Saturday, February 13, 2016

Kit Anti-Manchas from #Bonapiel review

Welcome to my review for Kit Anti-Manchas from #Bonapiel which mean anti spot or stain. This is a very complete lightening kit that contains

A wonderful easy to use lightening serum

An awesome very unique face mask

and I wonderful complete moisturizer with SPF 55

You get all 3 of these in the kit and they will work well with a day or night cream you may be using that does not have a sunscreen in it .

First I think it work really well I have noticed that a lot of the hyper-pigmentation I have on my face faded really well using all 3 products. These all all easy to use and play well with others.

I live in Florida and have to walk my dog 3 time a day and my skin is starting to really show that. Before the dog I never went outside in the sun in Florida, now I have to.

This has caused me a lot of concern because I have fair skin that will spot from the sun even in winter. I am so happy I got to try this effective kit and think its one of the more effective things I have tried to even out my skin tone.

I did a video review for these so you could see packaging and so I could tell you all about them . you can see that video below. You can find them to buy through this link

Kit Anti-Manchas-skin Lightening kit

Here is the video review

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own I do love it !

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