Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bounce It Off Millions- Bounce /Facebook fun new app page

This is a really cool idea , all of us know and love bounce fabric softeners and dryer bars. Now there is a facebbok page where you can ask a question and get answers from millions of facebook participants. Whats also really awesome is that if you submit a question you could win a prize- four lucky users will be chosen to win a grand prize. There will also be other ways to win because there will be another sweepstakes going on that will give you entries to win two Bounce Dryer Bars. All you have to do is go to the Bounce it Off Millions Contest on their Facebook page. submit a question you want other users to answer it really fun and simple. Here is what I asked
question- whats better for BBQ -brats or burgers.

Its that simple, you just fill in the question field and than fill in 2 choice answers. You can also participate by answering the questions others have submitted, its really fun and some of the questions are really interesting. So if you would like to check all this out just go to this link Bounce it off Millions

I received this information through one 2 one network and am entered to win a prize for participating in this project but all the opinions about this project are my own! YES I think it a ton of fun!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Rizzoli and Isles DVD giveaway at my friends blog

Want to try your luck and winning the first seasion of the wonderful tv show Rizzoli and Isles ! well you can at Two Boys One girl and a crazy mom blog she is having a giveaway for this awesome prize so hurry over and enter soon. raffelcopter entry so its very easy

giveaway is here

New CoverGirl Natureluxe mascara is awesome

I was able to try this through the Vogue Influencer network and I must say the things I had heard about it are very true
I Discovered the luxurious volume that feels light as air. with a light touch of beeswax for luxurious lashes that are 20% lighter than the most expensive mascara and 2X the volume of bare lashes. This is a really great mascara and dose not clump or flake off I really think the brush is awesome and its easy to control the amount you want to have nice full lashes in no time at all.

Book Review The Shepherd Trilogy by Philip Keller

Shepherd Trilogy, TheShepherd Trilogy, The by W. Phillip Keller

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have been reading the first book by Phillip Keller A Shepherd's look at the 23rd psalm since I was in my 30s I had one copy of this and read it so often that it simply fell apart.

I can not stress the importance of this book as a genuine spiritual guideline for the Christians walk with Christ. I was so upset I could no longer read my old copy that I searched on amazon for another one so I could continue to read this over and over and was so happy to see that it now comes in this trilogy.

You not only get A shepherd's look at the 23rd psalm but you also get a shepherd looks at the good shepherd and a shepherd looks at the lamb of God . Each book is around 140 pages and I cant tell you how much this book has helped me learn about how precious we are in the eyes of Christ. I is indispensable to me and its part of my daily devotional reading.

Phillip Keller is a real Shepherd and has been for most of his life, he is able to give us a unique perspective on whats it really means to care for sheep and how their behaviour so often mirrors our own. We may often wonder why Christ referred to us as his sheep, I can tell you after reading these book you will totally understand why. This book has such important information for both new and old Christian's alike I really believe it should be thought of as a staple in christian teaching.

I have recommended this book to everyone I know and will continue to read and learn from it. This is the kind of book you just cant read once,each time you read it you will take away something new and uplifting. As I said I have read the first book many time and now that I have the full trilogy I'm so happy I can continue to learn from Phillip Keller with his unique experiences and unshakable faith In Christ Our good Shepherd

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Right From the Heart a daily devotional by Bryant Wright

Right From the Heart: Turning Your Day Toward GodRight From the Heart: Turning Your Day Toward God by Bryant Wright

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really could never say enough about this beautiful devotional. I end up showing it off to everyone its so lovely.

Not only are the daily devotionals so moving and so helpful in your daily walk with Christ, The book itself is just stunning. Its compact enough to carry around with you in a purse or bag yet sturdy enough to last for years. It is hardbound and about the size of a paperback
I have had many devotionals in my life but Right from the heart offers some truly lovely and helpful daily readings. These daily devotions are short enough to fit into anyone's busy life yet contain a wealth of spiritual advice.

