Monday, May 9, 2011

My Laundry Life

I am one of those people who like to do laundry , I love having fresh clean clothes and having everything I use on a daily basis ready to wear . I like laundry product to be effective and to leave my laundry smelling fresh and clean with out removing color or hurting fabric . The only thing about laundry I do not like is the high expense of using a electric dryer
When I lived in northern areas we always use gas dryers but in Florida we cant it always has to be only electric and that can really hike up a electric bill .

On laundry day which for me is just about every other day I sort through my laundry and find stains to treat, or if I'm using a detergent with a booster in it I just pile it in . I have to do lots of laundry because my husband is 345lbs and his clothes are big and take up a lot of space in the washer so I usually do his first . My husband is really bad at leaving stuff in his pockets so I have to go through all his pants and sweats to make sure they are empty . I usually come across something in those pants pockets so I have a little box I keep in the laundry room to put that stuff in so it does not get thrown away . My husband is notorious for leaving his lighters in his pockets and thats really annoying sometimes lol.

For the girls its difficult to sometimes because they have really bright colors or their jeans are covered with things from there many walks in the woods . Sometimes I spend a great deal of time picking off prickers or those little green things that cling to fabrics and are hard to remove. Than there is the mud and grass stains that happen because they like to kneel down in the grass on on the pond bank to snap a picture of something and the knees on most pants take a beating .I like to make sure their laundry is well cleaned because they often wear the same outfits on their nature hikes as they do for going out in public so they have to get really clean .
They are also really bad at leaving things in pockets especially. pretty stones, shells, loose change or dollar bills.

With my laundry ,which I do separate, I have to worry about shrinkage and color fading , I wear a lot of Yoga pants that are comfy and I love them but they are very pricey and I have to be sure to remember to wash them in cold . This is why I always try and use a detergent thats effective in all temperatures . I like them to keep their color and stretchiness . As I said these yoga pants are pricey and on pair can cost as much as 30$ so I try and care for them really well since I basically live in them .
As I said I like nothing better than fresh smelling newly washed clothes and thats why I love to do laundry . There are so many wonderful product on the market today and I'm always looking for that new innovative product to make my Laundry life that much more fun .:)

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