Thursday, November 17, 2011

FyrFlyz Light Up Toy Review

FyrFlyz Light Up Toy

I was able to try these really cool toys for my Children and Grandchildren recently and I gotta say these are awesome fun, Even my oldest Daughter thought they were really cool and thats high praise coming from her :).

I know these are really popular in our neighborhood because I can see the kids playing with them. My Grandsons were so happy to be able to try these they just love them, actually everyone loves them.

This toy offers an amazing safe light show and endless fun. I wanted to say that I think these would make for an awesome Christmas gift, WHY.

First reason, can you imagine how cool these would look on a snowy night! We live in Florida so we would not be able to see this for ourselves but I can imagine how much fun this would be for Kids of all ages. I imagine the snow would really reflect the colors and make the light show really beautiful. I know most kids are using this as a summer toy but Just think about the winter possibilities in areas that get lots of snow.

Second these are safe and let kids create a light show around them with different tricks and techniques. Im old LOL and these remind me of those yoyos that were popular in the early 70s that could light up so you could use them in the dark. FyrFlyz Light Up Toys go one better by creating a light show in the air while children learn how to do different thing with them for effect,like these really neat designs.

If you are looking for a really neat toy for kids ages 8 and up for stocking suffers or just so they can have some awesome fun in the evenings than the FyrFlyz Light Up Toy is the way to go. These are not expensive and can be found anywhere toys are sold for about 7.99 you can also get them on amazon. here is a link to their website for info and where to buy, they also have a really cool video so you can see how neat these are.Fyrflys info here

you can also buy them at amazon here Amazon Fyrflys page

Thanks for looking at my review I hope you find someone to gift these awesome toys to, you will make their day for sure

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