Friday, August 5, 2011

Florida Tourism The Fabulous Alligator farm of St Augustine Fl

Situated off Anastasia Blvd in St Augustine is my favorite zoological park known as the Alligator farm. This attraction is a must see for anyone interested in nature of any kind. Though it is an alligator farm their are many different animals and birds to be seen and photographed while touring this awesome park.
Here is a link to more info and prices for tours and visits.

Founded in 1893, the St. Augustine Alligator Farm is one of Florida’s oldest zoological attractions. For over a century, it has entertained millions of visitors, lured by the awesome presence of captive reptiles, long regarded in the popular imagination as at once mysterious, dangerous and frightening.

One of the really cool exhibits are the albino alligators. You will be fascinated as you see just how lovely an albino alligator can really be they have quite a few of these at the park and they have their own exhibit.

One of the favorite alligator exhibits is the famous Maximo.
At 15 feet 3 inches and 1250 pounds, Maximo is the largest animal in the park. He is a Saltwater Crocodile. He really makes for interesting photos.
As I said alligators and crocodiles are not all you will see in this lovely park. They have trails you can walk through to see birds and other wild life all in their natural habitats. Here is a list of exhibits that have showings in different times of the year.You can also rent part of the park for birthdays and special tours and activities.
List of interesting Exhibits and shows

The St Augustine Alligator Farm has a lot of different things to see and do and its a fantastic and educational place to take kids.
some of these fantastic things to are
Komodo Dragon Exhibit
Wading Bird Rookery
Birds of Africa
Exotic Birds and Mammals
Fossil Exhibit
Albino Alligators, to name a few, and its always a treat to see the feedings, kids just love watching the great beasts being feed.
I hope if you find yourself in St Augustine you will stop by this wonderful, educational zoological park and spend the day. I look forward to any time I can visit. Just be sure and bring your camera and video cam .

Thank you for viewing my post about the Really awesome St Augustine Alligator Farm :)


  1. really nice post. a perfect place for alligator lovers

  2. Now Lori, I am not one to disagree with fellow bloggers, but alligators lovely? OMG - no.. more frightening! lol. Great review and this farm seems a wonderful place to see all kinds of animals and as you said, great for the kids,