Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Product Review AHCC Immunity supplements

I was given a bottle of 60 AHCC Immunity supplements to review recently and here are my thoughts, info and video review for the product. AHCC Immunity supplements are a superior supplement for the use in preventing colds and flu's this season. With winter and cold season just a few weeks away I was really happy to try and review AHCC.

AHCC stands for Active hexose correlated compound derived from medicinal shiitake mushrooms. The science and research is extensive and I believe this is going to be the best thing you can do this year to prevent colds and flu's from harming your family.

AHCC is not only great for keeping you healthy from the occasional cold but because its so strong is is also great for people who are immune system compromised because of one condition or another.

My Husband is Immune system compromised because he has no thyroid gland and get golds and flu's very easy. The science Behind AHCC makes it so your Immune system is able to fight off problems before they start. I must say its doing really well so far.

AHCC Immunity supplements can also be used in areas of Inflammation from arthritis and even more extensive problems from more serious diseases. This product can help with Conditions like the effects of chemo with cancer patients and even helping people who are HIV positive to be able to fight off these problems.

AHCC has been studied and the science and research has proven it effective in many of these cases. Its taken decades for the company to perfect this supplement and its now available to buy to help with keeping you healthy and cold free.

I think this a very innovative product . I have read the science thats behind it and think that if you are like me and would rather try more natural methods to help with problems than AHCC is the one to try. The good news is that over 25 human clinical studies help support the use of AHCC. A recent clinical study from Michigan State University shows that AHCC enhances the power of the seasonal flu shot, making it even more effective against this potentially deadly virus.

Many time we get caught up with RX medicines that offer as many side effects as they do cures, all you have to do is watch a drug commercial to see the long list of bad things that can happen as a result of taking them. With AHCC you are getting medicinal shiitake mushrooms made into a formula that gives you the most benefit that you can get from them in a easy to take capsule. So this year, before Cold and flu season starts ,give your system a boost at preventing these annoying problems and try AHCC,for superior immune system support naturally. Please check out my video review below.I am so happy I got to try a free sample of AHCC and was excited to write this review for this awesome product. :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Giveaways are closing soon all Low entries on all 4 of them so enter soon

I have a few really awesome giveaways with low entries going on now and they are closing very soon The carmex giveaway ends on the 1st of December and the Goodskin Labs giveaway ends on dec 2 for the awesome Bracelet mate that ends on the 5th and the UGLee pens contest will end on the 7th so hurry and get your entries in thanks for looking





Please Vote for the Hellmans Turkey challenge recipe's

Please Vote for the Hellmann's Turkey challenge recipe's .I voted for the Turkey Casserole it looks awesome and it so easy to Vote to win.

Hellman's Mayo has a fantastic page filled with great recipe's you can try for all that leftover turkey you have from thanksgiving. or Things to try for the whole Holiday season.

You could win some awesome prizes just by voting on the challenge. So Take a break from the holiday hustle and bustle to join the Hellmann's® Turkey Challenge each week at as Turkey Casserole goes head-to-head with other tasty, juicy turkey recipes, like Bobby Flay's "Stuffing" Crusted Turkey Cutlet.

All you have to do is cast your vote for your favorite to be entered into the sweepstakes for a chance to win one of four $250 grocery gift cards each week. If there are more than 10,000 entries, the prize value doubles to a $500 grocery gift card! Now that awesome for a few seconds to vote on your favorite and get some Tasty Ideas for how to make this Holiday a special Hellman's holiday. Vote Now here for your favorite Hellman's recipe
Oh and be sure to check out this awesome video for ideas and tips from Hellman's I was entered for a chance to win a Hellmann's® prize package in exchange for this post. No monetary exchange took place.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Product review Qwik Shower Wipes

I was able to try and sample of these really useful Qwik shower wipes recently and I thought they were sooo handy. I really think these would be great to have on hand for any kind of sports activity or camping. In our busy schedules its often hard to find the time for a quick shower after a sports practice and this is where Qwik Shower comes in. These are extra big pre moistened wipes that are made special for cleaning and deodorizing.

originally made for fundraising they are quickly becoming popular for everyday use. These have been tested to provide us with a quick and easy way to freshen up after working out or after playing sports.

I especially think they would be awesome for taking with you on a camping of hiking vacation.

