Sunday, June 29, 2014

Petbrosia Dog and Cat Foods Review + Giveaway

Welcome to my review for PetBrosia a very unique dog food I got to try for my dog Peanut. Peanut is a Yorky and very picky and its a challenge to find a healthy dog food for him he will eat. I was sent a sample of Petbrosia to try so I could make an informed review.

The first thing I want to say is that when you order this dog food you will be asked a number of questions about your dog or cat so the company can send you the exact kind of food thats best for your pet. They go out of their way to insure you will be getting the right kind and its a really simple process.

Petbrosia has No corn, No wheat, No soy, and No by-products in the food and you are getting just the purest ingredients like salmon and sweet potatos. They base your pets needs on bread,weight,allergy problems and activity level. I filled out the form for Peanut and I got some really lovely kibble that is just the right size for him to eat.

First here is a photo of peanut and than a photo of what the dog food likes like in his dish.

As you can see this is just the right size for peanut to eat. Once you order the food it is shipped very quickly and in a nice box the box will look like this

The food its self is in a very nice bage that looks like this

This is very High quality pet food for those of us who only want the best for their pet. You can find out more about Petbrosia at this link


I am able to host a giveaway where one person in the lower 48 states USA can will a coupon for a 3lb bag of Petbrosia for their pet. Please enter through the raffle copter below this giveaway will end on 7/10/14.

I also did a video review so you could see packaging and the food itself.

Here is the raffle copter for entry to this giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you reading and looking at my review

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

The Publix Meal Deal Savings Event

Welcome to my review for the new Publix meal Deal savings event. I wanted to let you know all about this great deal. For only 12.49 you can have a wonderful dinner complete with desert. This deal features the following items in a package deal no coupon necessary . Here is what you gst for 12.49

Old El Paso Frozen Entrée- I really like the bagged Dinners they really cook up well and taste great

Wishbone Dressing 16oz

Fresh Express Salad Blends & Kits

Breyers Gelato Indulgences

Buying this deal now will save you 7.97 now thats a savings! sale is good the week of 6/26/14 – 7/2/14

I think this is a huge deal because the Old El Paso Frozen Entree's are very good I have tried them all and they are easy to make and have really wonderful flavor. Publix put this deal together as part of the new meal deal promotion they have going on. Its a great combination and I hope you stop by your publix and take advantage of this deal.

I was provided with The information and prize pack by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op so I could shop the sale and tell you all about it. Be sure to check out the Publix website called Ready, Plan Save at this link to find out more deals at Publix where shopping is truly a pleasure.

Publix ready plan save website

Here is a photo of the sales ad that will be in your Publix circular this week

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summit Nutritions Raspberry Ketones review

Welcome to my review for Summit Nutritions Pure Raspberry Ketones. I was sent a sample to try and I think they are very effective and a great value. These are 500mg they really control appetite and help to burn fat.

I have been taking raspberry ketones for years now and I like them because they really help me stay away from sweets. I had a huge sweet tooth and was always eating way to much candy. This product helps me to resist it very well.

These capsules are very easy to take and work fast these are also effective and you only need to take one 30 mins before a meal to curb appetite.

I was taking a different brand but they were a low 100 mg and not nearly as effective as these are . I really like not having to worry about over eating or craving sweet foods while taking them.

I did a video review for them so you could see packaging and hear my thoughts about them . I am very pleased with how well these performed for me and I hope you give them a try. you can find them here at this link .

Pure Raspberry Ketones summit nutritions

Here is the video review I did for them, thanks for looking .

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Jolie Femme 24K eye serum, cream and facial peel review

Welcome to my review for JOLIE FEMME 24K GOLD skin care products that I recently got to try. This blog post is going to be about packaging and my first impressions about them.. I received some free samples in order to do this review but my opinions are my own thanks for looking.

I received the Jolie Femme 24K facial peel, the eye serum and eye cream. as you can see the packaging is lovely and the jars are glass and well made. These are very easy to use.

