Thursday, August 30, 2012

Soft Scrub Total spray cleaners review and giveaway

I was so surprised to get my samples in for this campaign because I did not know I had been selected and I'm so happy I get to review them now. As a Purex insider sometimes I get to try some awesome new products and I was sent a sample of both of these products to try along with some free coupons to hold a giveaway with.

I have always loved Soft Scrub products because the provide powerful cleaning ability but are easy on you surfaces. Soft Scrub as come out with a spray cleaner now and its just fantastic. The 2 new products I got to try were the Soft Scrub bleach clean and the bath and bowel cleaner. Both of these are foaming sprays you spray them and they foam to get rid of germs,and provide a great clean without scrubbing.

I found these at my publix store for about 3.99 they work really well and the trigger sprayer is really easy to use. I tried these out on my bathroom shower stall and it got rid of all that unsightly soap and hard water stains on my shower door.

I think these sprays are a great addition to the Soft Scrub line of products and I really like them. I love that they have one with bleach too this is great because I drink a lot of tea and when I'm dumping out my cold tea into the sink constantly it starts to stain the sink after a while the Soft Scrub with bleach just takes this staining away and keeps my kitchen sink shinny and nice.

The great people at purex have given me some coupons to hold a giveaway with so you can win one of the 2 I have available. I will send these out by mail to the winner and 2 winners will be chosen. USA only entries . Please use the raffle copter to enter than than for looking at my review.

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Vegenaise The better for you mayo review and Giveaway

Here is a Tuna salad I made with this
I was able to try Vegenaise and Vegenaise dips and such through a campaign for one of my insiders groups and was given a sample. I am a really huge fan of conventional mayo so I was looking at this product as something I want to try for my diet and in trying to eat foods better for me with less cholesterol. I did not expect Vegenaise to be so good , In fact its just as good as my conventional name brand mayo.

If you made 2 sandwiches and mixed them up or blindfolded yourself and tried to guess the one made with Vegenaise it would be really difficult if not impossible. I have never tasted a Mayo this healthy that did not taste bad and I have tried them all.

Vegenaise, is great for a vegan diet or for someone who is trying to eat more healthy. I tried the original which has 90 calories and 80 fat calories but no cholesterol. Here is a list of all the good reasons to use Vegenaise.

All natural

heart healthy oils

high in Omega 3s



Dairy free

Gluten Free

Cholesterol Free

Preservative Free

Kosher Parve

This company also makes a lot of different condiment like sauces and dips and a very tasty tarter sauce.

My Stepson is a vegan chef and loves Vegenaise also because it is healthy but dose not sacrifice taste in being so.

You can learn all about Vegenaise here Vegenaise

I am going to be passing out some coupons and samples to my group of friends and Family shortly but I wanted my readers to also know about Vegenaise.

I was given 2 free coupons for full sized jars of Vegenaise and since I have samples to give out to my local friends and family I wanted to hold a special giveaway for those of you nice enough to read this post.

So in the comments please tell me what is your favorite sandwich to make that you would love to try Vegenaise with or if you don't do sandwiches how would you use Vegenaise in a recipe.

Just leave a comment and you will be entered. USA only- you may comment as many times as you like for an extra entry and Ill pick a winner on 9/26 .

please leave me a way to get in touch with you so I can sent the coupon if you win. IT will be coming from me and I will pay shipping costs so please leave me you email so if you win I can let you know:) . coupon value is 9.00 max value. I did a video review for this product because I really think is a simple and tasty way to have your mayo and still be eating healthy . thanks for looking at the video and for entering.

Get ready for back to school with Purex

Purex as got together a bunch of handy info and tips for back to school. and you can also win in the back to school giveaway they are having. I looked over these awesome tips for back to school and I only wish I had these resources when my son was young . I hope you all head over and check it out and be sure to enter you could win a 1000 shopping spree!

Back to School with Purex

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Combat ant killing gel and traps review and giveaway

As a purex insider I am able to try some really nice and effective products and I was really excited to try these Combat products for the ant problem we have here in Florida.

I originally wanted to try them on the gigantic ant hill we have in the yard but we have had nothing but heavy rain for weeks and the big ant piles were washed away and the ants have not had a chance to make new hills so I decided to try them out in my garage. I have ants that come up under my garage door and form a line that they travel on. I tried the Combat on them and they stopped marching into my garage. These Combat traps and the gel work quickly to keep the ants from really getting a foothold into the garage or house.

