Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dr Sears Family Essentials Cool Fuel bars and Popumz review

For anyone with children you know how difficult it is for them to like healthy snacks. I was able to discover Dr Sears Cool Fuel nutrition bars recently and I think they are fantastic. Packed with nutrition including Protein and omega 3s these bars not only taste fantastic but are so good for your active child . These are part of the Dr Sears Family essentials line of products and come in great flavours like double fudge brownie ,peanutbutter and chocolate chip.

I was able to try these in the flavours Chocolate chip and double fudge brownie. I can tell you that they are really delicious and that kids love them. as I said in the video review children will think they are getting to eat candy or rich bakery.

Because these Cool Fuel bars are packed with omega 3s you may think ,Ill bet they will taste fishy or oily, I can tell you that they do not, they are delicious and you will not taste anything like that and neither will your kids.

cool fuel bars are 100% natural and will provide your child with the energy and fuel they need for their busy days. We all know Kids are busy these days with after school activities and recreation. Today's kids study hard and play hard and are very active. Cool Fuel bars are loaded with protein and also have a healthy fiber content as well as the Omega 3s.

Here is Some more information about Dr. Sears Family Essentials: • Dr. Bill Sears has been a practicing pediatrician for 30+ years and is the author of 40+ pediatric books, including The Baby Book, which has sold 40 million copies in 20 languages. He has made appearances on 100+ TV programs including 20/20, Good Morning America, Oprah, CNN, and Dateline to talk about parenting and healthy eating for children.

Dr. Jim Sears is a practicing pediatrician and the co-author of pediatric books with his family. He is currently a co-host on the Dr. Phil spin-off show The Doctors.

The Sears family is passionate about omega-3s and the healthy benefits this essential fatty acid can provide for your family, The Sears family has made healthy nutrition their life’s mission. As pediatricians working with children and parents around the world, they know it can be challenging to find healthy snacks that taste great and fit in with busy schedules. They are concerned about the increase in empty calories, sugars, and processed foods they see in children’s diets, and the growing prevalence of childhood obesity, diabetes, and other nutrition-related disorders. The key to good health is good eating, and Dr. Sears Family Essentials would like to help make it easier to snack right.

As I said I got to try these Cool Fuel bars and the Popums chip snacks and share them with my friends and family through Moms Meet and Dr Sears. All of the products were a huge hit with the kids and even the older children who may have be skeptical at first were really happy with both the cool fuel bars and the Popums chips. One child even asked if the chips came in a bigger bag!

The Popums are also an essential source of omega 3s as well as protein and fiber I hope you have a look at my video review that I did special for these great Family Essentials products and check out the link I have provided for you. Please also keep in mind that these products are very reasonably priced as a box of 18 Cool fuel bars are only 18.00.

These products can be purchased online at this link . Dr Sears Family essentials

Thanks for looking at my review, though I was provided with samples of these products all my opinions are my own. I really love them !!! Please have a look at my video review here

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