Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Product Review AHCC Immunity supplements

I was given a bottle of 60 AHCC Immunity supplements to review recently and here are my thoughts, info and video review for the product. AHCC Immunity supplements are a superior supplement for the use in preventing colds and flu's this season. With winter and cold season just a few weeks away I was really happy to try and review AHCC.

AHCC stands for Active hexose correlated compound derived from medicinal shiitake mushrooms. The science and research is extensive and I believe this is going to be the best thing you can do this year to prevent colds and flu's from harming your family.

AHCC is not only great for keeping you healthy from the occasional cold but because its so strong is is also great for people who are immune system compromised because of one condition or another.

My Husband is Immune system compromised because he has no thyroid gland and get golds and flu's very easy. The science Behind AHCC makes it so your Immune system is able to fight off problems before they start. I must say its doing really well so far.

AHCC Immunity supplements can also be used in areas of Inflammation from arthritis and even more extensive problems from more serious diseases. This product can help with Conditions like the effects of chemo with cancer patients and even helping people who are HIV positive to be able to fight off these problems.

AHCC has been studied and the science and research has proven it effective in many of these cases. Its taken decades for the company to perfect this supplement and its now available to buy to help with keeping you healthy and cold free.

I think this a very innovative product . I have read the science thats behind it and think that if you are like me and would rather try more natural methods to help with problems than AHCC is the one to try. The good news is that over 25 human clinical studies help support the use of AHCC. A recent clinical study from Michigan State University shows that AHCC enhances the power of the seasonal flu shot, making it even more effective against this potentially deadly virus.

Many time we get caught up with RX medicines that offer as many side effects as they do cures, all you have to do is watch a drug commercial to see the long list of bad things that can happen as a result of taking them. With AHCC you are getting medicinal shiitake mushrooms made into a formula that gives you the most benefit that you can get from them in a easy to take capsule. So this year, before Cold and flu season starts ,give your system a boost at preventing these annoying problems and try AHCC,for superior immune system support naturally. Please check out my video review below.I am so happy I got to try a free sample of AHCC and was excited to write this review for this awesome product. :)

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