I use to do a lot of camping when I was a girl and I would have loved to have these available than. We had a camper but it did not have a shower so we had to use the camp ground facilities. I cant tell you how gross these public showers were back than and I really dreaded using them. With Qwik Shower wipes you are getting a powerful cleaning and deodorizing extra large wipe that really works well and smells nice.

The uses for Qwik Shower wipes are endless and because of their large size they are equipped to do larger jobs than conventional wipes. These would be great to have on hand on hot days on the golf course, after a sports practice, Camping and hiking or anything where you may end up being less fresh than you would like. I think these are a very innovative product and Im so happy I got to try a sample.I hope you give them a try you can get them on amazon and You can find more info about Qwik Shower Wipes at this link quick shower wipes info
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. Thanks for looking at my review :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Lisa Robertson’s QVC Favorites: Check them out

I was able to find out about these awesome Lisa Robertson’s QVC Favorites from the Vogue Influencer network and I am in love with every one of them. There is something for every one on your list with this bunch. I have posted some pictures of these great holiday finds so you can make an informed decision and fine something special for your gift giving needs this year.

I think QVC is not only a great way to shop this year, its also got some wonderful prices on the best of the best. The Nice thing about QVC is you know that you will be getting quality items for the very best price you can. Who does not love a great gift at a great price and thats what QVC has to offer. So with that said I want to show you some of the awesome things available in the Lisa Robertson’s QVC Favorites.

Lisa Robertson’s QVC Favorites: Mally 10-piece Deluxe Automatic Waterproof Liner Collection-This is a great collection for that lovely lady who likes to chance up her eyeliners often.

Lisa Robertson’s QVC Favorites: bareMinerals Box of Gems 20-piece Color Collection- This a mineral makeup sent to end all makeup sets this one has everything for the mineral makeup fan.

Lisa Robertson’s QVC Favorites: Judith Ripka Sterling Hematite Doublet Ring with Heart Prongs- for the jewelry lover on your list you cant go wrong with this stunning ring.

Lisa Robertson’s QVC Favorites: Melania Madison Avenue Bold Case Bracelet Watch- I so love this watch and I imagine anyone who need a stylish watch would love it to.

One of my absolute favorites of this collection is the Lisa Robertson’s QVC Favorites: ISAACMIZRAHILIVE! 2 Ply Cashmere V-Neck Boyfriend Cardi. I could so use about 10 of these Im always cold and my sweaters are so not as nice as these are, If someone gifted me with one of the awesome Cardi's I would be doing the Snoopy dance.

In the outerwear department this pretty Dennis Basso Button Front Ruffle Collar Coat with Rosette Detail would be so thoughtful a gift for that Lady in your life who wants to be stylish when winter is at it worst..Its so unique that the lucky Lady who receives this as a gift will be the envy of everyone.

Lisa Robertson’s QVC Favorites: Dennis Basso Button Front Ruffle Collar Coat with Rosette Detail

Michael Dawkins Sterling Signature Pod Small Earrings In Jewelry why not surprise you Mom or daughter with these lovely earrings. I think these are so unique and special and Im glad they made the collection.

Thanks for having a look at the awesome Lisa Robertson’s QVC Favorites with me :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review for Hills Science Diet Ideal Balance dog food

I was able to try the Hills science ideal balance for Asia through bzzagent and I must say Im amazed.

Asia hates everything mostly because she is about as spoiled as a dog can get.As a result she is a bit over weight and needs to cut out the junk food. (Daddy Liked donuts)

I was thinking that it would be fantastic if she would eat the Ideal balance and she did! She really likes it and thats awesome because its been a really hard thing to get her to eat any dog foods.

Asia is really into chewy's and we have been buying her those chicken jerky but she needs more balance in her diet and Ideal Balance does all that for her.

Im hoping she will loose a bit of weight because right new we are calling her piglet instead of Asia she looks like she swallowed a barrel LOL. I recomend Hills Science Ideal Balance dog food all over the place especially for picky eaters like my Asia. Im really happy I got a chance to try it. Thanks Hills Science diet and Bzzagent

Monday, November 21, 2011

UGLee Pen review and giveaway

I was able to try the awesome UGLee pens through Tomoson and UGLee recently and I really like them. These unique pens are comfy and easy to work with.

I am a real list taker and I have to use a pen more than most people,I do not have a PDA or tablet yet. I make lists for everything, and I use to get a callus on my one finger from gripping the pen so hard. Why I do that is beyond me, I have been doing that since I was a kid, I just can't grip a pen lightly no matter how hard I try to.