The book its so well bound and so lovely , it has a navy blue extra thick hardcover that has a lovely white lace detail thats raised above the cover to add a wonderful feel to holding this in your hand. This devotional reminds me of a rare antique in its attention to detail and sturdy binding that will last a lifetime.
Each of its 365 daily devotions are on a thicker paper thats essential for a devotional meant to be read through for more than one year. This devotional would make a really spectacular gift for anyone and a blessing to everyone who receives it. I received my Review copy from book sneeze and will forever be grateful to them for allowing me to review it.
This will be my daily devotional for years to come and I will forever be grateful for my very own copy .

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My list of fantastic Flash sale site for awesome deals daily

Most of these site will give you a credit when you join them I have gotten some really nice freebies from doing this
at My Habit I got a Designer Winter Kate top for free its really nice This site will inable you to use your amazon gift card balance for purchases so if you have available gift cards at amazon in your account you can use them to buy on my Habit.this really makes it easy to get designer items while using amazon gift cards .

and now they have more Winter Kate on flash sale today at MYHABIT

Next if you like handmade items that are unique and that not everyone has you may want to join Heartsy which is a flash sale site for esty you can get the really awesome deals here

For Designer items at really low prices you can join
Gilt group flash sale
Right now they are having a really cool bundle sale on Laura Mercier makeup

For awesome things that are very unique and different try out
some cool stuff I got from here are my awesome Join or die t shirts
I also got a Porcelain dish set with service for 4 16 piece for 16.00 thats a 1.00 each piece for handmade dishes . remember you can get a credit for joining fab. I love fab they really have some better deals on designer stuff that you cant find anywhere .

Next on the list of sites is Deal pulp
You can find so many different and Lovely things here for k mart prices .

One of my all time favorite sites is
Save more offers you to buy a voucher for normally pricey sites that you than enter the voucher code into the site selling the product . I got 2 slap watches for 2.00 shipped free a month ago and you will get 10.00 for joining . you can use this 10.00 for anything you want this is how I got 2 15.99 slapwatches for 2.00 you really should join its an awesome site with so many deals it crazy.
For bigger and better designer items try Home Save
you will get 10.00 credit for joining and you will not find more unusual items to wow your friends with .

For designer wear Like Juicy Couture and handbags from top designers for crazy low prices you have to check out RUELALA

I have seen deals here that put TJ max to shame

For discount on beauty products and anti aging you have to join
You will get a welcome offer for joining thats sure to be awesome as I got a 29.99 lip plumper for 7.99 and 3 deluxe samples of wen beauty for joining. you can really find some beauty steals here for sure.

And now for a little known secret - I belong to Listia

Did you know that members offer free coupons to bid on there . just do a search on coupon and you will see tons of free coupons listed . When I get a free coupon that I cant find at my stores or that some how is not available at my stores I list them on listia and earn points so I can bid on coupons I can use. They only allow free coupons to be listed not cents off coupons. I have received a free coupon for silk milk X2 and a free freschetta pizza and a free herbal essences product. if you join Listia now you will get 200 or more free point to start bidding with. be sure and friend me if you join so you will see the free coupons I list.

well thats my short list of awesome places to join to get fantastic deals from household to beauty . hope you check them out soon thanks for reading

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lots of free courses from MIT online very cool

This is really awesome I found it in the freebies- Its for anyone who wants to learn about anything the Massachusetts institute of technology has to offer there is everything here from biology to computer science this would be awesome for homeschoolers or anyone want to expand their knowledge . here is a link for you - some courses require special software for CAD presentations.
click this link for free courses video notes and more

Monday, August 15, 2011

OMG 16 piece Gibson dinnerwear for 16.00 thats better than walmart !!!

Gibson dinnerware collections showcase the beauty of their materials while offering something for everyone and every occasion. In stoneware, porcelain and fine bone china, 21 designers at thethird-generation company produce piecesboth traditional and contemporary, colorful and subdued.



