Thursday, December 27, 2012

Michael Angelo's Italian dinners review

Everyone Knows that I have been a fan of Michael Angelo's Italian dinners for a while now and you may have seen the other blog post I did for them before but I'm doing another one because they are a bit different than they were and a lot better than the bigger batches.

Michael Angelo's Italian dinners, are now being made in smaller batches from scratch to give you that really homemade taste and authentic Italian flavor that you only get from spending hours in the kitchen. I loved these before but now I have to say they are just the best frozen Italian dinner you can get flavor wise. I did a taste test with my family and they could not tell that it was frozen and that's really great. These are so easy to make and if you are planing any kind of get together with friends and family this year you could get a few of the many varieties they make and have no clean up and no fuss doing it.

I know you might not think that these could ever compare to homemade but let me tell you that I was married to an Italian for years and his aunt maria use to make these kinds of dishes all the time and I found that the Michael Angelo's Italian dinners tasted as good or better than her's did. So I just hope you at least give them a try, they really do just blow away the competition in a big way and I know you will just love them.

Not only are they Delicious but also mess free so you can enjoy time with your family and not always be cooking or cleaning up after a bigger project like lasagna can be to make from Scratch.. you can find out all about Michael Angelo's Italian dinners at this link. Michael Angelos com

I did a video review for them so I hope you have a look at it and thanks for checking out this post about the really awesome Michael Angelo's Italian dinners. I received some coupons and info in order to do this blog post but my opinions are me own and I really hope you give them a try soon:)

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