First I will start with the peel . All you do is put on a thin layer on the face once its been cleaned and dried . Than you let it dry for 5 to 10 mins . Once its dry you simply roll it off the face with your hand in a circular motion until is gone, it takes with it all the dead skin and your face is nicely exfoliated and soft .

I tried the peel once and its very nice and smells great in a light but sophisticated scent .its a very effective peel and soothing to use.

The serum is next you apply this around the eye area and let is dry before applying the cream.

These products from JOLIE FEMME 24K GOLD have so many great ingredients in them and they are really the best ingredients for getting rid of wrinkles, dark circles and other problems that make the eye area look old.

The serum is like a very nice comforting gel and drys quickly, it smells very nice but is very light . you can see a Long list of ingredients through the web site link below the post .

The eye cream is very fine and the texture is lovely, I found it to be cooling and quick to dry as well , its a pleasure to use .

I will be doing another blog post and video review for these products in about a week so you can see how I feel about them after using the more . In the mean times I hope you have a look at the video review below so you can see packaging and hear my thoughts about them.

Thanks you for looking and be sure to check back soon. Here is a link to the product website so you can lean all about this awesome company.


Here is the video review.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Life and food Garcinia Cambogia review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Welcome to my review for Life and food Garcinia Cambogia. I am always looking for products that can help me loose the weight I have gained over the last 3 years due to menopause and was really happy to try this very pure Garcinia Cambogia.

Purity is very important when taking Garcinia Cambogia to aid in weight loss because so many of them have a lot of unnecessary fillers in them that make them a poor choice. What I love about Life and food Garcinia Cambogia, is that it is an Extract and has a very high amount of Garcinia Cambogia in it , each serving is 1600 mg with 60%HCA this is important for it to work properly and suppress appetite.

This is a pure potent formula that will also aid in giving you lots of energy which is something I can really use as my energy levels are not what they use to be. I found this product really helped curb my appetite and made me feel very confident I would not over eat.

With its upgraded strength it works really well and is so much easier to take that others Garcinia Cambogia supplements because its is in a capsule not a dry tablet that's as big as a house. I had bought a very popular brand a while ago but it was a total waste of money because I simply could not swallow the pills.

For the money this Garcinia Cambogia works very well is easy to take and provides you with energy and appetite suppression it a great value and you don't have to worry about buying something and then finding out it's just to huge a pill to be useful .

I sure hope you give this one a try the next time you want an effective appetite suppressant you can find it at the link below thanks for looking at my review :)

Life and food Garcinia Cambogia

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Adovia Mineral Lift Serum second review and video

Welcome to my second review for the Adovia mineral lift serum. I had done a review for this product before but wanted to remind you of all its great attributes and features. First I would like to say that Advoia makes some really wonderful products I am still using the shampoo I got to try a little while ago and really love what its done for my hair.

This Adovia product is really easy to use and very effective at lifting and firming the skin . because it's a serum , once you let it dry for a bit you can put on your makeup or a moisturizer on top of it and it will not make other product pill off.

This is a great feature because so many product can pill off with other products or makeup making a huge mess. Adovia Mineral lift serum dries quickly and nourishes the skin with rare dead sea minerals green tea and vitamin C.

This product is like a gel in that it penetrates deeply and dries very quickly. it is not greasy and will make your skin look firmer and plump over time. It does not have a heavy perfume so it's not irritating to sensitive skin. Adovia Mineral lift serum is good for all skin types.

As you can see in the video the first bottle I got is almost gone , so the company sent me a new one so I could show you actual packaging in a video review.

Adovial products are unique in that they use natural ingredients and science to combine into effective beauty and anti aging products . They use the very best and rare herbals so you can be sure you are getting the best nature and science has to offer in beauty.

I love Adovia products because they are easy to work with, work as they should and are cost effective. The company really puts some hard work in every product they make and its a pleasure to review them.

I received a free sample in order to do this review but my opinions are my own. Please have a look at the other reviews and videos I have done for the Adovia product I have tried .Thanks for looking .

