Saturday, May 30, 2015

My poor Tucker Baby seems to not feel good today

My Poor Tucker is not feeling all that great today . he did not even want to take his long 3pm walkie . He seemed chilly so I wrapped him in my flannel shirt .

He looks really good in Plaid. I sure hope he feels better tomorrow. He had pork chops for dinner and ate good but he seems very lisless and he had had the hiccups 3 times today.

He must have been a little chilly because he did not take off the shirt, I need to get him a doggie sweater. The air conditioner is bothering him I think,so I turned it up a bit .

Friday, May 29, 2015

A Simple Prayer Series: Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel By Amy Clipston Review

Welcome to my review for A Simple Prayer By Amy Clipston. This is an Amish Christian Fiction story that is really good and I am so happy I got a chance to read it through booklook bloggers.

This story is about a Amish man who left the community as a child of 15 because he was getting into a lot of trouble and thought he would leave to spare his parents heartache.

Aaron has made a life for himself away from his Amish roots but he misses the community and after finding out his mother is very ill he decides to go back to visit her. Aaron wrote his family many letters but none of them were replied to so he naturally thinks his family dose not want him around.

Linda Is a friend of Aarons from school and she has her own problems feeling unloved by her uncle and missing her parents who died when she was a child.

To Aarons surprise he is welcomed back with open arms and his parents have no idea where his letters could have gone missing.

Aaron tries to get his brother to forgive him for leaving but his brother is really angry at him for doing so and its a real mess.

This is a fantastic story and a little like the story in the bible of the prodigal Son with some differences, but you will recognize the parallels..It has romance and a very satisfying ending .I think its a fantastic read and hope you give it a try soon

I received a free copy in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own

Monday, May 25, 2015

To win her Favor by Tamera Alexander book review

Hi And welcome to my review for the book To win her Favor by Tamera Alexander. I got a free copy so I could do this review through Booklook bloggers.

This is a really great Christian fiction book that tells the story of some of the trials and problems that occurred after the civil war.

Lots of people of the south lost there homes and this story deals with one property in particular and how a family is trying to desperately save it

Maggie wants to try and save her home by racing her horse Bourbon Belle in a high stakes race that's soon to come up. Maggie's father decides the best way to save the farm is if she will marry an Irishman Named Cullen who comes to town with money enough to save it .

Maggie's new husband is totally agents racing the horse for any money mostly because he has a secret in his past that could have the whole family loosing everything.

Can Maggie and Cullen find love and still save the farm among the predigests and hatred of the people around them want them to fail .

This is a great gook and I sure hope you give it a try soon.

Quality Encapsulations Omega 3 fish oil Review

Welcome to my review for Quality Encapsulations Omega 3 fish oil . This is a great fish oil thats made at a GMP certified facility in the USA.

This one is easy to swallow and about the same size as other fish oils. you get 60 in a bottle and you take 2 per day . This one provides you with

Omega-3 Fatty acids 1500mg

EPA 800mg


And 100mg of other Omega 3 fatty acids.

Its easy to take and good for you. Its really good to take an Omega 3 fish oil because it provides the body with the good Fatty acids it needs. It has no fishy after taste and is Non GMO.

Quality Encapsulations Omega 3 fish oil is a good price and comes in professional packaging. I like taking fish oil because sometimes my diet is not the best and I do find personally that Omega 3s will help me with some of the symptoms of menopause. specifically hot flashes.

Besides that I think it keeps my skin and hair nice as I age. Fish oil is important because it benefits your heart health. Omega-3 normalizes and regulates your cholesterol triglyceride levels. I think its a good Idea to take it.

Quality Encapsulations Omega 3 fish oil is Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil, so you know you are getting the very best.

You can find this to buy through this link

Quality Encapsulations Omega 3 fish oil

I did a video review so you could see packaging and pill size thanks for looking

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own thanks

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Berry Sleepy The 100% Fruit Sleep Aid review #FruitForSleep

Welcome to my review for Berry Sleepy,I really love this all natural fruit sleep aid. I have tried many sleep aids and I think this one is the very best not only for helping you fall asleep fast but it will also give you a really comfortable calm feeling before you sleep.

I had no problems with Berry Sleepy I did not get a headache in the morning and I woke feeling refreshed. Some of the other natural sleep aids I have tried either do not work well for me or I wake up with a headache which is annoying to say the least. This one is perfect for me.

