Monday, May 29, 2017

Peace in the Valley by Ruth Logan Herne book review

Welcome to my review for Peace in the Valley by Ruth Logan Herne. I got this book to review through blogging for books .

As most of you know I am more of a historical christian fiction reader , this book is contemporary which at first I was not sure I would enjoy it but its a great story and a great book in general. I liked the way it delt with today's problems in a Christian way and it has lots of both romance and a touch of sadness to make it a well rounded story

I do not like to give away to much about a story when I review it so Ill just say that its filled with commitment to Christian values and the Main Character in the story is a successful country music song writer who must also help a friend on her struggling farm and also help his uncle with a illness . Its a good solid summer read I hope you enjoy Thanks for looking

Monday, May 8, 2017

Newton and Polly Jody Hedlund book review

Welcome to my review for the really interesting and informative book review Newton and Polly Jody Hedlund. This is a really great book and I am so sorry it took me so long to review it but I have been displaced from my home for 6 months . Now that I am back and set I can review it . This book is all about 2 people who went through so much to create the song Amazing Grace .

This book Is part romance and part creating a much loved Christian song . I love all the intrigue! I love Jody Hedlunds writing style she can weave a story that paints a picture of not only what life was like back than but all the problems that came with it .

If you ever wanted to know the story behind one of our much loved songs ,than you have to read this book which will transport you to anther time and place when loving the Lord was challenging if you did not conform to the current way of thinking .

I want to apologeise to Jody and Blogging for books for the delay in reviewing it , my home was destroyed by Hurricane Matthew and its taken a better part of a year to get it in livable condition . Thanks for reading my review

Friday, January 20, 2017

Lost but not forgotten video review series

I have decided to put up some videos of past reviews for things I no longer have because they were destroyed in Hurricane Matthew some months ago.

I no longer have the joy of having these items in this series but wanted to do some kind of blogging while being displaced from my home so I may do a few of these

I lost many many things because their was 3 foot of water in the house and this nasty salt water destroys everything it touches and it has to be discarded so I wanted to fondly remember some of my favorite things .

Stuff I really miss

Xtava Rimini 1500w Iconic Hair dryer review -you should see what Im using now LOL

easy@Home Baby monitor I used this for keeping a watch on my front door since my room was so far from it I wanted to be able to hear if someone was their and who it was -This item was washed away

This was my Xtava auto hair curler really miss that product

I lost so much stuff but thats enough video for this post right now , Some things I did not do video review for are gone as well I really Loved my Mohawk Carpet it was the first to go as well as a lot of my clothing I had reviewed . anyway just trying to keep busy until I can move back to my house once they finish building it .