Thursday, December 27, 2012

Michael Angelo's Italian dinners review

Everyone Knows that I have been a fan of Michael Angelo's Italian dinners for a while now and you may have seen the other blog post I did for them before but I'm doing another one because they are a bit different than they were and a lot better than the bigger batches.

Michael Angelo's Italian dinners, are now being made in smaller batches from scratch to give you that really homemade taste and authentic Italian flavor that you only get from spending hours in the kitchen. I loved these before but now I have to say they are just the best frozen Italian dinner you can get flavor wise. I did a taste test with my family and they could not tell that it was frozen and that's really great. These are so easy to make and if you are planing any kind of get together with friends and family this year you could get a few of the many varieties they make and have no clean up and no fuss doing it.

I know you might not think that these could ever compare to homemade but let me tell you that I was married to an Italian for years and his aunt maria use to make these kinds of dishes all the time and I found that the Michael Angelo's Italian dinners tasted as good or better than her's did. So I just hope you at least give them a try, they really do just blow away the competition in a big way and I know you will just love them.

Not only are they Delicious but also mess free so you can enjoy time with your family and not always be cooking or cleaning up after a bigger project like lasagna can be to make from Scratch.. you can find out all about Michael Angelo's Italian dinners at this link. Michael Angelos com

I did a video review for them so I hope you have a look at it and thanks for checking out this post about the really awesome Michael Angelo's Italian dinners. I received some coupons and info in order to do this blog post but my opinions are me own and I really hope you give them a try soon:)

Monday, December 24, 2012

New Carmex Lip Conditioner Review

I am a bit late in posting this review for the New Carmex lip Conditioner because I never received the first package for it and they had to re-send it but I have it now and I have to say its a really wonderful new carmex product.

The Carmex lip conditioner is specially made to protect and condition lips from chilly weather and it really does that, I love its smooth application and refreshing flavor. I love all Carmex products and this one fits right in with all the other wonderful things Carmex makes.

If your lips are dry from the cold weather you will get a lot of effective relief from this new Carmex Lip Conditioner I recommend it to everyone because if its Carmex its got to be fantastic.

Carmex has been keeping lips super soft for years and they even make lip tins and body moisturizers so you can find lots of great products that Carmex makes That are sure to keep you're skin and lips soft this year .

The new Carmex Lip Conditioner is jut one of the many Carmex products that make it really easy to keep you lips in tip top shape during winter months and beyond. I hope you give it a try its a superior product that is reasonably priced and effective and I'm so happy to be a member of the carmex blog squad . thanks for looking at my review :)

Ateevia Botanica pain cream Review

I was so happy to be selected try Ateevia Botanica pain cream because since I have moved closer to the water in Florida I seem to be having a whole lot of pain in my joints. I wanted something that would work well and be easy to use but not have an unpleasant odor like some creams have.

I found that Ateevia Botanica pain cream, not only helps a great deal with the pain in my shoulder that I have had for years it also is very effective on my keen pain which is something new since moving. I really love this pain cream for many reasons . for one thing it dose not stink, and its really easy to apply . Ateevia goes into the skin and starts a bit of a tingle so you know its working and it does work very well. As I said in the video review I am not completely surrounded by water and the cooler winds coming off the ocean and hitting the cold water of the inter coastal water ways really is killing my joints. I did not have half this problem where I use to live.

All I can say is thank goodness for Ateevia Botanica its and really hard working product that I apply twice a day to effected areas. As you use it it works better and better until you do not have the problem anymore. I also really like that the light herbal scent does not clash with my perfumes and I do not smell like a medicine cabinet.

If you are looking for a really great effective pain cream that is natural and has plant antioxidants such as Flavonoids,Ligans and fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory in nature its long lasting and is formulated for maxim potency . I sure hope you will give it a try for a more natural way to manage pain. Ateevia Botanica works on lots of pain from joints to sports injury's I really love it and I know you will to. You can find all the info about it and how to order at this link . Please have a look at my video review so you can see what it looks like and my thought's about it. Ateevia Botanice

I received a sample of Ateevia Botanica for my review but my opinions about it are my own. I really love it !

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Olay New CC cream

I just learned about this New CC cream from Olay- I would so love to try and review it if anyone has tried this please let me know how you like it and what you like about it

Monday, December 17, 2012

New Purex detergent for Baby review and flash giveaway

For all of us who have small kids and babies or for us Grandmothers Purex has developed a new hypoallergenic laundry soap. This is really good news for busy moms because you can be sure you child's things will get clean and bright and still keep them form skin irritations that harsher detergents use. Purex baby is triple action and concentrated so you will end up using less of it and it dose a fantastic job on whites and colors alike.

This new formula is especially designed with babies in mind so that the clothes come out nice with out all the worry . If you have babies or even someone who may be allergic to detergents than you may want to give Purex baby detergent a try.

I think it a very important bit of news because a lot of detergents formulated for babies is rather pricey but with purex you know the price will be with in budget and still perform as well as others. I did a short video review so you could see what the package looks like hope you have a look.Also PLEASE Enter to win in the purex baby giveaway sweeps

I am giveaway A free coupon so you can try this product yourself. the giveaway will end soon though so hurry and enter I will pick a winner on dec 20th their will be one hurry and enter and thanks for looking at my review. I am a member of purex insiders group and they provided me with a sample and coupons so I could do this review .

a Rafflecopter giveaway


I was able to try Perfective Ceuticals Divine age Guardian cream so I could review it on my blog recently and have been using it for a few weeks and I just can say enough about this awesome cream.