You can find Adovia Mineral lift serum at this link

Adovia Mineral Lift serum

Bright Therapy Trident beauty tool review and video

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Welcome to my review and video review for the Bright Therapy Trident beauty device. I am so happy with it and in being selected to try this wonderful tool. I love so many things about it and I do cover some of these in the video review but want to say them again in print.

First thing I want to say is that I had been looking for and pricing LED Light devices. They are very pricey and you have to choose between what you want to treat and settle for that. I had seen these featured in magazines but the price was to steep for me.

The Bright Therapy Trident is an great value because you don't have to choose between therapy's you get all 3 LED Light disks in the package. You will get a green disk for hyperpigmentation , a blue disk for treating the causes of acne and a red disk for treating fine lines and wrinkles.

Each disk snaps into the unit with ease. I am using the green disk for hyperpigmentation for now and have been for 8 days because I do have some sun damage living in Florida. I can tell you that after 8 days I have seen a distinct difference in the darkness of these spots and they are getting way less noticeable.

The Bright Therapy Trident has a lot of helpful features one being that it will beep once its finished treating the area so you can move on to the next area of the face or neck and you wont have to set a timer or keep looking at a clock. This is huge because you need to keep your eyes closed due to the intensity of the light or use the eye shield that come with the unit.

Next thing I love is that I can use it with my skin care cream or serum and it will actually make it even more effective. This is a brief explanation on how to use the device.

First wash your face and pat dry than select a skin care cream for let say skin lightning. start the unit and glide it over the first area of the face you are treating. The first kind of therapy is a pulsating light that flashes. This is done first and you divide the face into 3 areas for treatment. After this is finished the light on the device will stay constant you than treat your face and neck with the constant light changing areas as the unit beeps.

I treat it every day and its fast easy and totally painless. There is also no down time for unsightly red spots or broken capillaries due to to much heat. This unit barley gets warm. Its is not drying, it dose not take a lot of time, its pleasant to use and works well.

I have seen single devices like this one that cost up ward of 300.00 the Bright Therapy Trident device is just a bit over 100.00 and is shipped free through amazon.

I will be using the red disk to treat my fine lines and wrinkles next.

Some other features are its rechargeable, comes with an eye shield , is light weight and can be used with your favorite anti aging cream or serum. It charges really fast and you get more than one Treatment per charge.

I really love it for its ease of use and for what I can actually see its doing for my skin. its the more economical choice if you have been wanting to give bright therapy a try. Its non drying none irritating and practical. I really cant say enough nice things about it. Bright Therapy trident makes it so you can afford this kind of device on any budget

I hope you have a look at the video its a bit longer than my usual because I really wanted to get in what I love most about this device so you can make an informed decision. You can find the Bright Therapy Trident on amazon at this link and the video review below thanks for looking at my review.

Bright Therapy Trident on amazon

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hurry 15.00 off coupon for ThredUP available ends 6/6

Just a quick blog post to let you know that through my link you can get 15.00 off at ThredUp now till 6/6/14 . This is a huge deal because once you sign up the 15.00 credit will be added to your bank on ThredUP . This means its just like cash and can be used for the shipping as well.

I just did this with a credit I had. I found a sweater I wanted from Forever 21, it was 4.99 I used my 10.00 credit to buy it and pay for the 2.99 single item shipping, and I still have 2.00 left over.

Shipping on ThredUp is 2.99 for the first item and 99 cents for the second and on up, but if you spend 50.00 shipping is free. I have seen many items on ThredUp for as little as 4.99. with this 15.00 credit you may be able to find a few things to use this credit on so hurry before it goes away.

Click her for coupon coupon 15.00 off Thredup here

Monday, June 9, 2014

Adovia Moisturizing mineral soap review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Welcome to my review for the truly awesome Adovia Moisturizing mineral soap for face and body. I really love Adovia products because they are made with dead sea minerals for complete skin care. This is a bar soap but don't let that fool you its just so luxurious and wonderful to use on the face. I have been using it with my Clarisonic tool and I love the way it works well with this.