I love that Berry Sleepy is made with fruit and it is all natural and non habit forming. I like that its not loaded with Melatonin as some others are because that stuff can give me a headache in the morning if I get to large a dose.

Berry Sleepy has such unique and different ingredients in it that you will not find one like it. The ingredients are Tart cherries, Passion Fruit ,and Goji berries, its not your usual sleep aid.

One of the things I really like about it is that I got a really calm feeling from it and I was made very comfortable and fell asleep easily. If I did have to get up in the night I went back to sleep right away and did not toss and turn.

Like I said I think this is the most effective sleep aid I have tried that is of the natural variety and I really love it.

You can find it to buy at this link

Berry Sleepy
I hope you have a look at the video and thanks for looking

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My dog Tucker a Photo of his love and beauty

I love my dog Tucker , he is the very definition of love something I have not experienced lately. If he had wings he would be an angel. he is always with me and I know he loves me. he is my baby and such a wonderful dog!

Thanks for looking at my little baby !!!!

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion Review #adamia

Welcome to my review for Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion, this is not just regular lotion but its especially designed to repair skin that is prone to serious damage due to illness and aging.

I do not have the kind of skin damage that this product was designed for but I do have very dry skin. What makes this product different is that its made with Macadamia oil and other great for the skin ingredients.

Macadamia oil is very important because it provides the skin with omega 7 and Macadamia oil is the closest oil that's like the natural oils found in skin when its healthy.

The lotion is so wonderful on the skin its soothing fragrance free, Non-allergenic , Non-greasy , Exceptional absorption , Clinically proven to improve distressed skin and has been dermatologist tested

This is a repairing lotion that really makes dry skin feel really nice and because it has no perfumes in it, its safe to put on very distressed hurting skin.

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion is Dye free and non greasy. Its been tested in senior living facilities with a great deal of success in preventing skin damage that some people experience as they get older.

I have to say this is a fantastic lotion that makes my dry skin feel wonderful!

This lotion would make for a great gift to buy for someone who is suffering from damaged skin, I have seen for myself the skin tear's associated with diabetes and other conditions be it from a medical procedure or treatment.

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion, heals soothes and helps maintain the integrity of the skin so hurting skin can heal and feel better.

You can find out more about this product through this link

Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion

If you have really dry skin or if you know of an elderly person suffering with damaged skin I hope you give this product a try . you get a huge bottle of it and it will last a long time. I am truly happy I got to experience it. Thanks for looking at my review

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own thanks for reading.#adamia

Monday, May 18, 2015

Refresh your Home with Renuzit Pearl Scents review #DesignYourAir

Welcome to my review for Renuzit Pearl Scents. I have to say I really like these pearl scents they really make a room smell fresh and look great doing it. I also received a gift card so I could buy something from Homegoods and spruce up my home with something new. I was so happy I got picked to do this project because My bedroom really needed a new splash of color so I got a very lovely CYNTHIA ROWLEY light quilt.

This quilt is so lovely and the Renuzit Pearl Scents really provide a tranquil environment for my bedroom. Here is a photo of the lovely quilt I bought with the provided gift card.

As you can see it really brightens things up. I have the Renuzit Pearl Scents on my night stand so the room smells so fresh and pretty.

I have to say I was really impressed with these scents I love the sparkling rain scent because its so soothing while I sleep.These come in different scents so you can freshen your home any way you like. For a solid air freshener these perform very well and really look so much nicer than others.

I don't have a before photo of my bed because it just had a regular blanket on it and not pretty so you are basically seeing the finished product on my bed.

The Renuzit Pearl Scents, are long lasting and just so pretty. I received 2 of them and have one in my den because its a bit musty in there. I sure hope you try these soon . I am so happy that my room is not only looking better but smelling better as well.

You can find more infor about these wonderful pearl scents here Renuzit web site

I did a video review so you could not only see the Renuzit Pearl Scents but the beautiful new quilt as well I think you will agree they really add a lovely burst of color to a otherwise drab bedroom .

If you would like to win a coupon from me for one free Renuzit Pearl Scents, please just comment on this post and like me on facebook I will pick a winner on 5/25/15 USA only entries Please also leave an email where I can contact you if you win thanks for reading my review.