I Love the UGLee pen because no matter how hard I grip it is dose not hurt my hands, or gives me and problems with calluses. I also like it because the pen feels safe in my hand and not in danger of falling out so I find I'm gripping it way less hard than I would normally grip a conventional pen.

The UGLee Pen only weights 11 grams. That is less than 1/2 ounce Less mass, means less inertia, more comfort and thats a beautiful thing!

UGLee pens provide the ultimate in comfort! The overall shape as well as the detailed contours are perfectly engineered to follow the anatomy of the hand.

it also has a superior inking system than very smooth and works very well. I really think these would be great for anyone who has to write on paper and would be really good for addressing those Christmas cards and letters. You can find all the Info you need about these unique and awesome pens here UGLee ergonomic pen

And now for the giveaway you could win UGLee pens of your very own. Here is how to enter -leave me a blog post comment for each of the tasks you do so you can get the most entries

First entry is mandatory - follow UGLEE pens on facebook at this link UGLee ergonomic pen On Facebook
leave me a comment saying you did this with your facebook name

For extra entries follow my blog through GFC which is located on the right side toward the top, just click join this site and let me know you did that.

For extra entries in this contest please do the following friend me on Facebook at this link like me on facebook

Please have a look at this video and tell me something you learned about the UGLee pens in the comments

I will pick a winner December 7th please leave me your email address so I can contact you if you win Thanks for looking at my review for the Fabulous UGLee pens ! I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Review Canale Originals introduces Bracelet-Mate, The Purseless Purse and Wrist-Bling.

Sponsored by
I just Love the Canale Originals Bracelet-Mate. I did a video review for it so be sure and have a look at that so you can see how pretty the Bracelet Mate is and how useful.

First I want to say that I was so happy to receive one of these awesome product to review. I was able to choose my favorite color and its just so pretty.

This product would really be handy for anyone who goes clubbing or dancing and needs to have there valuables with them at all times. It would be fantastic to use when touring so your hands and arms are free to take a picture of Carry those souvenir shopping bags. It would be very useful when just taking a quick trip to the store or when you are just on a walk.

The Bracelet Mate is way better than carrying around a purse and so much more stylish than a fanny pack. The thing that annoys me about fanny packs is they are bulky and mostly will clash with an outfit. The Canale Originals Bracelet-Mate Looks as stylish as it is practical. It come in many styles and colors to fit every personality or outfit. On the one side you have a beautiful bracelet, on the underside where its not noticed is the small purse that you can use to hold cash, change, credit card or even a lipstick. This is sooo innovative and would make such a lovely gift for any stylish woman on the go. Here are some picture of a few styles.

You can fine these and much more at this link Canale Originals Bracelet mate and writs bling
I was so pleased with the Bracelet Mate that I did this video review for it so you could see how it works. And Now for the giveaway contest . If you would like a chance to win one of these awesome Bracelet Mates for your very own you can enter by following these instructions thanks for reading When making a comment be sure to include you email so I can get in touch with you if you are the winner and please do a separate comment for each task you finish

One entry- go over to Canale Originals and tell me in the comments which item you think is awesome. Canale Originals Bracelet mate and writs bling
Like Canale originals on facebook Canale Originals facebook page like them here

One entry friend me on google friend connect or face book and tell me which one you did you can do both you can find my facebook profile here My Facebook page

one entry follow me on twitter you can find the link on the side bar of my blog

for 5 entries please grab my button and put it on your blog and make a comment with the link to where you have it That's it I will pick a winner on Dec 5th Good Luck

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Book Review A Year with Jesus: Daily Readings and Reflections On Jesus' Own Words

A Year with Jesus: Daily Readings and Reflections On Jesus' Own WordsA Year with Jesus: Daily Readings and Reflections On Jesus' Own Words by R.P. Nettelhorst
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was able to read this really wonderful devotional through book sneeze.I really love it because,though its a devotional there are no dates or days for the daily readings. Since I was to do a review for A year with Jesus, I read it through so I could do the review in a timely manner.

I think this is an awesome devotional. Each reading comes with a different story in the life of Jesus and than gives you the authors commentary on it and how we can apply it to our daily walk with Christ. I found it to be inspirational and very helpful. R.P Nettelhorst really captures the message and spirit of the passages and helps us to see them in a fresh new light.