12 piece 14.00

Covergirl makeup products providing fresh looks -my Favorites

For beauty with out busting the budget yet providing professional results Covergirl has the most innovative products that work well and look great. The Vogue Influencer network had some of the insiders try these awesome products and I think they really picked some great ones. all these lovely ladies look like professional Covergirls, with a bit of help from Covergirl makeup.
First on the hot list is

COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Silk Foundation
Discover luxury touched by nature. Infused with a hint of jojoba extract and cucumber water, the silky formula glides on smooth for a polished finish.
Blair Eadie, really looks stunning in her NatureLuxe choice

Second is the awesome

COVERGIRL NatureLuxe Mousse Mascara
Discover luxury touched by nature. With a light touch of beeswax, get luxurious lashes that are 20% lighter than the most expensive mascara and 2X the volume of bare lashes.
Beth Jones looks beautiful using NatureLuxe Mouse Mascara and every inch a Covergirl.

Third is the fabulous
COVERGIRL Intense ShadowBlast

Intensely beautiful shadow with built in primer for color that lasts. Available in six shades. Get beautiful ignore-proof eyes!
see how awesome Karen Blanchard looks wearing her favorite color

And last don't forget the truly wonderful COVERGIRL Lip Perfection lip color
A perfect mix of moisture and color. In a single stroke, lips are enhanced with rich color. Available in 44 lip perfecting shades. There is such a thing as perfection!
Check out how Tess Pare-Mayer Rocked hers

These are all just wonderful CoverGirl products, easy to find use and afford you really cant go wrong when CoverGirl is your choice . thanks for looking :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Johnsonville build a better burger contest

One 2 One,Johnsonville and walmart have a great contest going on for the new Johnsonville burger paties.
The burger got a makeover, and pork lovers are celebrating!
Build your best burger using Johnsonville Brat or Italian Sausage Patties, and you could win a year’s worth of groceries from WalMart in the “No Ordinary Burger Contest!”
Ignite your inspiration with pork and get grilling!
Now through September 6, log on to the contest page and submit your recipe and vote for your favorite pork burger. Two grand prize winners will be awarded one year's worth of groceries and their winning recipes featured on Johnsonville Brat and Italian Sausage Patty boxes.

Contest rules are here
contest rules

Enter the contest

Friend Johnsonville on facebook

I love these patties so much I wanted to tell you about a great offer from smart-source coupons. I found a great coupons to get you started on your project- Now at smart-source while supplies lasts you can print a coupon for a buy one get one free Johnsonville burger patties - I was able to redeem mine at walmart .I hope you fine the coupon available to you . here is the smart source page where I found it. Just select the coupon -print it and take it to walmart. create a burger recipe and enter the contest. this is an awesome coupon and it will get you started. BUT HURRY BEFORE THEY ARE ALL GONE. :)
Smartsource coupons

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Florida Tourism Blue Spring State Park

Blue Spring State Park
I can not express to you in words how beautiful this park is. I was able to visit a few years ago and I have never seen a more lovely place.
Blue Spring State Park covers more than 2,600 acres and has lovely crystal clear spring pools that you can swim or wade through. Lovely flat rocks are like tiny islands amid the crystal waters in the spring.
The water is warm and so gorgeous its like stepping into paradise.

There are may trails you can walk through some on land and some on wooded walk ways with rails for people who have mobility problems or who just like a good walking bridge.
Here are some photos courtesy of Florida state-parks web site so you can get an idea of how lovely this Park is I unfortunately have none of my own to share.
You can see all kinds of wild life, sometimes you will be able to see a manatee swimming in the deeper parts of the springs.

If you Like Adventure you could visit the underwater caves or go scuba diving or snorkeling. Blue Springs offers so many things to do from hiking, canoeing and backpacking to boat tours. Because its so large with so much to do you could really spend a few days going through the parks many attractions. Cabins are also available for extended stays.

You can really see some great wild life and get a genuine feel of Florida's hidden beauty. I would suggest you bring a good insect repellent because of the lush tropical forests and water there are bound to be a few bugs around.

Blue Springs State park has so much to offer visitors, that I'm sure if you get a chance to visit and experience the crystal clear springs or the lush hiking trails, you will remember your visit for a long time. I have visited this park twice and each time saw new and wonderful things I had not seen before.
here is some more info about this awesome park
Located at
2100 W. French Avenue
Orange City, Florida 32763
(386) 775-3663
Blue springs Info

Thank you for reading My review of Blue Springs State park Florida

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review/ Giveaway for New Chapter supplements from Best priced Nutrition

This is my video and written review for New Chapter supplements from Best priced Nutrition.
I really love These supplements they are just awesome and work very well with no side effects. I only make video reviews for exceptional products and wanted to do one for these because they are so exceptional. In this video I talk about The Perfect Calm, Perfect energy and Super critical holy basil, all fantastic supplements to keep you performing at your best.

