Saturday, April 20, 2019

For Scott My Love R.I.P. 1/4/2019

Well Its been a while now and I am finely able to come to terms with Scott's Death. I know most people who have been in a relationship for 13 years would have done this a while ago , but I am slow to admit that some one I love is actually gone .

I am really not good at this and I have done it before with my husband Ron whom I also loved and who also died.

So I thought I would put up on my blog the poem I wrote for Scott as it took me a while to get it copyrighted Im posting it now .

So For Scott Cook The man I have taken care of for 13 years here is what I put down for you.

He was hear , and Than he was Not , He was Love ,Honor and strength.

He was here and than he was not and he left me alone and in the dark without Choice.

He was here and than he was not , he was Fair and he was strong, he called me Love , he called me partner . he called me friend.

He was here and now he is not, so than I am lost and he is gone a faint a whisper on the wind where I can not follow.

Loraine Alcorn Copyright © 2019

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