This Devotional takes us through the gospels and help us think about The Life of Jesus in a different way. I think its a superior devotional and would make a really great gift for anyone who is a new Christian or even one who had been walking with Christ all their lives. Everyone will find this a fresh look at the gospel and cherish this devotional. Im so glad I was selected to review it and I thank you for looking at my review

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

FyrFlyz Light Up Toy Review

FyrFlyz Light Up Toy

I was able to try these really cool toys for my Children and Grandchildren recently and I gotta say these are awesome fun, Even my oldest Daughter thought they were really cool and thats high praise coming from her :).

I know these are really popular in our neighborhood because I can see the kids playing with them. My Grandsons were so happy to be able to try these they just love them, actually everyone loves them.

This toy offers an amazing safe light show and endless fun. I wanted to say that I think these would make for an awesome Christmas gift, WHY.

First reason, can you imagine how cool these would look on a snowy night! We live in Florida so we would not be able to see this for ourselves but I can imagine how much fun this would be for Kids of all ages. I imagine the snow would really reflect the colors and make the light show really beautiful. I know most kids are using this as a summer toy but Just think about the winter possibilities in areas that get lots of snow.

Second these are safe and let kids create a light show around them with different tricks and techniques. Im old LOL and these remind me of those yoyos that were popular in the early 70s that could light up so you could use them in the dark. FyrFlyz Light Up Toys go one better by creating a light show in the air while children learn how to do different thing with them for effect,like these really neat designs.

If you are looking for a really neat toy for kids ages 8 and up for stocking suffers or just so they can have some awesome fun in the evenings than the FyrFlyz Light Up Toy is the way to go. These are not expensive and can be found anywhere toys are sold for about 7.99 you can also get them on amazon. here is a link to their website for info and where to buy, they also have a really cool video so you can see how neat these are.Fyrflys info here

you can also buy them at amazon here Amazon Fyrflys page

Thanks for looking at my review I hope you find someone to gift these awesome toys to, you will make their day for sure

Saturday, November 12, 2011

book review Hounded By Clifford Neal

Hounded: Truman's StoryHounded: Truman's Story by Clifford Neal
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was so privileged to read Hounded By Clifford Neal

anyone who loves a true story would love to read Hounded. This story shows the grace of God in every page and how God will reach out to his own and make use they come to Christ. In this Story we meet Truman Mahoney. Born into a family of strife Truman must deal with a whole lot of heartache in his life. As a result of his tragic childhood Truman turns to a life of crime. All through Trumans life we see a man fighting agents Gods will for him to accept salvation, but God never gives up and eventually Truman finds and accepts Christs will in his life.

This story starts out with the problems Truman and his brother had to face in a family that no longer wanted either of them. After their parents divorced Truman and his brother were put into a orphanage because both parents thought is was best for there new lives. Turman and his brother were throw away children and its not wonder that because of this they fell into the wrong company and a life of crime.

Trumans story will at time shock us and sometimes even make us laugh , but most of all it will make us be so thankful for the love and grace of God who can forgive us and call us his own in spite of ourselves.

Hounded it the kind of story that makes us really see a loving and forgiving God whos grace is made perfect in our weakness and whos love for us cannot me measured. It teaches us that nothing can separate us from the love of God and that His will, can be done in our lives even when we think we are just to sinful to warrant his attention .

This is a fantastic true story and one I will recomend to everyone

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

VSL#3 high-potency probiotic Review

Recently I was fortunate enough to be able to try VSL#3 high-potency probiotic . This product is for people who Like me have IBS or ulcerative colitis. I have IBS and I have found this Innovative high-potency probiotic to work like magic in getting rid of some of my most uncomfortable symptoms..I did a special video review for this so please have a look at it.

In my hunt to find relief for my symptoms of IBS I have tried a lot of different probiotic supplements. I do not want to mention names of the different products I had tried but I found them to be lacking in how well they actually helped me with my more difficult symptoms. gas and bloating and pain

VSL#3 high-potency probiotic has a whole lot more to offer than just you run of the mill Probiotic . This product is Formulated with a precise mix of 8 proprietary strains of bacteria. VSL#3 works by colonizing the GI tract with optimal quantities and types of probiotic bacteria. These bacteria adhere to the walls of the GI tract and form a barrier which protects the inner layer of the gut from bad bacteria and other toxic substances that can cause inflammation.