The Perfect Calm By New Chapter can be found for a great price at Best priced nutrition and shipping is very fast.

The perfect Calm will keep you stress free without any unpleasant side effect- you can order it here. Its available in a few different sizes Best Price nutrition

The Perfect Energy will keep you awake, focused and with lots of energy to function well at your job or sport without experiencing a crash later. Best Price nutrition

Here is a you-tube video link for info from Best Priced nutrition/ new Chapter, its really worth a look.
you tube video by best priced nutrition

This is My video review for these great products. I know its a bit long but I really had a lot of good things to say about all these wonderful supplements. I really love New Chapter Perfect Calm, Perfect Energy and The awesome Super Critical Holy Basil. I sure hope you have a look at my video review for them.

And now for the giveaway one of my lucky readers will win one full sized bottle of the New Chapter Perfect energy because its my favorite of the two. This supplement is real easy to take its not to big of a tablet which Is great because I have problems with that. These are coated and just a bit larger than a Tylenol. I love the focus this gives me for my day I do not get jittery or nervous while taking them. I think the Perfect Energy provides me with lots of healthy energy to keep me going all day long.

How to enter
Follow my blog through Google friend connect- 1 entry
Look at the video done by Best priced Nutrition and tell me something you learned from it.1 entry
Look at MY video review and Tell me what other New Chapter supplement I talked about- 1 entry
follow me on Twitter
- 1 entry
follow me on Facebook
- 1 entry
follow me on network blogs- 1 entry
I will pick a winner on Sept 1st to win a full sized bottle of the New Chapter Perfect Energy.
PLEASE LEAVE A SEPERATE COMMENT FOR EACH ENTRY YOU DO OR IT WILL COUNT AS ONE. Thanks for looking at my review and video- giveaway only good for U.S.A residents.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Clarisonic Puls skin care system Video review how too

This is my video review for the new Clarisonic plus system that I was able to try through the Vogue Influencer network.This system has made me a true believer in Clarisonic technology. I only do video review for exceptional products and the clarisonic plus system is the very definition of exceptional. In this video review I will show you how easy this is to use and all the features the product has to offer along with some items that are included in the system package. I hope you enjoy the video it was my pleasure to make it for such an awesome product. The clarisonic Plus is now an essential part of my daily skin car routine

From the lead inventor of Sonicare®, the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System uses sonic technology to gently, yet thoroughly, cleanse 6X better than using your hands alone. By removing more dirt, oil and makeup, creams and serums are able to work more effectively.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Carmex Lip Balm review and giveaway

Carmex Blog squad provided me with two of their new lip balm flavours to try, they are Line Twist and Vanilla. I had tried the Vanilla a short time ago as soon as I saw it at the store so thats why that tube is still in the wrapper in the Video, but my favorite flavour is the Lime Twist so that one got opened up right away :) . I also Loved my beautiful picnic blanket. Both of these are excellent lip balms and I loved them so much I did a video review to show them off.
Each lip balm is SPF 15. They have delicious flavour, but these premium lip balms have three additional moisturizers not found in their original line. I just love the flavours and the nice shine each provides. The Lime is so nice and different, very tangy. The Vanilla I had tried two weeks ago is nice and sweet and comforting and I keep in my purse. I really like how well they Both condition and moisturize the lips while making them nice and shinny.
I only do video reviews for exceptional products and these are exceptional. Here is my video review for these 2 great lip balms I have a lot to say about them so I hope you have a look at it.
Carmex products Link

you can buy these at Walgreen's, wal-mart,and CVS here is a link to more info
Carmex products Link

Now for the giveaway- The prize is a lovely picnic blanket that folds up for easy carying and has a zippered pouch to hold all your Carmex products. one Carmex lip balm in lime twist and one in Vanilla also a extra Carmex Moisture plus.
OK, first here are some pictures of what one person will win. make sure you follow instructions for my giveaway and comment every time you finish one of the tasks.