As most of you know I am kind of a skin care Fanatic and am really trying to combat aging anyway I can short of getting a invasive cosmetic procedure My sink can be dry and I get some age spots and other discolorations that really tell my age. I started using Perfective Ceuticals Divine age Guardian cream and I have to tell you its a really wonderful cream that will actually diliver on its promises. My sink is so much softer and supple, it has really helped with skin tone and in re-building facial volume that's lost as we age.

This cream is really rich and goes on really well its will make you slin look younger and so much softer. I really really love everything about it even the pretty packaging.

Perfective Ceuticals is allied with renowned biochemists, medical specialists and doctors in developing the finest and most advanced formulas to provide comprehensive solution targeting the aspects of skin aging. The company addresses the importance of complimenting cutting edge science with naturally derived ingredients and century old methods that have proven results.

Some of the wonderful things in this cream are first and foremost epidermal growth factor. It also has many other things in it such as Matrixyl (Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4), Omega 3-6-9 and Ginseng Extract helps erase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and correct imperfections by stimulating cellular regeneration, microcirculation and the production of youth proteins. All this makes it a excellent cream so worth the cost.

I did a video review for this product so you could not only see the beautiful jar it comes in but have a look at how nice its working for me. I am seeing a lot more wrinkle reduction and a increase of facial volume that is so important at my age.

If you are as serious as I am in fighting age all the way I highly recommend this cream to you its the very best you can get in my opinion and I really love it. Perfective Ceuticals, Makes all kinds of wonderful products and you can have a look at what that have to offer at this link.

Perfective Ceuticals

You can friend them on facebook here Facebook page

Here is the video review I did for this awesome cream.

Thanks for looking I received a sample but my opinions are my own. I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Wet Ones Sticky Situations Facebook Contest

Hi Everyone I hope you try your luck in entering into the new Wet Ones Sticky Situations Facebook Contest. Its going to be a great contest and you can enter by telling wet ones what you do in a sticky situation with you child and what are your best tips for other Moms.

I remember when My son was younger we had to keep wet ones everywhere because he was the prince of sticky, with helping his dad with building things and don't get me started on candy lol. I know children can really get in some sticky messes so why not share your stories and tips and enter to win some great prizes Please enter that this link :) and thats for looking Wet Ones contest link
I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Wet Ones. I received a promotional item to thank me for participating.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Dial Foaming antibacterial Hand Wash review

I was able to try Dial Foaming antibacterial Hand Wash, through Purex insiders and I found them to be a really great hand wash that also protects from bacteria and leaves hands smelling fresh and clean.

I really loved the really cute holiday packaging they come in and think they really look good for holiday decorating . They are also a really good thing to have around for company.

You can find these at your store now so you may want to stock up so you can pick from the many designs they have. You can be sure if its Dial its got to be good and you hands will be soft and clean with a really nice scent . here is the video review I did for this product so you can see how cute they are. Thanks for looking at my review.

Betrayal Book Two in the "Where the Heart Lives" Series By Robin Lee Hatcher

I was able to read Betrayal Book Two in the "Where the Heart Lives" Series By Robin Lee Hatcher recently through bookSneeze. I really liked it which I was a bit surprised , the reason I was surprised is because I am not a tremendous fan of westerns, I most often read books that take place in English history. That being said I have to say this book was really very good. it had the right amount of christian reference so I could actually learn from the charters and take something from reading the book that will help me in my walk with Christ.

The story is about a widow Julia Grace who must try and keep her ranch out of hands of the nonferrous half brother of her dead husband.Julia did not have a happy life with her husband and as a result is really not interested in ever being married again.

Into her life comes a drifter with secrets of his own named Hugh Brennan . together Hugh and Julia have to overcome the betrayal's that left them devastated and learn to trust and love again.

I found this book to be a really great read that kept me very interested and was difficult to put down. I also loved the line in the book from the bible that Im going to remember always because it seems to really fit my life right now which is. " I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten" I be hopeful that the many ears of my life that were eaten my locust will one day be restored to me. So this was a really inspirational read and a story of new love new hope and new understanding I recommend it to anyone thanks for reading my review .

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Esio Beverage maker review

I have to tell you I was so blessed to be to try and review the really awesome Esio Beverage maker. They say this is the greatest thing since the invention of the microwave and they really mean it and I cant agree more.

This Esio Beverage maker makes hot and cold beverages with the aid of special packets of many different kinds of beverages. You can make everything from V8 splash to coffee with this unit and you can do it all in a flash.

The way the Esio works is it has both a built in fridge to dispense cold beverages and a hot side that will make coffee or tea. It is also really handy for just dispensing plain cold water or hot water. The different drink packets are each enough to make 14 8 oz drinks and there are so many to choose from. Here is a photo of the different kinds I got to try.

As you can see they have a packet for everyone and more that this to choose from. There are so many thing to love about the Esio, for family gatherings or party's it is really a time saver. You do not have to worry about supplying drinks for each guests taste, all you do is let them pick from the many flavors available. each one is quick and easy to serve no more multi pitchers of drinks in the fridge.

I really cant say enough about the Esio, I love being able to have coffee with out all the messing around with filters and coffee grounds. no more waiting for it to brew , and most of all no more waiting for cold drinks to get cold in the fridge. You can also select the strength of the beverage of your choice from a normal to a really high by just turning the strength dial

The really nice thing is you can get the different flavor packets to use in your Esio at walmart so its easy to re-supply. This would really make for a fantastic Holiday Gift for anyone on your list.

Esio beverages are low calorie and very tasty they taste just like the bottled product yet are so compact you can easily fit them on a shelf in the pantry and do away with all those bottles that clutter up the fridge or pantry. I did a video review for the Esio which I hope you have a look at as I can show you how it works better on video . here is a link so you can find out more info about it .

Buy Esio
Please have a look at my video review and thanks for looking at my review for the totally wonderful Esio Beverage maker.

I received a sample free for this review but my opinions are my own