Wednesday, August 8, 2012

T-Shirts .com awesome selection Review

I was able to try the wonderful T-shirts that are available at T-shirts .com and I have to say they have such a large selection of both contemporary and vintage t shirts its crazy.

I am a big star Trek and star gate fan and I generally love all things sicfi .I was able to find a really awesome star Trek T with a picture of the enterprise on it in a navy blue . its so nice and going to be a special keepsake for me.

as I said you can find some really different T-shirts at T-shirts .com . they have 100s and in all kinds of categories. They even have vintage Ts that maybe you had once owned but lost a long time ago. with everything from Ts about movies, TV shows and music your sure to find just what your looking for in the size you want!. I saw Ts for the Beatles, Bob Marley , Mash all kinds and I was so thrilled to see a few star trek ts there so I got the one I liked and its awesome.

I did a special video review for the T shirt I got so you could see quality and how nice it is. I hope you have time to check it out.

The bottom line is if you once had a favorite T-Shirt and it went the way of time you just might be able to find it on t-shirts .com or something very similar. Also if you would just like to find something very unique and different to add to you casual wardrobe I'm sure you will find something rally special there. T-Shirts .com makes for a great place to find that special gift for that special person in your life so they can express their individuality in the T-Shirt of their choice Thanks for looking at my review :) If you like the Star Trek T I'm wearing in the video you can find it here. awesome Star Trek T

Here is the video review I did for the shirt I got .

Thanks for looking :)

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