Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dogs and lamb aversion FYI

Well, My dog Tucker gets what ever I eat, so today I cooked Lamb Chops and Thought Gosh he is going to love this savory food . .. Well Thats apparently not the way it goes. I dont know why and it seems no one else knows why, but some dogs hate the scent of lamb.

Tucker ran away from the lamb I made him with his tail between his legs! Now Im a great cook so these were just fine and I loved them but he would not even come near me when I was eating , which for Tucker is Not natural. Normally he will wait for me to give him something, today he ran into the living room!

So, if you do end up making Lamb and your dogs are acting strange, well I guess is a natural thing. I recommend substituting any Lamb left overs for Tuna in water, the scent it is about as far away from lamb and you can get. Tucker Loves Tuna in water drained so thats what I did and he is now OK .

Anyway I thought I would let all the dog lovers out their know that its not your cooking, its just for some reason Lamb will scare the crap out of smaller dogs, especially a Jack Russel which is Tuckers heritage. Tucker is about 1/2 Jack Russel and the other bunch divided between Chihuahua and Dachshund.

Its really too bad because that dinner was totally awesome and its a shame Tucker is stuck with Tuna. BUT Thats Dogs for ya! thanks for reading

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Framed Art your go to for Lovely artwork review

Welcome to my review for Framed art This is a website where you can get such lovely artwork and such variety.

The art that you find on Framed art is special because you get to choose the kind and type of frame you want with your print and also any borders . They have so many different frames to choose from and your finished product is set behind safety Plexiglas so it kept safe from all sorts of damage.

The really wonderful thing about Framed art is that you can find just about anything you want there. if you are like me and love a nice sea side village print or maybe a lovely landscape you will find it.

Framed art has so many different things to chooses from so its really very customizable and so easy to order from. I also want to give a huge thumbs up for packaging, the packaging for shipping is done so well you would never have to worry about something coming damaged its really sturdy.

I really would love to fill up my house with these lovely works of art they are so colorful and pretty. So far everyone who has seen this picture loves it. I did a video review so you could see how lovely it is its short and I did have a bit of difficulty getting it all in frame but you will get to see the awesome quality of this lovely work of art.

If you like village art print like this one I have a link for you so you can go right to that area of framed art .

Village art from Framed art

Here is the video I did so you can see detail better than just a photo

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own thanks for looking

Kit Anti-Manchas from #Bonapiel review

Welcome to my review for Kit Anti-Manchas from #Bonapiel which mean anti spot or stain. This is a very complete lightening kit that contains

A wonderful easy to use lightening serum

An awesome very unique face mask

and I wonderful complete moisturizer with SPF 55

You get all 3 of these in the kit and they will work well with a day or night cream you may be using that does not have a sunscreen in it .

First I think it work really well I have noticed that a lot of the hyper-pigmentation I have on my face faded really well using all 3 products. These all all easy to use and play well with others.

I live in Florida and have to walk my dog 3 time a day and my skin is starting to really show that. Before the dog I never went outside in the sun in Florida, now I have to.

This has caused me a lot of concern because I have fair skin that will spot from the sun even in winter. I am so happy I got to try this effective kit and think its one of the more effective things I have tried to even out my skin tone.

I did a video review for these so you could see packaging and so I could tell you all about them . you can see that video below. You can find them to buy through this link

Kit Anti-Manchas-skin Lightening kit

Here is the video review

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own I do love it !

Monday, February 8, 2016

An Amish Year Four Amish Novellas By Beth Wiseman

Welcome to my review for An Amish Year Four Amish Novellas By Beth Wiseman. This is a great book and each story is very different. If you enjoy Amish Fiction you will be sure to love it and I think this book would make for a great gift for a teen or young adult as they seem to be geared toward a younger crowed.

These are short stories so I do not like to give away plots or spoilers so the below descriptions will be short

The for stories start with Rooted in Love where Saul love Rosemary and just cant understand why she broke off their relationship when she was younger. Rosemary thinks she has a good reason but will learn a lesson when she finds out the truth.

Next we have A love for Irma Rose the year is 1957 and though Irma thinks she know what God has planed for her but as things change she is presented with a different choice

Patchwork Perfect- Eli Byler a widower want a fresh start in life so he finds himself in Pennsylvania and finds 2 women who are attracted to him . He is not sure about Miriam because she is different but finds himself attracted to her regardless . This problem is Miriam does not want to get married and Eli has to try and change her mind .

When Christmas comes again this one is a bout Kathrine who wonders how she will get through the first Christmas with out Elias. This story has a bit of mystery in it and I dont want to give anything away is great .

This is a fantastic book and well done the stories are lively and its nice getting 4 to a book all in one place

I received a free copy in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own thanks for reading