First the pictures

for entries -please include your email in each comment so I can contact you if you are the winner
follow my blog through google friend connect .
look at my video review and tell me which of the two lip balms I talked about first. comment your answer.
follow me on facebook
follow me on twitter
in the comments tell me which flavour of the 2 new lip balms you think would be your favorite.
follow me on network blogs
One extra entry if you put a comment on my post for the clarisonic Plus system at this link
Comment here for extra entry

and for 5 entries grab my button and put it on your blog where I can find it and send me a comment with the link so I can go check it. be sure you include an email address in each comment so I know how to contact you if you win - open to USA residents only . winner will be chosen September 4th and you prize will be delivered bay Carmex not me.
thanks for looking at my review and giveaway

Florida Tourism The Fabulous Alligator farm of St Augustine Fl

Situated off Anastasia Blvd in St Augustine is my favorite zoological park known as the Alligator farm. This attraction is a must see for anyone interested in nature of any kind. Though it is an alligator farm their are many different animals and birds to be seen and photographed while touring this awesome park.
Here is a link to more info and prices for tours and visits.

Founded in 1893, the St. Augustine Alligator Farm is one of Florida’s oldest zoological attractions. For over a century, it has entertained millions of visitors, lured by the awesome presence of captive reptiles, long regarded in the popular imagination as at once mysterious, dangerous and frightening.

One of the really cool exhibits are the albino alligators. You will be fascinated as you see just how lovely an albino alligator can really be they have quite a few of these at the park and they have their own exhibit.

One of the favorite alligator exhibits is the famous Maximo.
At 15 feet 3 inches and 1250 pounds, Maximo is the largest animal in the park. He is a Saltwater Crocodile. He really makes for interesting photos.
As I said alligators and crocodiles are not all you will see in this lovely park. They have trails you can walk through to see birds and other wild life all in their natural habitats. Here is a list of exhibits that have showings in different times of the year.You can also rent part of the park for birthdays and special tours and activities.
List of interesting Exhibits and shows

The St Augustine Alligator Farm has a lot of different things to see and do and its a fantastic and educational place to take kids.
some of these fantastic things to are
Komodo Dragon Exhibit
Wading Bird Rookery
Birds of Africa
Exotic Birds and Mammals
Fossil Exhibit
Albino Alligators, to name a few, and its always a treat to see the feedings, kids just love watching the great beasts being feed.
I hope if you find yourself in St Augustine you will stop by this wonderful, educational zoological park and spend the day. I look forward to any time I can visit. Just be sure and bring your camera and video cam .

Thank you for viewing my post about the Really awesome St Augustine Alligator Farm :)

Funky Monkey T-shirt by tshirtprinting Review and video

I was able to try the promo T shirt called Funky Monkey recently and I wanted to not only do a written review but a video review so you can see how nice it fits and how lovely the graphics are. I think this is an awesome company to use for custom t shirt printing and they offer really quick service. Here is some info about the company.
T shirt printing specialists - welcome to the number one destination for screen printing your personalised T shirts, hooded tops, sweatshirts and workwear.

Huge selection of styles and colours

High quality silk screen printing

Order quantities from 12 to 100,000

Great prices

Quick turnaround times

When it comes to ladies T shirts, here at we can screen print your design onto just about any style you can think of. We have longsleeve, short sleeve, skinny fit, strappy, sleeveless, v neck, polo and if we don’t have just what you are looking for then we can almost certainly source it for you.