A lot of times when using a scrubbing beauty tool like the Clarisonic you have to really be careful with a liquid or even cream face wash. The reason is that the brush heads spin so fast that if the soap is not properly placed on the brush you could have it just flying around your face or in your eyes.

The Adovia bar makes it really easy to use with these devices because all you do is dampen the brush head and than turn it on the bar and let it pick up the soap which is done very evenly. The bar its self is so soft and moisturizing you will think you have just used a cream on your face .

This Soap is made with all natural dead sea minerals and trace elements that are derived from dead sea salt, it removes dirt yet moisturizes as it work to clean and re-freshen the skin.

Adovia's bar also smells so nice its a real pleasure to use. Regardless of if you use a beauty tool like me for face washing or just a wash cloth you will find that Adovia Moisturizing mineral soap is not only easy to use but cleans and moisturizes very well. You can find it on amazon here at this link

Adovia Moisturizing mineral bar

Thanks for looking at my review I hope you give this wonderful and effective facial bar a try soon :) I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Arms Open Wide A Call to Linger in the Savior's Presence By Sherri Gragg Review

Welcome to my review for the book Arms Open Wide A Call to Linger in the Savior's Presence By Sherri Gragg. This beautiful hardbound book is a masterpiece in a 30 day devotional.

I loved everything about it and thought it would make for such a treasured gift for anyone any time. I loved that Sherri Gragg really has the ability to expound on a passage of scripture and turn it into a story we can live in and really feel like we are right their with Jesus in a moment in time . I have read a lot of devotions but this one is one of my favorites.

For a 30 day devotional its got a lot of pages and each story is very complete. Its very well written, very beautiful in form and content and well bound to last a lifetime.

This is the kind of book you would want to have on your shelf always and to give as a gift so others can cherish it. Its the kind of book you want to display on a coffee table or desk,

When I say that it is a Masterpiece I really mean it and I am so very happy I was selected to review it through booklook bloggers.

I was sent a free copy in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own thanks for reading

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Publix June Fresh Savings Event

Publix grocery stores is having a really great sale in June in which a whole lot of things can be paired to make a dinner or breakfast. You can save over 16.00 with the flyer coupons alone. I took a few photos of my sale paper so you could see some of the highlights of this sale.

Look for coupons in the “Grilling Season/Memorial” Publix flyer, offers available 5/24/14 - 6/13/14. that will also save you more. You can find these on the savings rack at the entrance to publix. Some of these great buys are.

Save $1 on Bananas with the purchase of any one (1) box of Cheerios™ (10.9oz or larger)

Save $2 on Orange Juice with the purchase of any one (1) Nature Valley™ Breakfast Biscuits (5ct)

Save $1 on Fresh Fruit with the purchase of any five (5) Yoplait® Greek Yogurt (5.3oz)

Save $1on Publix® Bread with the purchase of any one (1) Country Crock® or Country Crock® Simply Delicious™ Spread

I Get my Publix flyer sent to my home so I can see the deal in advance . This week from 6/5-6/11 they have a lot of great products on sale so you can make some nice dinners..

Here is a photo of those coupons

Just in case you cant read it here is a list for you, you can save over 16.00 using these coupons.

2 for $6 Propel® items (6pk 500ml)

2 for $3 Progresso™ Recipe Starters™ Cooking Sauce

10 for $10 Yoplait® Greek Yogurt (5.3oz)

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Pepsi® Mini Cans (8pk 7.5oz)

Save $2 on Fresh Produce with the purchase of any two (2) Tostitos® Tortilla Chips (9oz or larger)

Save $2 on Ground Beef with the purchase of any one (1) Hellmann’s® Mayonnaise (22oz or larger)

Save $2 on a Publix® Bakery item with the purchase of any one (1) Breyers® Gelato Indulgences™

Save $3 on Publix® Rotisserie Chicken with the purchase of any one (1) Lipton® K-Cup® Pack

Save $1 on Meat with the purchase of any three (3) Old El Paso® items (excluding Dinner Kits and Frozen Entrees)

Breakfast is also on sale at publix they have everything you need from coffee to yogurt on special, I also took a photo of this part of the flyer because it has so many wonderful items on sale for breakfast it really is a time to stock up.