Combat wants everyone to have an ant free home and yard so if you have any problems with these annoying pests I suggest you try Combat for all your ant fighting needs. These are better than sprays and have no real odor like sprays do. They are safe to use and you can really get into those hard to reach places with the gel applicator.

Combat is holding a backyard bash sweepstakes so please have a look at this website and enter to win- here is a link for you. How To Kill Ants

I did a video review of these so you can see how easy they would be to use here is that video.


a Rafflecopter giveaway Thanks for looking and for entering my giveaway :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

FREE Home Schooling Materials from Book it and Pizza hut

Here is the info and link for you I found this at a freebie site but its such a good offer and I know a lot of you home school I thought I would post it up. I only wish this had been available when my son was this age

Welcome to the BOOK IT! online ordering form. We're glad you have chosen to enroll your homeschool family. Please provide the following information to request FREE BOOK IT! materials for the 2012-13 BOOK IT! Program for grades K-6.

Orders are taken on an individual homeschool family basis only. Homeschool group orders are no longer accepted. Each family must submit their own individual request.

Deadline: The 2012 enrollment deadline is September 1st., however, we will continue to accept enrollment requests on a first-come, first-served basis while supplies last.

Planning on moving? Materials will not ship until September and will not forward, therefore, if you are planning on moving, please wait to enroll until you have your new address. Free home school stuff for your kids

Awesome Purex sweepstakes

As a Purex insider I get to learn all about the sweeps that have going on . Now on Purex they have a sweep where you could win in The Soft Scrub Tough & Gentle Sweepstakes and its up and running! There is a $1,000 grand prize and fifty 2nd place winners will each receive $40 in gift cards. Just click the link that says sweepstakes below and enter for your chance Sweepstakes

God is more than enough by Tony Evans review

I was provided a copy of God is more than enough by Tony Evans through Blogging for books. I just finished it its a really good study on the 23rd Psalm. I found it to be inspirational and very uplifting . I have read other books on this topic and I put this one in my top favorites.

Tony Evans is able to take us step by stem through this wonderful Psalm with wisdom and sound biblical teaching. Its a really small book and would make for a great gift for anyone. Its very portable and can be kept in a purse or book bag easily . Its 90 pgs long but each page is packed with useful information we can all use daily.

I would really consider giving this book as a gift, to anyone who loves Psalm 23 as I do or to anyone on your list to give a great book to . Because of its size its less intimidating to people who do not read a lot and have trouble getting through larger commentary's or book like this. I was very happy I got to read it and have it in my library forever. This is the kind of book that's meant to re-read again and again. This would be awesome for a teen to read because it will not cause them to be overwhelmed by lots of pages but rather give them sound teaching combined with easy reading.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

General Review for Raspberry Ketones products

I have been seeing a lot about Raspberry Ketones, there for a while I was getting a lot of email about this or that about where to buy Raspberry Ketones. I decided to do a little research about these kinds of products and report my findings about them.

what I found out both through research and my own experiences is that Raspberry Ketones act like a appetite suppressant. I have to say that it works for me. I did a video review so you could hear all about my on going Raspberry Ketones experiment. If you are interested to hear what I have to say please have a look at the video.

I was NOT given a sample of this product , I ended up buying mine at Puritans pride because of the awesome deal I got on them. I have been using them for about a week now and what I can say is these really really do well to control appetite and cravings far better than caffeine based diet pills.

I have found it now easy to control hunger, cravings and allow me to stick with portion controlled things like lean cuisine. Before I started taking these I would look at a a lean cuisine and say to myself this is never going to fill me up, now it does nicely.

So I hope you have a look at the review because I have plenty more to say and its easier to just view it than read a mile long post. Thanks for Looking :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fully Alive by Ken Davis review

I was able to read Fully Alive by Ken Davis through book sneeze. I thought this book to be a high value Christ centered motivational book . This book takes you through all the many reasons why Ken Davis felt improvements were needed in his life so that he could live Fully Alive. I thought the book really great for motivating anyone who is unsatisfied with the're lives they way they are going and it shows us step by step how to regain what we lost.

Each chapter is great and you will learn a new strategy with every page. I think that this book would make for an awesome gift for Christians and non Christian's alike because it does not come off as preachy and is strong on motivation and will not read like a church sermon.

Fully Alive by Ken Davis is very Christ centered and its got so much helpful advice on how to get going and reclaim your life so you can feel fully alive. There is motivation for just about everything from loosing weigh , getting older, loss of spirit and depression and a whole lot more. I recommend this book to anyone suffering in a rut or the blahs ,its filled with humor and will lift your spirits just buy reading it.

