Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Review for Hills Science Diet Ideal Balance dog food

I was able to try the Hills science ideal balance for Asia through bzzagent and I must say Im amazed.

Asia hates everything mostly because she is about as spoiled as a dog can get.As a result she is a bit over weight and needs to cut out the junk food. (Daddy Liked donuts)

I was thinking that it would be fantastic if she would eat the Ideal balance and she did! She really likes it and thats awesome because its been a really hard thing to get her to eat any dog foods.

Asia is really into chewy's and we have been buying her those chicken jerky but she needs more balance in her diet and Ideal Balance does all that for her.

Im hoping she will loose a bit of weight because right new we are calling her piglet instead of Asia she looks like she swallowed a barrel LOL. I recomend Hills Science Ideal Balance dog food all over the place especially for picky eaters like my Asia. Im really happy I got a chance to try it. Thanks Hills Science diet and Bzzagent


  1. My dog loved this food and we are now using Science Diet for out cats and dogs. It is much more expensive and worth the cost.

  2. We used to feed our English Springer Spaniel ProPlan but switched to Science Diet (Advanced Fitness). She's always been healthy, but switching to SD cut her shedding in half. Amazing!