the mini in pink

    Hope you check out Brahmin's new ad campaign In Vogue mag June

    Brahmin is launching their new ad campaign exclusively in Vogue this June . I can tell you I love Brhamin and have one of there larger Anytime Totes but now I here is also will come in a mini and its sooo cute !

    Monday, May 9, 2011

    My Laundry Life

    I am one of those people who like to do laundry , I love having fresh clean clothes and having everything I use on a daily basis ready to wear . I like laundry product to be effective and to leave my laundry smelling fresh and clean with out removing color or hurting fabric . The only thing about laundry I do not like is the high expense of using a electric dryer
    When I lived in northern areas we always use gas dryers but in Florida we cant it always has to be only electric and that can really hike up a electric bill .

    On laundry day which for me is just about every other day I sort through my laundry and find stains to treat, or if I'm using a detergent with a booster in it I just pile it in . I have to do lots of laundry because my husband is 345lbs and his clothes are big and take up a lot of space in the washer so I usually do his first . My husband is really bad at leaving stuff in his pockets so I have to go through all his pants and sweats to make sure they are empty . I usually come across something in those pants pockets so I have a little box I keep in the laundry room to put that stuff in so it does not get thrown away . My husband is notorious for leaving his lighters in his pockets and thats really annoying sometimes lol.

    For the girls its difficult to sometimes because they have really bright colors or their jeans are covered with things from there many walks in the woods . Sometimes I spend a great deal of time picking off prickers or those little green things that cling to fabrics and are hard to remove. Than there is the mud and grass stains that happen because they like to kneel down in the grass on on the pond bank to snap a picture of something and the knees on most pants take a beating .I like to make sure their laundry is well cleaned because they often wear the same outfits on their nature hikes as they do for going out in public so they have to get really clean .
    They are also really bad at leaving things in pockets especially. pretty stones, shells, loose change or dollar bills.

    With my laundry ,which I do separate, I have to worry about shrinkage and color fading , I wear a lot of Yoga pants that are comfy and I love them but they are very pricey and I have to be sure to remember to wash them in cold . This is why I always try and use a detergent thats effective in all temperatures . I like them to keep their color and stretchiness . As I said these yoga pants are pricey and on pair can cost as much as 30$ so I try and care for them really well since I basically live in them .
    As I said I like nothing better than fresh smelling newly washed clothes and thats why I love to do laundry . There are so many wonderful product on the market today and I'm always looking for that new innovative product to make my Laundry life that much more fun .:)

    Purex laundry Detergent with Zout written review

    As most of you know I did a video review for Purex complete with Zout stain remover. but I guess the insiders group does not count video reviews no matter how much time and effort it took me to do it LOL so Im doing a written review for it here .

    I was able to try Purex complete laundry detergent with Zout stain remover through the Purex insiders group .

    I have been using it on all my laundry and find it to be a very effective Laundry detergent with powerful stain removers and excellent cleaning power, It smells very nice and will get your whites white and you colors bright and costs less than some other detergents . It also saves you money because you do not have to buy a separate stain remover to add to the wash . The stain removing power of zout is already built in and provides you with a great working laundry detergent that will remove all kinds of stains on all fabrics ,making it an easy and efficient way to do laundry .. thanks for reading my written review

    Written Review For Purex Crystals Fabric Softener

    As most of you know I did a video review for purex Crystals for the insiders group but apparently they would rather have a written review :( . so here is my written review for Purex Crystals and I'm embedding the video to because its a nice one and came out well .

    I received purex crystals fabric softener through the purex insiders group .

    I really love it for many reasons

    1-you can put it directly in the wash , by doing this you don't have to worry about forgetting the fabric softener or dryer sheet .

    2 It really smells wonderful and makes all the laundry smell terrific for long after they have been washed .

    3-Purex Crystals dose not coat the towels or sports wear with so much softener that they stop being absorbent . I use a lot of wicking wear for PJS so that if I get the night sweats they do their job by absorbing sweat so I stay dry and comfy . also Towels are way more absorbent and dry hair quicker and sports wear also is able to do its job better than with conventional fabric softener .

    4 - purex crystals work well for static cling and I had no problems with that using it .

    5 it really easy to use and less messy than liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets that seem to be everywhere and turn up like bad pennies lol .

    I really liked everything about Purex Crystals , its a very innovative product and the next generation of products for keeping laundry soft and static free . I cover all these points in the video review below , thanks so much for reading and those of you who commented on my video review thank you and thank you for stopping buy this written review.

    Thursday, May 5, 2011

    Brahmin for summer the Anytime tote in Pink

    I was gifted one of these in white, its very lovely and I love it but I wanted to make sure you could see it in pink- I belong to the Vogue Influencer network they sent me a Brahmin tote as a gift -you can see if you can become a Influencer too just scroll down to the post that says become a vogue influencer and click the link to my face book or twitter post about this awesome offer ,that will take you the questionnaire I wanted to make sure all my new followers got a chance to learn about this awesome opertunity to be a Vogue Influencer so look for the post farther down on my main blog page thanks for looking

    Monday, May 2, 2011

    Product Review Fruit 2 day drinks | Gather

    I had a coupon for this product called Fruit 2 day and wanted to try it because it gives you 2 servings of fruit in every bottle BUT Gosh is this stuff pricey . I went to publix and saw it in a 2 pack for 2.99 and each of these are really small bottles .

    I tried the peach mango flavour - its really good and very full of bits of fruit but I just cant get over the price tag , I would never be able to afford this on a regular basis even though its really is good . you can also buy this one bottle at a time for around 1.59 or so it probably costs them a bunch to make but that really seems like a lot of cash for one small bottle of fruit drink . anyway I thought I would post a review to say that you will probably really like it if you try it . Ill look for it on sale of if I get a really good coupon but that's about the only way I could justify buying it . thanks for reading my review