Thursday, November 21, 2013

Carmex Moisture Plus Limited Edition stick Uniquely You review and giveaway

Welcome to my review for the new and awesome Carmex Moisture Plus Limited Edition stick Uniquely you. These new Carmex sticks come in different patterns that reflect your personal style. You can take the quiz to see which tube is your best match for personal style.

I took the quiz and my style is Chic and that's true I love that nice pattern on the carmex tube it goes really well with my purse and other stuff I wear. This quiz is only a few questions long and if you take it and tell me in the comments what your results were you could be picked to win the whole collection.

The collection starts with a leopard print tube that for a adventurous personality its really pretty Next is the purple print for a fab personality than a lovely multi colored 60s kind of print for the whimsical personality and finely the Chic print which is black and white checks and very nice/

You could win all 4 of these and be set for a while in Carmex moisture pulse which is my favorite Carmex product. I love everything about it and would not be without it it works well and has a pleasant taste it really keep my lips moist. I sure hope you take the quiz and let me know your results in the comments. You can find the quiz here at this link.

Carmex quiz

Fill out the raffle copter and be sure to leave a comment about your quiz results I will pick a winner on 12/5/13, Thanks and good luck

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tribes-A-Dozen Voila Hallah bread mixes review and giveaway

Welcome to my review for Tribes-A-Dozen Voila Hallah bread mixes. These mixes are so easy your not going to believe how nice they come out with very little effort. I love fresh baked bread but its such a chore I do not have a bread maker so its not something I like to do . I was sent 3 boxes of Tribes-A-Dozen Voila Hallah bread mixes to try . these were Traditional, whole wheat and simply Spelt.

These are all natural and Kosher but they are more than that they save time and you can make really tasty old world bread in no time. I am not a really great baker, hand me some meat and I can make a great dinner but hand me some flour and your going to be disappointed :)

I use to get these kinds of breads at bakeries in Michigan when I lived there and did miss them but now I can make the same great bread easily at home with what I have here to work with.

My breads do not have to be Kosher, but I still like the flavor of them and got use to them in Michigan where their are a lot of Jewish bakeries and dell's. These kinds of Hallah bread are different and so good that if you make them this holiday season you will be the talk of the town.

Regardless of if you follow Jewish tradition or just really like a bread that's not only different but goes with everything you are going to love these. I made mine with just a wooden spoon, as I do not have a good mixer or bread maker. I made the traditional egg bread and it was a big hit, My dad said it was so good it rivaled what he would buy at the bakery.

Tribes-A-Dozen Voila Hallah bread mixes come with all the items you will need accept oil egg and water. it mixes really easily and is fun to make. The Tribes-A-Dozen motto is break bread not tradition and that's true because my bread came out great and was a joy to make.

If you are looking for something really different to make this holiday season I hope you give these a try You can find them here at this link.

Tribes- A Dozen

These are all very reasonably priced and will save you so much time with prep and mixing. you can also find them on facebook and twitter here

Tribes a dozen facebook

Tribes a dozen twitter
I am able to host a giveaway so one of my readers can try the package I got to try. I hope you enter because you will see how great these mixes are. Thanks for reading my review

Please enter this giveaway below usa only entries and please be sure your email is one you check I have had to pick different winners because of a lack of response to my emails for winners you have 48 hours to get back to me or forfeit the prize. Ends 11/30/13

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Ageless Derma Natural Camoufleur Concealer

Ageless Derma Natural Camoufleur Concealer is a great concealer I got to try recently through tomoson. It works best by using the concealer brush that they make so you can do precision work. I did not get to try the brush but had a similar one here to try the product with.

This is the better for your face concealer, it has vitamins in it such as Vitamin A, E and Apple Extracts. This makes it a step above other concealers because most generally do not have anything in them to help as well as conceal.

I have used other Ageless Derma products they are very well made and work just as they are supposed to. This concealer goes on really well and really covers all imperfections. I like the way it blends in and looks really nice under makeup . It dose not look cakey. Its very easy to work with and does really well with a brush. You can really cover up anything on your face that is unsightly.

I did a video review for this product but in the video keep in mind that the lid came a bit damaged so it does have a bit of tape on it.

I have to say I am behind ageless Derma products all the way. They all work well and are a pleasure to use. Please have a look at the video so you can see what it look like on my face. Thanks for looking you can find out more about these ageless Derma product here at this link.

