Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dogs and lamb aversion FYI

Well, My dog Tucker gets what ever I eat, so today I cooked Lamb Chops and Thought Gosh he is going to love this savory food . .. Well Thats apparently not the way it goes. I dont know why and it seems no one else knows why, but some dogs hate the scent of lamb.

Tucker ran away from the lamb I made him with his tail between his legs! Now Im a great cook so these were just fine and I loved them but he would not even come near me when I was eating , which for Tucker is Not natural. Normally he will wait for me to give him something, today he ran into the living room!

So, if you do end up making Lamb and your dogs are acting strange, well I guess is a natural thing. I recommend substituting any Lamb left overs for Tuna in water, the scent it is about as far away from lamb and you can get. Tucker Loves Tuna in water drained so thats what I did and he is now OK .

Anyway I thought I would let all the dog lovers out their know that its not your cooking, its just for some reason Lamb will scare the crap out of smaller dogs, especially a Jack Russel which is Tuckers heritage. Tucker is about 1/2 Jack Russel and the other bunch divided between Chihuahua and Dachshund.

Its really too bad because that dinner was totally awesome and its a shame Tucker is stuck with Tuna. BUT Thats Dogs for ya! thanks for reading

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