Friday, November 30, 2012

Tricalm anti itch cream review

Today I want to tell you about a really nice and safe product for skin irritations such as itching and burning. Tricalm is a steroid free cream that is very effective on burns, rashes,sunburn, poison Ivy and all kinds of other ailments. Tricalm works on contact to stop itching and burning.

What I love about this product is you can use it as needed which you cant say for some anti itch creams. I was given a sample to try and found it to be really fast working and long lasting. Its really safe for kids because its made with cosmederm-7 a compound of strontium , a naturally occurring found in green leafy veggies.

If you have kids you know that they may come across some thing that can really make them itch, Tricalm will help you help them in a more natural way with out the harmful steroids or antihistamines of other creams. Tricalm is the better choice for kids and adults. Tricalm is 9.49 a tube and can be found here at this link and you can get a FREE sample ther so you can try before you buy.

Tricalm web site

I did a short video review for Tricalm that I hope you get a chance to watch thanks for looking at my review .

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Torani coffee syrup review and recipe

I have always loved Torani Coffee syrup but not only for coffee,Torani Makes 130 different kinds of flavors my favorite being the lemon one for my tea. I was able to try 2 flavors out through Sheespeaks and the sponsored this blog post. I had tried both flavors before but not in the sugar free which really made my day because I do not need extra calories in my drinks.

I tried the salted caramel I got to try with a hot coco drink so it made a caramel hot coco and was very good and warming. so recipe is to buy your favorite instant hot coco mix or coco flavored coffee and than add some of the Torani Salted caramel syrup to it its really great!

Torani Syrups are good for so many thing and they will come in handy this holiday because you can make all kinds of great things with them . Some people like to add a bit of the Torani fruit flavors in a cocktail or to add flavor to plain lemon aid or ice tea. you can really get creative with them and are sure to find a flavor you love for your coffee or other drinks.

I was delayed getting my blog post up for this because I had moved and through I updated my address the package was sent to the wrong house and I had to go fetch it. I am adding a video review to this post so you can see how lovely these bottles of Torani are and how great a gift they would make this year. Here is a photo of my coco Caramel I made with the Torani Salted Caramel syrup .

As you can see it looks really great and tasty!

Here is the video review I did for it, thanks for looking :)

charmin Freshmates Review

I was so excited when I heard that I was going to be able to review Charmin Freshmates through vocalpoint because I use a lot of bathroom wipes and am always interested in trying out new kinds . I can say I really love them, they come in such a pretty package and it goes well with my bathroom decor. Granted since I moved my bathroom is much older than in my last house but I do try and keep it looking nice . Charmin Freshmates lets me be creative with the space I have available to me with these colorful new boxes.

This are great flushable wipes that are great to have on hand this holiday season. These really give you a nice fresh feeling and are handy for a lot of things.I really love the packaging for these wipes because they ad a nice festive touch to an otherwise plain container.

I hope you give these a try this holiday season they are sure to come in very handy and look great on your bathroom counter . Here is the video review I did for them thanks for looking .

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Spice it up this winter with Replens Review and Giveaway

Most of us especially in menopause could use a little something to help spice up our intimate relationships, with Replens this is really easy and safe. Replens makes is so dryness is no longer a painful problem and we can be sure to have many more romantic evenings. Replens is a trusted brand and is a better choice to combat vaginal dryness from any reason.

Here is a really informative video on Replens so you can see for yourself how much better you will feel using it so you can spice it up this winter with your partner.

Replens Long-Lasting Feminine Moisturizer has been helping millions of women deal with feminine dryness and now they’ve decided to team up with sex & relationship expert Pepper Schwartz, Ph.D., to help women bring intimacy back into their relationships and to help them Reconnect with their partner, Rekindle their love life and Rediscover their younger selves, with the new “Spicing It Up” Q&A video series. Please check out this video

So I hope you found that as interesting as I did Now for your next task please enter to win a fantastic prize in the giveaway you could win ♥ $50 gift card to Bare Necessities (to buy something soft and silky!) ♥ Pack of cute love note cards (to send your sweetie a note) ♥ A copy of PRIME: Adventures and Advice on Sex, Love, and the Sensual Years by sex & relationship expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz ♥ Replens® Long-Lasting Feminine Moisturizer. USA only entries Please use the rafflecopter below to enter Ill pick one person to win this awesome prize.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I was very thankful to receive the same package you might for completing this post. Thanks for looking

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Personal information post by Me

Hi Everyone you may be wondering "now why don't she write" lol sorry I could not resist saying that line from an old western . The reason I have not been doing as much blogging as I use to is because I have had to move to St Augustine Florida. The reasons for this are sad and complicated and its been really hard for me to get back in the swing of things . Firstly because My postal mail is all messed up and though I had changed my address some of my blogging stuff was sent to the old address This is hard for me because the old house is really far away. This means some of the review I was going to write are going to be delayed until I can get back there and get my packages.

Secondly I have had to wait for all the installing of internet and other things that comes with a big move and have had really low energy. Now I find I have a cold and even less ambition. But I will get back in the swing of things and am praying for more work to be sent my way so I can get motivated.

I writing this so all of you who read my blog do not think I am just being lazy and for anyone who would like me to review there products to not think Im not a regular blogger. Rest assured I will be blogging so much you will be sick of me once everything settles down. Its also been difficult finding a good place in this house to do video reviews , its very dark here and hard to get the lighting right but I think I figured it out. Its also a little lonely here but it really is best all around for all parties concerned and my dad really needs my help right now. anyway thanks for reading. I appreciate all of your prayers. Love Lor

Twice a Bride by Mona Hodgson review

I was able to read Twice a Bride by Mona Hodgson through Blogging for books and I was so happy I got to read it because I had read the Bride wore Blue recently and I could continue with the story.