We are pleased that we are able to offer ladies personalised T shirts in organic cotton for extra comfort and to help take the strain off our planet.
so if you need to have quality T shirts printed with your logos please consider visiting this link T shirts printing .net

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Monday, August 1, 2011

I put up a great Listia auction for a free juice coupon hope you can ceck it out

I hope you check out my listia auction - I had a coupon for a free old orchard Juice up to 3.49 and I cant find it anywhere so I put it up on Listia for bid plus this also comes with 2 extras 5.00 off Dr Scholls massaging Gel inserts these are a freebie for bidding on the Juice coupon so thats a total of 13.49 in coupons for my low starting bid of 100 points.

you can get free 600 points when you join Listia if you don't yet have an account . hope you check out my auction I need these coupons to go to a good home

My auction is here

Uprinting Review and giveaway

I was lucky enough to be picked to review Uprinting postcards. I think they came out just stunning.
I had selected A favorite photo I took of the Florida deer that always hang out buy our house.
I love this photo and was able, with Uprintings awesome Help, to add my blog name and URL on the bottom of the post card. I can now pass these out and people will not only get a nice Florida souvenir, my blog will get advertising and maybe someone will stop by to have a look!
I think this is an awesome way to promote your blog or just to have a favorite photo turned into a postcard. You could even make a holiday postcard and use them for Christmas's greetings.
is fast fun and so easy to do. Its as much fun making your project as viewing the final result.
you can view all the information here about Uprinting postcards
Uprining post card information

Fantastic Design Templates can be found here

And Now for the giveaway a winner will be picked August 15th so thats real soon only 15 days to enter -One lucky winner will get the following
100 Postcards for One (1) Winner
5" x 7"
14pt Cardstock Gloss
No Folding
Front and Back Printing
2 Business Days Print Turnaround Time
Restriction: Limited to US residents 18 years old and above only.
To Win This awesome set Entries are as follows
Mandatory entry -follow my blog through google friend connect the box is on the right side of my blog with pictures of followers and a button that says join-leave me a comment saying you did this.
extra entries -go to Uprinting
and tell me which postcard design you really like, tell me which one it is in the comments.
Follow me on Twitter
for one entry
follow me on Facebook
for one entry
please leave a separate comment for each task you do or it will count as one entry.
That's it and good luck. :)
This giveaway is sponsored by Uprinting
an online printing company, no monetary compensation was given and I will receive postcards
for hosting. See more information about postcards and available postcard designs

Clarisonic Challenge week one progress report

I have been seeing such awesome results since I started using my new Clarisonic Plus system I received from the Vogue Influencer network. My skin is brighter and pores more closed and my skin care products works so much better than they did before. I just love the fresh and invigorating feel of the Clarisonic on my face. I was using something way less productive and I'm so glad VIN has made me a Calrisonic true believer. I can see now why so many women love this product, its so much better than any I have tried.

Wise Company emergency food supply review

I was able to try a fantastic sample of Wise emergency foods recently and really wanted to do a review for them.
This food is for emergency use and will last a very long time so you can store it in case of long power outages or weather disasters that make it hard to prepare nutritious meals for your family.
I thought this a really great idea for hurricane season in Florida and anywhere hurricanes can hit and cause power outages for a long time. Each one of these dinners can be used by adding boiling water. The package I got was the Creamy Pasta vegetable rotini 4 servings and it was really very good. It would be a great idea to keep a few on these dinners available in storage for times when their is no power or if you go camping and need something truly non-perishable and easy to fix.

These come in tubs and each one is weather resistant and easily stack able. please have a look at the pictures.Each dinner is loaded with nutrition. here is some other info about them.

WISE Foods offers the following benefits:
• Great Taste: Delicious meals your family will love to eat
• Extended Shelf Life: 25 Years...!!!!
• Easy to Prepare: Just add water
• Compact and Light Weight: Minimal Storage Space Needed
• Affordable: Average cost per serving is less than a school lunch
• Made in the USA
• Peace of mind: You are prepared!
you can contact Brandon Eriksson directly -
1.he can ensure you get the latest promotions such as free shipping and other promotional discounts (not offered online).
2.Confirm your order is in the system.
3.Give you current shipping status and expected delivery times

So if you are looking for a great alternative to stocking up your home through hurricane season with dry goods or emergency foods, you should consider these delicious entrees first.
Savory stroganoff
chili macaroni
pasta Alfredo
teriyaki and rice
creamy lasagna
hearty tortilla soup
tomato basil soup
creamy mac and cheese
creamy ala king and rice
apple cinnamon cereal
crunchy granola
the company has a ton of different packages to suit every family and need and you really cant buy a better tasting emergency food for such a reasonable price

you can view videos and get way more info than I can provide here at this web address
Wise Info