I received free coupons, sample and a gift card in order to create this post.

Monday, May 11, 2015

100% Authentic Tencel Bed Sheet Set Review #AuthenticTencelBedSheetSet

Welcome to my review for these wonderful sheets I got to try through Tomoson. These are so soft and pretty they are made special to fit a deeper mattress or if you have one of those thicker mattress pads on the bed

The color I got to try is grey but with a satin like finish and just so comfortable to seep on. These do come in different colors . I like having cool sheets because I can get really hot at night due to my age. These fit my bed very well and are so nice to slip into at night.

As you can see from the photo they are packaged very nice in a plastic zippered bag that would be presentable for gift giving.

The price for these is really nice to and they ship quickly and safely. I have got to try a different sheets set from this seller and have been so happy with those as well.

I am always looking for sheets that will keep me cooler at night and still look and feel fantastic and these are perfect.

These sheets are Authentic Woven Tencel Super Silky Soft Luxury Bed Sheet Set 100% Highest Quality Series Bedding- Wrinkle, Fade, and Stain Resistant, Hypoallergenic, Deep Pockets, Pillowcases

You can find them to buy through this link

100% Authentic Tencel Bed Sheet Set

These sheets would make for a wonderful gift for any woman I really love them thanks for looking at my review. #AuthenticTencelBedSheetSet

I got a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own

Friday, May 8, 2015

Guardian 1300TL Tactical rechargeable flashlight by Super Nova review

Welcome to my review for the so useful and way cool Guardian 1300TL Tactical rechargeable flashlight by Super Nova. I love everything about the flashlight. Its rechargeable and come with 2 lithium ion batteries,and it can also be used with 3 AAA batteries for in between charging. You only need to use one of the Lithium batteries at a time so you can keep one charged and one in the light.

This light is very powerful and has different settings which are High, Medium,low, Strobe and SOS this would make for a wonderful father's day gift!

This light also has a clip on it so you can attach it to a belt. its really easy to use and comes with everything you need is a really nice storage box.

You get the charger as well and they even include 3AAA batteries with this flashlight you will always be ready for power outages or for anytime you might need a nice flashlight at the ready.

This flashlight would be really great for camping or to keep in the car because it has the SOS feature I have never seen a more complete and useful flashlight as this one is.

You can find it to buy through this link

Guardian 1300TL Tactical rechargeable flashlight by Super Nova

The next time you need a really special gift for any man I hope you give this a try its really just so cool.

I did a video review so you could see function and packaging thanks for reading my review and having a look at the video.

I received a free sample in order to make an informed review but my opinions are my own

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Glad OdorShield with Gain Trash bags review

Welcome to my review for the Glad trash bags with odor shield and gain. I got to try these through bzzagent and I really love them because they really help with trashy odor.

We have a septic system and because we do, things can't go down the drain, we have to have a fine screen to catch food particles so our septic system does not have a expensive problem.

This results in really bad smelling trash, what most people just flush down the drain or for those with a garbage disposal Im sure their trash is not nearly as trashy as ours is.

These bags keep the area where the trash can is smelling fresh despite all the food that has to go in it . I really like them and they also hold up really well with no leaks or breakage.

I hope you give them a try soon thanks for reading my review . I received a free sample to try from bzzagent so I could do this review #joyineverybag @GetGlad

Friday, May 1, 2015

Emjoi Micro-Pedi callus remover

Welcome to my review for the really awesome Emjoi Micro-Pedi callus remover. This one is battery operated and is very powerful and easy to use.

I love the design on this product its handle is shaped for comfort while you work on the calluses on the feet.

Its sanding head makes very quick work of getting your feet sandal ready for summer. It runs on 2 AA batteries and is very portable so you can take it with you if you travel.

One if the features I like is that the sanding disk is front facing and not completely exposed so you only sand what you want to sand, It kind of looks like a mans shaver in style as you will see in the video review.

Its very durable and works well on any calluses you may have on your feet. I also think it's a bit quieter than others.

So if you want your feet looking beach and sandal ready for this summer I hope you give this Micro pedi a try its awesome.

I hope you have a look at the video review below, you can find this to buy at this link

Emjoy web site

Here is the video review so you can see function and packaging thanks for looking .