VSL#3 is one of the few probiotic preparations supported by Level One (double-blind, placebo controlled) scientific data. VSL#3-has been the subject of extensive clinical research in the dietary management of ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, an ileal pouch, and several other clinical conditions and is 100 times more potent than Align.

I found that this product worked very quickly for me and was really happy with the results.It works best with problems with diarrhea and the associated cramping and pain. If you have or know of anyone with ulcerative colitis, irritable bowel syndrome please tell them about this awesome Probiotic that works like magic to make you feel yourself again..I hope you have a look at the video review I did.

VSL#3 is available without a prescription by request at your local pharmacy and you can buy or get more information about VSL#3 at this link VSL # 3

Torani Coffee and beverage syrup Review

I was able to try the Torani Gingerbread flavoured syrup through Shespeaks and I cant tell you how delicious it is, I really loved the authentic Gingerbread flavour , the smell of the syrup and how really spectacular it made my morning coffee taste.

I really look forward each day to having it in my first coffee of the day. Its not too sweet but rather full of flavor that makes you feel like your drinking one of those expensive coffee house coffees right in you home. Torani Gingerbread flavoured syrup is smooth, rich and so tasty you will want to have it on hand through out this holiday season.

I also like that since you are in control of the amount you add to your coffee you can add as much or as little as you like. I would recomend Torani Gingerbread flavoured syrup to anyone who love to have flavoured coffee on hand for themselves or for guests. Its really great and so easy to use I am able to share a code with you so you can get 10% off a purchase at Torani . com at this link Shop Torani
just use the code shespeaks for your discount and while you there check out all the wonderful syrups Torani makes.

here is the link to the reviews about Torani that are available on shespeaks here is a direct link so you can see some of these great reviews Shespeaks reviews
And Finely here is the video review I did for Shespeaks and Torani and my thoughts about these awesome coffee and Beverage syrups Thank for looking at my review these syrups would make awesome gifts for this holiday season embed this: SheSpeaksbutton

Monday, November 7, 2011

Goodskin Labs Skincare Giveaway Prize value 291.25

Hi Everyone Thanks for looking and entering into this awesome giveaway for The wonderful Goodskin labs Skin care products :)

Most of you know how much I Love Goodskin Labs products . Each one of these , Hard working skin care products are truly fantastic ,I love them so much I just had to ask Goodskin Labs if I could offer a blog giveaway so one of my loyal readers could win the full set !!! So this is My holiday extravaganza blog giveaway for All things Goodskin labs.

What I'm going to do here, is list each product that is featured in this giveaway set and tell you something I love about it and some stuff you should know about each.

OK, Lets get started

The first Product I want to talk about is The Filextra Facial Revolumizing Treatment with Collagen.

This is my first favorite in the product line. I use it every night and it has given me results I can see and feel .As we age the loss of collagen in our skin will cause our faces to have a deflated balloon appearance. Filextra fights this process by stimulating the skin to produce collagen and will plump and hydrate there by revolumizing skin appearance.The technology makes it so we do not have that hanging skin look or the mid face sink that so contributes to making us look older. Its love Filextra because it works where many others have failed in this area . available at Kohl's for 44.50

Tri-Aktline Total Face.

This product is just awesome and was made special for women who wanted to use a an instant wrinkle Reducer that also had deep moisturizing abilities. This product is meant to be use over the entire face which is a bit different that the original Tri-Aktline deep wrinkle filler (Ill talk about that one later)

Tri-Aktline Total Face is a rich daily facial moisturizer cream that spreads evenly to immediately smooth and fill fine lines and wrinkles. I use this every morning before I put on my moisturizer because my face is really dry and just using a daily SPF moisturizer will not keel it smooth and soft all day. Tri-Aktline Total Face is a great product that really makes my skin look great all day and so soft and smooth. available at Kohl's for 44.50

Smooth 365 Intensive Clarity smoothing peptide serum -

This innovative Serum is an advanced anti aging treatment for Smoother, Brighter and firmer skin . It will target texture and skin tone and improves skin 365 days a year. Built with peptides these proteins stimulate natural collagen production. Smooth 365 has a unique cocktail of yeast , Mulberry, Grape and Scutelleria extracts. It is clinically proven to immediately improve skin clarity. I use this at night under my night treatment. available at Kohl's for 44.50

