Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Personal information post by Me

Hi Everyone you may be wondering "now why don't she write" lol sorry I could not resist saying that line from an old western . The reason I have not been doing as much blogging as I use to is because I have had to move to St Augustine Florida. The reasons for this are sad and complicated and its been really hard for me to get back in the swing of things . Firstly because My postal mail is all messed up and though I had changed my address some of my blogging stuff was sent to the old address This is hard for me because the old house is really far away. This means some of the review I was going to write are going to be delayed until I can get back there and get my packages.

Secondly I have had to wait for all the installing of internet and other things that comes with a big move and have had really low energy. Now I find I have a cold and even less ambition. But I will get back in the swing of things and am praying for more work to be sent my way so I can get motivated.

I writing this so all of you who read my blog do not think I am just being lazy and for anyone who would like me to review there products to not think Im not a regular blogger. Rest assured I will be blogging so much you will be sick of me once everything settles down. Its also been difficult finding a good place in this house to do video reviews , its very dark here and hard to get the lighting right but I think I figured it out. Its also a little lonely here but it really is best all around for all parties concerned and my dad really needs my help right now. anyway thanks for reading. I appreciate all of your prayers. Love Lor

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