Recently I started thinking along the same lines and Ken and implemented my own changes toward health and joy I am more centered in my walk with Christ and had I read this book than my journey would have been easier. If you are looking to make changes in your life for what ever reason I think this would be a great book for you to read or even give as a gift to a loved one who could use the encouragement. I love the way its written for everyone but with a solid foundation of faith and belief that in Christ all thing are possible.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Nectresse no calorie sweetener

I was able to try Nectresse no calorie sweetener through a Smiley mission and I'm so happy I did. Nectresse is a very good no calorie sweetener that tastes great and is very sugar like in its taste .

I drink a whole lot of tea and its getting so I'm just getting to much sugar everyday and my weight is showing it. I use to just burn sugar but now that I'm 52 its not so easy. Having about 20 cups of tea a day with 2 teaspoons of sugar in each has made me start looking for a lower calorie alternative.

Nectresse no calorie sweetener in my Tea tastes great and I dont get an after taste with it. its 100% natural and better for you than some other old fashioned sweeteners. One packet is the same as 2 teaspoons of sugar and its really accurate in taste. I rally like the flavor, its a really great sugar substitute.

Since this is really new I thought I would do a short video review so you can see what the package looks like. The next time your looking for a great sugar sub I hope you try Nectresse no calorie sweetener .

Monday, August 13, 2012

Beautiful Nicki Lynn Jewelry Etsy shop review /giveaway

Today I wanted to tell you a little bit about Nicki Lynn Jewelry and do a video review for the 2 lovely pair's of earrings she sent me to try.

First here is a link to her shop so you can have a look at all the lovely items she has available.


Nicky Lynn makes such stunning and unique items that when you visit her etsy shop I'm you will find something that will complement your style. Nicki puts so much love into each item she makes and you will not find items of this caliber for the price. I love Nickis style she has been blessed with a wonderful creative talent that makes her jewelry just stand out from the crowd like nothing you have ever owned.

I cant tell you how happy I am with these earrings, I have one pair in baby pink and one in aqua blue they sparkle so wonderfully and really complement my shorter hair style. Even my husband who could care less about jewelry thought both pair of earrings stunning like I do. The earrings I am wearing in the video review are sterling silver with beautiful Swarovski crystal in baby pink and aqua blue.I hope you have a look at that review so you can see how lovely they really are.

Nicki has so many lovely things in her etsy shop, all reasonably priced and truly unique. I sure hope you have a look at what she has to offer and find something for yourself or a gift for someone you love.

You can be confident anything you find ay Nicki Lynn's etsy shop will be made with love and care because Nicki really cares about the Jewelry she makes.

Nicki has offered to let me hold a giveaway so one of my readers will be able to pick out something from her shop with the prize of a 15.00 gift certificate. I hope you all enter not only to win but to show support for a truly talented designer and a wonderful person. Here is the video review I did for the earrings I got to try.

And now for the giveaway please enter by raffle copter so you can win your very own Nicki Lynn Creation . USA only entries thanks for looking and for entering.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Selling on Yardseller a review

With The husband very sick, and not able to work I find the necessities of life becoming an issue money wise, So I decided to sell some stuff on Yardseller
A new place to sell stuff you have around the house you cant use or that would give you some cash to buy food with :) I also got really fed up with ebay. I use to love ebay but with really high overhead dealing with them its just so hard to make any money and I really need the money as food is becoming an issue around here.

I was also really unhappy with the buyers getting all the klout and the sellers who Pay to list things getting mostly the shaft. I was so happy I found Yardseller
I was a little wary about it and how it worked. Anyway I thought I would give it a shot mostly because its FREE to BUY and SELL on Yardseller
so I had nothing much to loose.

This is not an auction you put up stuff and sell it for the price you want to. I was able to sell some cosmetics and makeup I had here that was just not right for me and got a nice price for them way more than I would have gotten on ebay because competition is simply to high.

with millions of people selling on ebay its really hard to get things noticed so this was a plus in the Yardseller
column because its not yet as big as ebay is. The best part is their is no paying to list , no more nickle and dimming me to death. you can add as many pictures you want of your items too.

The draw backs-

its not as large a market so thing take longer to sell

you have to ship the item before you get paid for it. This means you will have to input a delivery confirmation number right away if you are getting paid by pay pal BUT its really just held by Yardseller the person buying pays right away to Yardseller than they will pay you from their account so you dont have to worry the money is not going to be sent .