Twice a Bride is book 4 in the series and a bit different in that we are reading about Willow Peterson who is the sister in law of the Sinclair Sisters. She Moves to Cripple Creek to try and start a new life after being in a deep depression over the death of her father, she is also a widow and had spent time in an asylum due to her sorrow over loosing him.

Willow Peterson is not a weepy character and you will really like her. I thought that she had great faith and that is reflected in the story really well with out being to preachy. I found this book to be a really fun read with all the characters that we loved from the previous stories. There is also a few big surprises in the story that I cant tell you about but you will really be surprised and how it unfolds. I really loved this story and hope you get a copy for yourself. Twice a Bride by Mona Hodgson is entertaining and uplifting and everything you could want in Christian Fiction . thanks for reading my review.

Friday, November 23, 2012

smiley Christmas cookies review

I am so lucky to have been picked to review these really wonderful Christmas cookies from Smiley cookies .com the people at Smiley cookies let me try their holiday gift pack and I have to say these are just the best cookies. I hope you get a chance to see the video review I did for them so you can see how nice these look

The thing I really love about these cookies is first their authentic taste. They really taste like carefully prepared holiday cookies. These also come shipped to you it a really safe package to keep the cookies from damage and they always come fresh and in great shape for giving. Net to all that they also come in a colorful box that ready for gift giving all you have to do is trim the package with a bow and your ready to gift.

I wanted to be sure that you knew that you can get a 10% discount on your order as you buy these online and they are shipped right to you very quickly you can use code BLOG10 at checkout and you can find them here at these links.

Christmas cookies

gingerbread cookies

nut free Christmas cookies

You really cant go wrong in gifting these tasty cookies, I love them both and got to try the gingerbread and sugar cookies. Since I wanted to show you packaging I did a video review so here is that video. Thanks for looking at my review :)

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, November 12, 2012

A Year with G. K. Chesterton 365 Days of Wisdom, Wit, and Wonder By Kevin Belmonte Review

I was able to read a copy of A Year with G. K. Chesterton 365 Days of Wisdom, Wit, and Wonder By Kevin Belmonte through book sneeze and was sent a free copy of it.

I really love devotionals and have many so when I saw this one on book sneeze I thought I would give it a try even though I had never heard of G.K.Chesterton.

The following review is my opinion and you may think differently if you choose to read it. I was not able to really enjoy this book. I found it to be a poor quality devotional in that I could just not grasp the way G.K.Chesterton writes. Granted his style of writing is from a time when most people wrote like him but I just found no wit or much wisdom in it. I barely could tell it was a devotional.

Each day has a bible quote and than a chosen writing from this mans works. It just did not grab me at all and I really thought the list of things the author did on a particular day uninteresting.

I read devotionals in the morning with my bible study and I try and apply the lesson of the day to my life but I really could not find anything in these devotionals that would help me spiritually at all. I think this would be a nice book for someone who is interested in the life of G.K.Chesterton and his antiquated writing style but its just not for me and it was all I could do to get through it for this review.

I really hate to give a bad review and I am sure someone would like this book but if you are looking for read devotional inspiration I'm not sure you will find it in this book. On the other hand if you like this kind of old fashioned writing and equally old fashion wit maybe you will like it. I just did not get anything out of it but a urgent need to take a nap. thanks for looking at my review

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Diet doc review

Hi Everyone Recently I was selected to try some Diet Doc products . The 3 I got to try were packets of sauces that you add your own veggies and meat to . I tried the Diet Doc Chili – 20 calories per serving – just add chicken and any vegetables Diet Doc Steak Soup – 20 calories per serving – just add meat and vegetables, and the Diet Doc Thai Chicken –Add chicken and vegetables.

I tried them all they were very good tasting. I cant say anything about weight loss because using just 3 dinners is not going to do much but I can tell you they are good tasting and make for a nice dinner.

I also wanted to tell you something about this great company. Diet Doc also makes fabulous weight loss bars, shakes , “fatless” cooking oil and salad dressings that are perfectly formulated for the hCG diet. The Diet Doc food is so tasty that you’ll enjoy the food even if you’re on another weight loss diet or are not dieting at all.

You might be asking, “What is the hCG diet?” The hCG diet was initially created over 60 years ago by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons where his patients achieved rapid weight loss when the human-produced hCG hormone was given in a low dose, coupled with a 500 calories per day diet. Diet Doc is the only modern day version of the hCG weight loss diet. The doctors at Diet Doc took the original Dr. Simeons’ hCG diet protocol and updated it to one where dieters consume no less than 800 calories per day in conjunction with prescription level hCG injections or sublingual tablets. Each dieter also consumes hCG diet foods, weight loss shakes and weight loss oil specifically created for an hCG diet.

The Diet Doc weight loss program is a medical weight loss diet program in which each person receives a comprehensive medical review of his/her health history to make sure that they are a good candidate for the Diet Doc diet.

I know that just trying out 3 dinners is not going to do much for me but I was reviewing this as an informational post about taste and ease of use. Its a little bit different than other diet foods you might be familiar with as you will be adding your own things to the bases.Anyway I wanted to give you a link so you can see all the many different things diet Doc has to offer thanks for reading my review. HCG Diet Plan Fast weight Loss
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.