Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Torani Coffee and beverage syrup Review

I was able to try the Torani Gingerbread flavoured syrup through Shespeaks and I cant tell you how delicious it is, I really loved the authentic Gingerbread flavour , the smell of the syrup and how really spectacular it made my morning coffee taste.

I really look forward each day to having it in my first coffee of the day. Its not too sweet but rather full of flavor that makes you feel like your drinking one of those expensive coffee house coffees right in you home. Torani Gingerbread flavoured syrup is smooth, rich and so tasty you will want to have it on hand through out this holiday season.

I also like that since you are in control of the amount you add to your coffee you can add as much or as little as you like. I would recomend Torani Gingerbread flavoured syrup to anyone who love to have flavoured coffee on hand for themselves or for guests. Its really great and so easy to use I am able to share a code with you so you can get 10% off a purchase at Torani . com at this link Shop Torani
just use the code shespeaks for your discount and while you there check out all the wonderful syrups Torani makes.

here is the link to the reviews about Torani that are available on shespeaks here is a direct link so you can see some of these great reviews Shespeaks reviews
And Finely here is the video review I did for Shespeaks and Torani and my thoughts about these awesome coffee and Beverage syrups Thank for looking at my review these syrups would make awesome gifts for this holiday season embed this: SheSpeaksbutton

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