This was a surprise to me I had sold my item on a Saturday and was getting a notice that if I did not in put a confirmation number it would be canceled. So I weighed my item and printed the label and sent it Priority so the confirm would be free. Once I put in the number in I than received my payment in 4 days. Not the fastest system but better than nothing .

The good things-

GETS THE MONEY FROM THE BUYER AND THAN HOLDS IT UNTIL YOU SHIP THE ITEM. THIS WAY THE BUYER AND SELLER ARE PROTECTED IN A NICE WAY. ITS FREE that's good enough for me you don't have to watch it if you sell something they will let you know . you can get paid by pay pal. direct deposit or a check (1.00 charge will be deducted ) if you want to check it out here is a link for you . this should take you to the main buy stuff page you will have to make an account if you want to sell but its too easy to do. Yardseller
thanks for reading

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Power of the Prophetic Blessing by John Hagee book review

I really loved The Power of the Prophetic Blessing by John Hagee. I was so happy I was selected to receive a pre release copy. What I loved about it was the wealth of information and the detailed explanations about biblical blessings. This book never stopped to amaze me on how interesting it was and how much it enriched my faith and life in general.

Its really hard to put into words the many benefits I received by reading it . I am much more informed, I learned so much, and things I thought I understood became so much clearer to me. I just could not put it down ! This is the kind of book I will read over and over again. It would make for a really great bible study selection for a group or for just to be a part of your daily devotional.

I learned so much and I could just feel the awesome truth in each page. I also joined up at the CUFI website so I could learn more and really get into this great ministry. I found this book to be a true classic for learning about The Power of the Prophetic Blessing's and how we as Christians can apply this to our lives .

I'm very happy this book will be a permanent selection in my library. I would recommend it to anyone as a really wonderful study book for true learning. You can learn more about CUFI here at this link CUFI
This book will be available to by at the end of August. The Power of Prophetc blessing on amazon

T-Shirts .com awesome selection Review

I was able to try the wonderful T-shirts that are available at T-shirts .com and I have to say they have such a large selection of both contemporary and vintage t shirts its crazy.

I am a big star Trek and star gate fan and I generally love all things sicfi .I was able to find a really awesome star Trek T with a picture of the enterprise on it in a navy blue . its so nice and going to be a special keepsake for me.

as I said you can find some really different T-shirts at T-shirts .com . they have 100s and in all kinds of categories. They even have vintage Ts that maybe you had once owned but lost a long time ago. with everything from Ts about movies, TV shows and music your sure to find just what your looking for in the size you want!. I saw Ts for the Beatles, Bob Marley , Mash all kinds and I was so thrilled to see a few star trek ts there so I got the one I liked and its awesome.

I did a special video review for the T shirt I got so you could see quality and how nice it is. I hope you have time to check it out.

The bottom line is if you once had a favorite T-Shirt and it went the way of time you just might be able to find it on t-shirts .com or something very similar. Also if you would just like to find something very unique and different to add to you casual wardrobe I'm sure you will find something rally special there. T-Shirts .com makes for a great place to find that special gift for that special person in your life so they can express their individuality in the T-Shirt of their choice Thanks for looking at my review :) If you like the Star Trek T I'm wearing in the video you can find it here. awesome Star Trek T

Here is the video review I did for the shirt I got .

Thanks for looking :)

Oligonol supplement review and giveaway

As most of you know I'm big into supplements especially those that are beauty related. I have tried some different kinds but really found a good one in a product called Oligonol by quality of Life. What makes Oligonol so different is that it will not only help fade age spots and control wrinkles but its also really effective in getting rid of belly fay , which in my case is essential.

I have been using Oligonol for a while now and I found that some of my more stubborn ages spots are fading nicely I have one near my left temple that is quite large and from age and probable sun damage form when I was tanning. I have noticed this one is now barely visible now.

Oligonol is made from a low-molecular-weight polyphenol made from Lychee fruit and green tea extract. It has been awarded the Nutracon Award as “Top Science-Backed Product of the Year” in 2008 and SupplySide West’s Scientific Excellence Award in 2011

I have personally found that its really good at getting rid of age spots and is helping me control the belly fat that I have gotten since menopause. I have been seeing some of this belly fat go down a little at a time and that's awesome news. I take one a day but you can take 2 if you want it to work faster on belly fat, since Im not in a big hurry I am just taking one a day. it also give me a bit of a boost in the morning and has not side effects that I can tell.

