Saturday, December 8, 2012

Esio Beverage maker review

I have to tell you I was so blessed to be to try and review the really awesome Esio Beverage maker. They say this is the greatest thing since the invention of the microwave and they really mean it and I cant agree more.

This Esio Beverage maker makes hot and cold beverages with the aid of special packets of many different kinds of beverages. You can make everything from V8 splash to coffee with this unit and you can do it all in a flash.

The way the Esio works is it has both a built in fridge to dispense cold beverages and a hot side that will make coffee or tea. It is also really handy for just dispensing plain cold water or hot water. The different drink packets are each enough to make 14 8 oz drinks and there are so many to choose from. Here is a photo of the different kinds I got to try.

As you can see they have a packet for everyone and more that this to choose from. There are so many thing to love about the Esio, for family gatherings or party's it is really a time saver. You do not have to worry about supplying drinks for each guests taste, all you do is let them pick from the many flavors available. each one is quick and easy to serve no more multi pitchers of drinks in the fridge.

I really cant say enough about the Esio, I love being able to have coffee with out all the messing around with filters and coffee grounds. no more waiting for it to brew , and most of all no more waiting for cold drinks to get cold in the fridge. You can also select the strength of the beverage of your choice from a normal to a really high by just turning the strength dial

The really nice thing is you can get the different flavor packets to use in your Esio at walmart so its easy to re-supply. This would really make for a fantastic Holiday Gift for anyone on your list.

Esio beverages are low calorie and very tasty they taste just like the bottled product yet are so compact you can easily fit them on a shelf in the pantry and do away with all those bottles that clutter up the fridge or pantry. I did a video review for the Esio which I hope you have a look at as I can show you how it works better on video . here is a link so you can find out more info about it .

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Please have a look at my video review and thanks for looking at my review for the totally wonderful Esio Beverage maker.

I received a sample free for this review but my opinions are my own

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