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book review Hounded By Clifford Neal

Hounded: Truman's StoryHounded: Truman's Story by Clifford Neal
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I was so privileged to read Hounded By Clifford Neal

anyone who loves a true story would love to read Hounded. This story shows the grace of God in every page and how God will reach out to his own and make use they come to Christ. In this Story we meet Truman Mahoney. Born into a family of strife Truman must deal with a whole lot of heartache in his life. As a result of his tragic childhood Truman turns to a life of crime. All through Trumans life we see a man fighting agents Gods will for him to accept salvation, but God never gives up and eventually Truman finds and accepts Christs will in his life.

This story starts out with the problems Truman and his brother had to face in a family that no longer wanted either of them. After their parents divorced Truman and his brother were put into a orphanage because both parents thought is was best for there new lives. Turman and his brother were throw away children and its not wonder that because of this they fell into the wrong company and a life of crime.

Trumans story will at time shock us and sometimes even make us laugh , but most of all it will make us be so thankful for the love and grace of God who can forgive us and call us his own in spite of ourselves.

Hounded it the kind of story that makes us really see a loving and forgiving God whos grace is made perfect in our weakness and whos love for us cannot me measured. It teaches us that nothing can separate us from the love of God and that His will, can be done in our lives even when we think we are just to sinful to warrant his attention .

This is a fantastic true story and one I will recomend to everyone

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  1. This is a very good book that I high recommend. I like how this book inspire me. Its good to read something like this.