Exten -10 Instant youth boosting moisturizer with SPF 15

- I love this awesome day cream it goes on so easy and blends in well, it makes skin looks so dewy and moist. With continued use it will give you back 10 years on your skins appearance and prevent future damage. Exten 10 is formulated with a blend of brightening optics and Hyaluronic acids it helps restore radiance instantly. Exten 10 has a really great anti-oxidant blend of Arganyl and Grape seed and Rosemary extracts as well as a Sirtuin power complex to restore skin youthful appearance. available at Kohl's for 44.50

Eyliplex-2 eye lift and circle remover

This is a really great hardworking eye cream system for day and night . This has got to be my very favorite eye cream because it works so much better than others I have tried. I had some really dark circles under my eyes which could be really dark on some days when I was under more stress. My Husband use to make fun of them saying that my dark circles had dark circles ( yes hes a Prince of a man LOL )

Eyliplex-2 is different in that is has 124 ingredients that work day and night to battle your darkest circles and baggiest bags. I love it because it works beautifully and because each treatment is in different pots but they are attached so you are not always looking for one or the other.

These 2 wonderful eye creams work day and night around the clock to give you noticeable improvement to your eye area. available at Kohl's for 44.50

Tri-Aktline deep wrinkle filler.

This is a potent deep-wrinkle filler that instantly fills fine lines and wrinkles while helping to firm the skin over time . This high Tech cocktail of 3 ingredients helps to firm and plump . Tri-Aktline deep wrinkle filler is loaded with Gatuline Expression, extracted fro the South American Acmella Oleraca plant that helps relax the look of facial tension and expression lines.Other ingredients like avocado oil, Shea butter hydrate the skin to further plump fine lines . This is a targeted wrinkle filler that I use on my more difficult wrinkles and expression lines. Its a power house of innovation that give you the results you are looking for . available at Kohl's for 44.50

Z-Pore Instant Pore Refiner.

This product works like magic to make pores just vanish , it will control oils and reduce shiny skin. Skin will have a flawless matte finish all day. I use this often on my nose forehead and right next to my nose. I have some really large pores and I just love the way Z-Pore Instant Pore Refiner makes them disappear.

If its one thing I really hate is putting on my favorite foundation on a day I'm going out of the house, only to see a bunch of dots on my face where the makeup has settled into the large pores and causes a dot effect .

If you have large pores you know what I mean and how annoying this can be. By smoothing in the Z-Pore and allowing it to dry before I apply my foundation I get the smooth matte look I'm trying to achieve with my makeup or tinted moisturizer .Z-Pore Instant Pore Refiner in indispensable to me when using any kind of makeup product .Available at Kohl's for 24.50

Bottom line is- Goodskin Labs products are are my absolute favorite since I discovered them . They keep working for me and I keep seeing results. I cant tell you how much my skin has improved since I have been using them and I'm sure you will see what I mean if you give them a try. I love them so much that I'm offering one winner a full set of the Goodskin labs products That are Listed on this post - I also have a picture posted, so have a look at that and the video I made special for this giveaway.

These products will be shipped By me to the winner . only ONE Winner will be picked and you must live in the continental U.S.A. I cannot ship to Hawaii Alaska or anywhere normal shipping would not apply.

I will be incurring the expense to ship the prize myself because I believe in Goodskin Labs and would love for one interested person to experience it as I did. I am a Goodskin Labs Ambassador and as such was able to sample all of these products but my Opinions are my own and I was not paid any cash to do this review or video. I honestly Love Goodskin Labs and am behind them 100% for there innovation and commitment to making awesome skin care available to everyone , at a reasonable price . Thanks for entering my giveaway and good Luck !


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Carmex Healing Lotion and healing cream review and giveaway

I was able to try the New Carmex Healing lotions and creams through Carmex blog squad recently and I have a a giveaway to go with my review! Someone will win fulls sized tubes of both the healing lotion and the healing cream and one each in a smaller purse size to take on the go. you can see the picture I took of my set. this is the set you would win if you are picked. I have one set to give out.

First I want to say that I have been trusting my lips to Carmex since I was in my 20s its always been a fantastic working product . It use to come in a little pot and still does but now they also make tubes and sticks .

Carmex has been solving problems for 70 years and its with that knowledge that they are putting into these wonderful healing lotions and creams .

I have been using these for about a year and found them to be the kind of product that's expected from Carmex. Products that work as they are supposed to.

