Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My list of fantastic Flash sale site for awesome deals daily

Most of these site will give you a credit when you join them I have gotten some really nice freebies from doing this
at My Habit I got a Designer Winter Kate top for free its really nice This site will inable you to use your amazon gift card balance for purchases so if you have available gift cards at amazon in your account you can use them to buy on my Habit.this really makes it easy to get designer items while using amazon gift cards .

and now they have more Winter Kate on flash sale today at MYHABIT

Next if you like handmade items that are unique and that not everyone has you may want to join Heartsy which is a flash sale site for esty you can get the really awesome deals here http://heartsy.com

For Designer items at really low prices you can join
Gilt group flash sale
Right now they are having a really cool bundle sale on Laura Mercier makeup

For awesome things that are very unique and different try out
some cool stuff I got from here are my awesome Join or die t shirts
I also got a Porcelain dish set with service for 4 16 piece for 16.00 thats a 1.00 each piece for handmade dishes . remember you can get a credit for joining fab. I love fab they really have some better deals on designer stuff that you cant find anywhere .

Next on the list of sites is Deal pulp
You can find so many different and Lovely things here for k mart prices .

One of my all time favorite sites is http://Savemore.com
Save more offers you to buy a voucher for normally pricey sites that you than enter the voucher code into the site selling the product . I got 2 slap watches for 2.00 shipped free a month ago and you will get 10.00 for joining . you can use this 10.00 for anything you want this is how I got 2 15.99 slapwatches for 2.00 you really should join its an awesome site with so many deals it crazy.
For bigger and better designer items try Home Save
you will get 10.00 credit for joining and you will not find more unusual items to wow your friends with .

For designer wear Like Juicy Couture and handbags from top designers for crazy low prices you have to check out RUELALA

I have seen deals here that put TJ max to shame

For discount on beauty products and anti aging you have to join http://beautyclub.com
You will get a welcome offer for joining thats sure to be awesome as I got a 29.99 lip plumper for 7.99 and 3 deluxe samples of wen beauty for joining. you can really find some beauty steals here for sure.

And now for a little known secret - I belong to Listia

Did you know that members offer free coupons to bid on there . just do a search on coupon and you will see tons of free coupons listed . When I get a free coupon that I cant find at my stores or that some how is not available at my stores I list them on listia and earn points so I can bid on coupons I can use. They only allow free coupons to be listed not cents off coupons. I have received a free coupon for silk milk X2 and a free freschetta pizza and a free herbal essences product. if you join Listia now you will get 200 or more free point to start bidding with. be sure and friend me if you join so you will see the free coupons I list.

well thats my short list of awesome places to join to get fantastic deals from household to beauty . hope you check them out soon thanks for reading

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