Also dont forget the BOGOs available this week they are all over the store so be on the look out for them here are some from the paper that I found.

This is all just a sampling of the awesome deals available right now at Publix. They also have a bunch of on shelf coupons that are available while supply lasts.

I was provides with a gift pack through Platefull co op and General Mills in order to do this post but my opinions are my own. Everyone knows that Publix is my favorite place to shop because shopping their is a pleasure. You can find deals and sales info here at this link for Publix .

Publix ready plan save

Thursday, June 5, 2014

My latest great Buys from ThredUp photos

I thought I would post up some photos of the latest things I bought from ThredUp

I got a whole lot of really nice summer and winter sweaters. here is a list of them and some stuff about them

J.Crew Pullover sweater in navy and white (sorry my pictures are not as good as they should be but the lighting in this house is bad) I paid 13.99

Lauren Michelle Cardigan so pretty for summer- paid 10.49

Lauren By Ralph Lauren Pink pull over sweater Paid-13.49

Ann Taylor Pullover Sweater- 10.99

Now this Sweater is really so much nice than the photo its a forest green and so soft. Merona Pullover Sweater paid -4.99

I got some more items but the photos just looked bad and I did not want you to think the items were bad, its just this house has no good lighting and my camera has no flash . thanks for looking and be sure to stop by ThredUp
to find really nice shoes ,handbags and all kinds of womans and childrens clothing

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Eucalyptus essential oil pure review

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Welcome to my review for this really pure and effective oil. I really like Eucalyptus oil for a lot of things, its really great energizing aroma therapy. I also like it because I have sinus problems and if you put a drop of this oil on a regular tissue you will have a very natural and safe way to open up blocked nasal passages.

This particular oil is very pure so you are sure to be getting the most potent available to buy. Its The ONLY eucalyptus with gentle super-critical steam distilled extraction for purity and potency. I was so happy I got to try it because it has really help my sinuses. This product is also very good for using as a Massage oil it Soothes Muscle and Joint Pain.

Their are so may uses for this oil and that makes it a really good buy and to have on hand in your medicine chest. Here are a few uses for the oil.


SKIN HEALTH clear acne, soothes blisters, burns, wounds, insect bites...

BOOST ENERGY combat jet lag, stop fatigue


RESPIRATORY HEALTH (Combat congestion, symptoms of cold, sore throat, viruses, fever...)

BOOST CIRCULATION to the body, brain

NATURAL DISINFECTANT safe, gentle home cleaner

EASE PAIN & INFLAMMATION can help soothe rheumatic, arthritic, and other types of pain


Like I said I use it for my sinuses I use to buy tissues with vicks in them but the scent of these does not last very long and once you open the box the scent goes away so they are not very effective. With is Eucalyptus oil one drop on a tissue and your really getting a powerful scent that works really well to open up your nose of stop a headache caused my sinus pressure.

You can buy it on amazon at this link thanks for looking at my review

eucalyptus oil on amazon

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Bonapiel beauty and youth serum review and GIVEAWAY

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Welcome to my review for Bonapiel beauty and youth serum. This one is a bit different than what I usually use because it contains Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and MSM. I have not had much Luck with acid products but I really really love this one. I love it because unlike most products of its kind it does not make my skin red or irritated while using it. it also does not make my skin flaky which is a real huge deal for me.

Its very effective and drys very quickly so you do not have a long wait time till you can put on your makeup or moisturizer. I also found out that it does not make the other beauty product I use pill of flake off as some product with acid can do. This is also a huge deal because I hate waiting for a serum to dry only to find out that when I put on my makeup it reacts badly and starts pilling or rubbing off as I apply it.