The Healing lotions and creams both smell so lovely . I cant tell you how much I love the scent which for me smells like honey and lavender with a hint of vanilla. The scents are not over powering but light and would not give you any problems if you are sensitive to heavy scents in your body lotions. These are easy to use and are not a bit greasy, the lotion blends into the skin quickly and keeps your skin protected and soft for the whole day. The healing cream is essential to use on those areas of your skin that need a little bit more help.

I use the healing cream on my elbows,knees ,hands and feet. both of these products are great to use for winter when dry skin can become a problem, due to harsh weather and dry heat. The healing Lotion and healing cream are available at the drug store for about 5.99 which is a great deal.

I hope you get a chance to see the video review I did for them so you can see the products and hear my thoughts about them. I recommend all Carmex products to my family and friends and have been doing so for years. Now, Because Carmex is making these wonderful healing lotions and creams I have more to recommend. I'm so happy Carmex made these awesome Healing skincare products and put 70 years of knowledge and power behind them,you know its good if its made by Carmex.

Now for the giveaway ! please use the rafflecopter widget to place your entries- their are different ways to get entries so just follow the instructions for each. One. I will pick a winner and you will have 48 hours to send me your address ao I can send it to Carmex and your gift will come right from them. I want to say that I'm so happy to be a Carmex blog squad member and I thank them for offering this fantastic giveaway. As always though I received samples through Carmex my opinions about the product are my own and I thank you for looking at my review and video :) Contest winner is Sally G Thanks to everyone who entered .

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dr Sears Family Essentials Cool Fuel bars and Popumz review

For anyone with children you know how difficult it is for them to like healthy snacks. I was able to discover Dr Sears Cool Fuel nutrition bars recently and I think they are fantastic. Packed with nutrition including Protein and omega 3s these bars not only taste fantastic but are so good for your active child . These are part of the Dr Sears Family essentials line of products and come in great flavours like double fudge brownie ,peanutbutter and chocolate chip.

I was able to try these in the flavours Chocolate chip and double fudge brownie. I can tell you that they are really delicious and that kids love them. as I said in the video review children will think they are getting to eat candy or rich bakery.

Because these Cool Fuel bars are packed with omega 3s you may think ,Ill bet they will taste fishy or oily, I can tell you that they do not, they are delicious and you will not taste anything like that and neither will your kids.

cool fuel bars are 100% natural and will provide your child with the energy and fuel they need for their busy days. We all know Kids are busy these days with after school activities and recreation. Today's kids study hard and play hard and are very active. Cool Fuel bars are loaded with protein and also have a healthy fiber content as well as the Omega 3s.

Here is Some more information about Dr. Sears Family Essentials: • Dr. Bill Sears has been a practicing pediatrician for 30+ years and is the author of 40+ pediatric books, including The Baby Book, which has sold 40 million copies in 20 languages. He has made appearances on 100+ TV programs including 20/20, Good Morning America, Oprah, CNN, and Dateline to talk about parenting and healthy eating for children.

Dr. Jim Sears is a practicing pediatrician and the co-author of pediatric books with his family. He is currently a co-host on the Dr. Phil spin-off show The Doctors.

The Sears family is passionate about omega-3s and the healthy benefits this essential fatty acid can provide for your family, The Sears family has made healthy nutrition their life’s mission. As pediatricians working with children and parents around the world, they know it can be challenging to find healthy snacks that taste great and fit in with busy schedules. They are concerned about the increase in empty calories, sugars, and processed foods they see in children’s diets, and the growing prevalence of childhood obesity, diabetes, and other nutrition-related disorders. The key to good health is good eating, and Dr. Sears Family Essentials would like to help make it easier to snack right.

As I said I got to try these Cool Fuel bars and the Popums chip snacks and share them with my friends and family through Moms Meet and Dr Sears. All of the products were a huge hit with the kids and even the older children who may have be skeptical at first were really happy with both the cool fuel bars and the Popums chips. One child even asked if the chips came in a bigger bag!

The Popums are also an essential source of omega 3s as well as protein and fiber I hope you have a look at my video review that I did special for these great Family Essentials products and check out the link I have provided for you. Please also keep in mind that these products are very reasonably priced as a box of 18 Cool fuel bars are only 18.00.

These products can be purchased online at this link . Dr Sears Family essentials

Thanks for looking at my review, though I was provided with samples of these products all my opinions are my own. I really love them !!! Please have a look at my video review here