Monday, April 22, 2019

Tubi Review 2

Seriously Im really not trying to pick bad movies to review I giving it a try by title and genre that I like and picking things I have not seen before. And searching for at least a half way decent Ghost story as I do like the spooky

If you want to know why Im going through these please read my post from 04/21/19 it explained everything .And since Tubi is free and better than a sharp stick in the eye Im reviewing so you can make an informed decision about what to watch or not .

So here are the movies for today

Night Feeders SOOOO Bad not original - southern hunters are killed off by aliens you rarely see . I give 1 star for the aliens and 0 for acting its not scary and just about as low budget as you can get .


Starts out with "what you are about to see is true" ( at this point I made a rude gesture at the TV )

This is a Ghost hunting reality Spoof and 53 mins in its nothing but chit chat that you cant understand due tothe heavy accents as its English made and everyone is talking at once ,14 mins left and you have talk -Talk - night vision cams lots and lots of jumpy video and than an old guy jumps out and stabs the crew ... the end- wish I had the hour and 43 mins back I rate it 000 .

21 days 2017 Haunted house Movie where anyone who rents the house does not last more than 20 days.Ghost Hunters investigate, the first 11 mins are interviews with past occupants and historians.

so the ghost hunters take a tour and than move in wanting to break the record and be locked in for 21 days, 41 mins in and its a bit of a snooze fest typical cameras watching the people as they stay in the house, anyway after a while of nothing stuff starts to move in the house ,photos are found with symbols on them in blood ,and than people who had lived in the house before start to die accidentally and start showing up on camera after a bunch of yelling and running around in the dark the investigators apparently vanish and the house is opened for new people.I rate this 1 star only for the nice house it was filmed in .

Some good movies I have watched in the past that are available on Tubi are

Star Trek insurrection -very good movie

Species- older but still good they have part 2 as well

Lifeforce also older but unique worth a watch

Stargate the movie

to name a few also if you like reality TV they do have quite a list to choose from

Sunday, April 21, 2019

#Tubi Review not bad for being free

#Tubi Free Streaming on going review .

I hope to keep putting these up because it will hopefully take my mind off my problems . Anyway Since dad and I have had to cut back on expenses Since my Love Scott passed away In January , we had to take down the cable to Limited basic which is really bad I cant even get destination america on that or the travel channel so No more #JoshGates for me,Bummer!

So While Xfinity had their watchathon last week I found out about #Tubi. I had originally thought this was either for kids or not free, I thought it was like netflix or prime video .

The first thing I want to say about Tubi is that it is free but they do have very short ad breaks that they tell you by counter that they are breaking . The longest I had to sit through was about 60 seconds and the shortest was about 16.

I am particular about movies I like Scifi, some Drama, a lot of action and no chick flix some horror leaning toward the ghostly.

Tubi dose have a whole lot of movies I have not looked through the tv shows yet but you can have a watch list and they have things in category its very organized.

All that being said a lot of the movies are older or low budget bet apparently they do change up a lot . I do like older movies and since my tv choices are extremely limited I can put up with a lot but even I could not get all the way through some of them.

I watched the following

The Amityville haunting- I did finish this one only to see where it was going and I was really board. . You have the old someone is using a camcorder to film everything in this case a kid and not much happens until toward the end being free I give it 2 stars

Leviathan Always a good watch and was in its day very well done Im happy they have this one because you really never see it come on tv unless the cut they crap out of it I always give this one 5 stars

Creature This is another good one , now their are 2 films with this title on Tubi the one Im reviewing now is from 1985 but its not bad and will give you a few laughs in its day it won some kind of scifi film award its worth a watch even now.5 stars

Creature 2017 this one was also not bad and the acting was pretty good the creatures were well done and the plot ok as far as free movies go it a solid 4 stars

The Haunting of Whaley house haunting - Ok really bad acting but I will give it 2 stars for scary makeup effects its your typical teen movie where kids break into the house and badness follows it did make me laugh a time or two.

Independence wars Insurgence- Wholly Buckets is this a bad movie I could not stand it for more than 30 mins The acting was so bad effects bad plot really bad and looked like someone created it as a first year college project with the drama club..

Dead Space - Marc Singer is in this one and he does a fair job but he had no acting support in this and whoever made the monster needs not to quit his day job. after seeing the mess that was I stopped it, I just can stand a poorly made creature especially seeing as how this was made in 1991. I cant tell you if it got better but my guess is the best thing about this movie was the title .

So far thats what I watched or tried to watch I hope to list more as I watch them But I do hope you will give Tubi a try you may find lots of things you like I have many movies in my watch list and free is free and better than nothing so my Tubi experiment continues Thanks for reading

Saturday, April 20, 2019

For Scott My Love R.I.P. 1/4/2019

Well Its been a while now and I am finely able to come to terms with Scott's Death. I know most people who have been in a relationship for 13 years would have done this a while ago , but I am slow to admit that some one I love is actually gone .

I am really not good at this and I have done it before with my husband Ron whom I also loved and who also died.

So I thought I would put up on my blog the poem I wrote for Scott as it took me a while to get it copyrighted Im posting it now .

So For Scott Cook The man I have taken care of for 13 years here is what I put down for you.

He was hear , and Than he was Not , He was Love ,Honor and strength.

He was here and than he was not and he left me alone and in the dark without Choice.

He was here and than he was not , he was Fair and he was strong, he called me Love , he called me partner . he called me friend.

He was here and now he is not, so than I am lost and he is gone a faint a whisper on the wind where I can not follow.

Loraine Alcorn Copyright © 2019