Oligonol is an easy to swallow small veggi cap that comes in a bottle of 30. I really like this product so I did a video review so you can see it and hear my thoughts about it. Oligonol, works on the inside to make us all beautiful on the outside and I believe it makes my topical products more efficient. HERE IS MY VIDEO REVIEW

There is so much science behind Oligonol and as a beauty supplement is cant be beat, it increases the blood flow which is essential to provide the ares of the body with much needed blood to repair tissues and make for cardiovascular health. With all this goodness working on so many levels I can see why its effective and well worth taking. you can find more about Oligonol here

I received a 30 day supply of Oligonol to try and Im so happy that I get to giveaway 3 bottles to 3 different winners. I hope you enter my giveaway so you can try this for your self I'm sure your going to love it like I do. to enter just follow the raffle copter instructions. Thanks for looking .

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Bare Fruit Apple Chips Review

I was able to try Bare fruit cinnamon apple chips recently and I want to tell you all about them. Bear Fruit sent me a really awesome 14 oz bag to try for myself and here is what I found out about them.

First these are 100% organic, each bag of 14 oz had about 30 apples in it . these are baked dried and very full of flavor. I also really liked that you can get them in a bigger bag than normal apple chips which is great because my daughters eat these like candy.

Bare Fruit apple chips are very healthy and make for a wonderful crunchy snack and my girls love to eat these while watching a movie.

The Bare Fruit company makes a lot of really wholesome snacks always fresh and always delicious. you can buy these on amazon for 9.99 a 14oz bag that's resealable so the chips stay fresh and crunchy.

I liked these so much, that I did a video review for you so you can see the bag and what the chips looks like. My daughters said that these are the most flavorful apple chips they have ever had. My daughter will buy other brands from the grocery store but after trying these they said that the Bare Fruit chips have so much more an apple flavor, I agree I love the full flavor of each of them.

Here is the video review I did for them I hope you have a look at it.

You can find Bare fruit on facebook here Bare Fruit facebook

and you can find out more info on the website here Bare Fruit Snacks

Find them on amazon here
Thanks for looking at my review :) .

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Trusting God Book Review

Trusting God is a fantastic girlfriends in God Faith adventure . its co written by Sharon Jaynes-Gwen Smith -and Mary Southerland.

I have been reading this as part of my morning devotional reading and I really loved it. Its set up for weekly reading and journaling and also allows you to write in the book and answer the study questions . This book is part devotional and part workbook and its everything you could want in both.

I read this daily so I could do the review for it and I found each chapter to be so inspirational and filled with practical advice. Just reading it will help you increase your faith but the book also offers you an online discussion on Girlfriends in God forum or GiG. which would be at this link Girlfriends in God

All together I thing this is a excellent devotional and study book with nice resources and uplifting stories. This book would make a wonderful gift for any woman and would be especially helpful for those of us going through difficult times. I highly recommend this book.. thanks for looking at my review.

Cystex review and giveaway

Welcome to my review and giveaway for Cystex! I hope you find this post helpful. For those of you who are not yet familiar with Cystex products I want to let you know that these are safe and effective formulas for maintaining urinary tract health and for the prevention and treatment of common UTI discomfort.

Cranberries have long been used to promote healthy urinary tract function and many of us drink cranberry juice to maintain that health. Cystex has the answer to being able to get the Cranberries goodness with out drinking a gallon of juice daily.

The first Product I got to try was the really tasty Cystex Cranberry urinary health complex which is a drug free daily supplement that will go a long way to keeping you free from painful UTIs by providing you with the power of cranberries in a easy to take liquid and a blend of D-Mannose, inulin, bromelan and Vitamin C. Just one tablespoon daily helps to maintain you urinary tract and keep UTIs away better than just drinking juice. its really pleasant tasting and the bottle had 15 servings in it its available at walgreens and other drug stores and walmart for 9.99.

The next product on the awesome Cystex line I want to tell you about is the only one available to buy that will stop the pain once you have a UTI and will help you cope until you can see your doctor. This one is Custex Plus Urinary pain relief tablets. These fast working pain tabs allow you to at least function while waiting for that doctors appointment. Cystex Plus not only helps with the pain but also contains a urinary antiseptic Methenamine to help control the infection. also available for 9.99

I did a video review (WOW Do I look funny in the freeze frame of what LOL) for these so you can see what they look like and my thoughts about them you can view that here.

You can also visit the Ladies room blog here for info

or go to this link for a wealth of info about Cystex products. Cystex
You can also find them on facebook at

Cystex Facebook

I am able to have a giveaway for one of my readers to win some Cystex to try please follow the raffle copter to get entries. I will pick a winner on august 16th good luck and thank for looking at my review.

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