With Bonapiel I had no problems using it at all. All of the things that usually happen when I use an acid serum did not happen. This is really wonderful because I know that using a product with Hyaluronic acid will do more for my skin than just a moisturizer. It will aid in exfoliating and keep the skin producing collagen for a younger appearance.

This product is like a gel in that it goes on smoothly , drys quickly and is very light.It dose not burn or make my skin irritated. I found out after using it a while that my skin looks brighter and smoother.

I did a video review for this product so you could see packaging and hear my thoughts about it, you can see that below the post. I was sent a free sample to try so I could make an informed review but my opinions are my own. you can find more info and how to buy it here at this link.


Thanks for looking dont forget to enter to win a bottle of your own through the raffle copter below

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Twist and Pout Lip balms review .. soooo pretty You must see them #twistandpout

Welcome to my review for Twist and Pout decorative lip balms. I am telling you these are about the most innovative and unique things I have seen in beauty in a while. They not only have a splendid lip balm in them but they are so pretty you will want to collect them all.

What makes these so different is that they come in a beautiful decorated pot complete with rhinestones a charm and with a nice clasp so you can hang them on a handbag for easy access. These also add a bit of pizzas to a handbag and look like a lovely jewel while attached. These hang very securely and can also be used as a key chain if you like but Personally I think they are just lovely hanging from a handbag as you will see in the video review.

I really loved the rich and creamy lip balm in these, My lips get really dry because I have sinus problems and breath through my mouth a lot. This combined with the Florida sun and salt water make it really difficult to keep my lips soft. I always have to have handy a lip balm. Twist and Pout provides this in a beautiful way with these little decorative pots of balm.

I would love to collect them all because they have so many to choose from and it would be nice to switch them up on my handbag to match what I'm wearing for the day. I also think that teen girls would love to hang these from a zipper on a hoodie or jacket to ad a bit of cool decoration to an otherwise plain hoodie.

I am telling you that these are so cute that when I showed them to my father he wants to get a few for his girlfriend! Now any one who knows men knows that they could care less about beauty products so when I say my dad thought these were really cool that is saying a whole lot.

I hope you have a look at the video review below and the other close up of the Just say Zen pot so you can see the clasp and other charm on it. The name of these two pots are Just say zen and blue lagoon. I was sent 2 to try free and make an informed review but my opinions are my own. thanks for looking at the video.

You can find and buy these here at this link Twist and Pout website

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Alligator Farm, Saint Augustine, Florida Review and Vdeos #stauggatorfarm

I went to the Saint Augustine alligator farm this weekend so I thought I would post up some of the really cool animals I saw. I took a few video but my camera had a fit and I did not know how to fix it untill we had been there a while.

I finely got it re-set and was able to take a few pictures and most importantly video.

If you ever visit Saint Augustine Florida and want to see some really awesome wild life I hope you visit. I have lived in st aug for a long time but never played the tourist and went to this attraction. Its really a great way to spend an afternoon their is way more to see than I thought.

Ill just let the photos and video show you this attraction. Thanks for looking :)

I will stagger the videos with pictures because its taking a long time to upload a few short videos.

Albino alligator

King Cobra photo

Baby alligators in their special pond

Komoto Dragon photo film to follow

This park also has sooo many different kinds of birds. Some are part of the zoo and in cages but their are 1000s of local birds nesting in the trees. Its so Loud but so cool as well.

They also have a bunch of Crocodiles in this park some very rare

These guys are just Chilling in the hot sun

Here is a cool bird photo so you dont get board LOL

Dragon Video

Here is a fast video of some birds making nests and having baby's.

Here are some Gators playing in the water.

This is a video of a pretty bird fluffing its feathers

Other photos

Some cool birds

Thanks for looking! I may be able to have other photos I took when my video cam had a fit and stopped working so keep checking for them soon :) The Saint Augustine Alligator farm is located 999 Anastasia Blvd Saint Augustine fl - phone is 904-824.3337