Monday, August 1, 2011

Wise Company emergency food supply review

I was able to try a fantastic sample of Wise emergency foods recently and really wanted to do a review for them.
This food is for emergency use and will last a very long time so you can store it in case of long power outages or weather disasters that make it hard to prepare nutritious meals for your family.
I thought this a really great idea for hurricane season in Florida and anywhere hurricanes can hit and cause power outages for a long time. Each one of these dinners can be used by adding boiling water. The package I got was the Creamy Pasta vegetable rotini 4 servings and it was really very good. It would be a great idea to keep a few on these dinners available in storage for times when their is no power or if you go camping and need something truly non-perishable and easy to fix.

These come in tubs and each one is weather resistant and easily stack able. please have a look at the pictures.Each dinner is loaded with nutrition. here is some other info about them.

WISE Foods offers the following benefits:
• Great Taste: Delicious meals your family will love to eat
• Extended Shelf Life: 25 Years...!!!!
• Easy to Prepare: Just add water
• Compact and Light Weight: Minimal Storage Space Needed
• Affordable: Average cost per serving is less than a school lunch
• Made in the USA
• Peace of mind: You are prepared!
you can contact Brandon Eriksson directly -
1.he can ensure you get the latest promotions such as free shipping and other promotional discounts (not offered online).
2.Confirm your order is in the system.
3.Give you current shipping status and expected delivery times

So if you are looking for a great alternative to stocking up your home through hurricane season with dry goods or emergency foods, you should consider these delicious entrees first.
Savory stroganoff
chili macaroni
pasta Alfredo
teriyaki and rice
creamy lasagna
hearty tortilla soup
tomato basil soup
creamy mac and cheese
creamy ala king and rice
apple cinnamon cereal
crunchy granola
the company has a ton of different packages to suit every family and need and you really cant buy a better tasting emergency food for such a reasonable price

you can view videos and get way more info than I can provide here at this web address
Wise Info

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