Monday, August 8, 2016

Vibriance Super C! Review

Welcome to my review for Vibriance Super C, This is a C serum that is really so different than others I have tried for many reasons

First it comes in a pump bottle so its really easy to get out just the right amount you want

Second its not in a clear bottle, This is great because If a C serum gets to much light through a clear bottle it can become ineffective .

I love this serum because it is in no way harsh as some C serums can be its very creamy and leaves you skin feeling very moisturized . Its so creamy that sometimes I just use it and not a moisturizer after.

Vibriance Super C it made with a different kind of delivery system so you get the maximum benefits from the serum. I have used many a C serum and this one is so nice and soothing where as others can cause a bit of dryness to the skin .

C is great for getting rid of sun damage and I can tell you from walking Tucker that I have had a very hard summer. I am always putting on a sunscreen but I still can see damage. Vibriance Super C has helped to lighten up that damage and at the same time keep my skin really soft and supple .

I like to use this one at night because its so thick and Creamy that its a joy to put on. The scent is a very pleasant orange and you get a lot of product in this pump bottle.

Living in Florida I have to use a C serum or cream because its just always sunny outside its been weeks since I saw rain in my area so its always sunny and more sunny. I have fair skin and my face will get blotchy if I dont correct the suns damage. I cant say enough about this serum it works well, smells great and finely not so drying to my skin.

You can find it to buy through this link

Vibriance Super C!

If you are looking for a fantastic and comfortable C serum I hope you give this one a try , a whole lot of science is behind it and I think its a fantastic product! thanks for reading

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are may own

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Sharing my favorite thing for @SocialInsiders #SocialSummer

Sharing my favorite thing for @SocialInsiders #SocialSummer summer blogging challenge, I think I will have to say that the latest thing I really love is my hand vacuum its a Black and Decker.

I have had many a hand vac in my day but this one has everything. Great suction and very cool tools a flip up brush and an extendable nozzle.

I have a dog that really like his treats yet that means a whole bunch of treat peaces are literally all over the house. I hate dragging out the big vacuum to get up these small bits of dog treats and its been a lot easier to just grab the hand vac off the really cool charger and quickly sweep up those particles.

This vac not only cleans so well it also looks great doing it, and with the longer nozzle I can get into really small corners and be done in a flash . I love it and it makes cleaning up after Tucker so much nicer.

This all being said Tucker hates my Vac and has tried to bite it several times , he know when I get that out its last call for any dog treats he has left behind :)