Ageless Derma Natural Camoufleur Concealer

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Immortal Sleep supplement review

Welcome to my review for Immortal Sleep. This is a natural supplement that helps you fall asleep fast and stay asleep longer with out the harmful side effects of regular sleeping pills.

I am using a stock photo for this review because I was not given a full size but rather a trial size and these do not show up well in photo or video. I was able to try this for a few nights and was very pleased with the results. I loved that this product did not contain some things that I do not want to take regardless of being natural or not. I do not like to take melatonin to much as it gives me a headache and was so happy that it was not one of the many ingredients in Immortal Sleep.

Immortal Sleep, Is a safe effective sleep supplement that's been researched well and uses some very different natural substances to help promote sleep and keep you calm. These natural sleeping pills contain zizyphus which has been used for centuries to help people fall asleep. It is well suited to those who are stressed out and experiencing symptoms like irritability, agitation, and racing thoughts. Zizyphus is used to get the body to sleep more soundly.

I think this is a fantastic choice for people who are experiencing sleeplessness or Irritability. You take 3-4 capsules before bed for a restful sleep. I really like using natural products to help me fall asleep because they do not usually make you feel groggy in the morning and I can say that is the case with Immortal Sleep. If you have been looking for a safe and effective sleep supplement I hope you give this product a try You can find them here at this link

Immortal Herbs

You can also find them on facebook here Immortal Herbs on facebook

If I would have gotten a larger sample to appear well on video review I would have done one for this product. Thanks for looking

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

FRAAS's Holiday Metallic Scarf Review

Welcome to my latest review for FRAAS scarfs, this one is the FRAAS's Holiday Metallic Scarf in gold color and as you can see its just the prettiest Scarf. This has a fashionable animal print with metallic gold accents that keep it shimmering in any light.

This Scarf is longer as all FRAAS scarfs are so you can do more with it to add a nice finishing touch to your holiday outfit this year. This Scarf is also so very soft and can be worn on your head to keep snow off it in winter or just the chilly weather . I did a video review for it so you could see just how shinny and lovely it is and how it would look on. I also took some photos of it and you can clearly see how beautiful it is by those photos.

FRAAS is renowned for making lovely scarfs. You can find FRAAS scarfs at different stores and you can also call them if you would like to buy or find out where to find them in your area. there phone number is 212-575-0191

I think this scarf would make for a lovely holiday gift and it could be worn all winter because the print really goes well with everything. This FRAAS Scarf comes in 3 colors. This one being the gold they also have a silver and a black color each shimmers with metallic detail that brings the scarf to life in any light and is sure to have people asking you where to get theirs.

This FRAAS Scarf would dress up any holiday or winter outfit you have and would look stunning with a brown or tan coat. Its long enough to wrap around you and wide enough to cover your whole head from fall and winter weather. Its so soft and silky you are not going to want to take it off. I really love this gold one because its festive enough for the holiday season yet fashionable enough to wear all winter long.

I did a video review for it so you could see the color and texture and the many ways you can wear it for a sophisticated and fashionable look this fall and winter season. Thanks for looking

Monday, November 11, 2013

Root Touch up by nice and easy review

Welcome to my review for Root Touch up by nice and easy, The easy way to color your roots without a lot hassle. I am 53 and have been coloring my hair since I was 13 . My hair is a very nasty natural color and I have always hated it. Coloring my whole head of hair has really damaged it though and I have been trying to just do the roots when the grey or mousy brown color comes in.

I loved the root touch up here is a picture of what my roots looked like before using it

As you can see they really needed coloring. You can see the results I got after using #RootTouchUp in the video review below. I love the way the color of the Root Touch up by nice and easy matches the original color I have on my hair. I love that it only takes 10 mins to process and they give you everything you will need to get it done and be on your way in no time.

I also love that because you are only coloring the roots it helps keep over all hair damage away. If you have not tried Root Touch up by nice and easy, I hope you do the next time you need to color. You will find it fast and easy and you will have your roots touched up and matching your hair color very well. Please have a look at the video review for more info and to see what you get in the kits. I was provided free coupons in order to try this product and was given a gift card through vocalpoint but my opinions are my own . thanks for looking :)

Friday, November 8, 2013

Ozeri Touch 2 Digital Kitchen Scale review

Welcome to my review for the really wonderful Ozeri Touch 2 Digital Kitchen Scale. This scale will make it really easy for you to stick to a diet because its very accurate and easy to use. It also has Microban technology which is a antimicrobial product protection so you really can put the food right on the scale if you want to.

If you would rather weigh your food on a plate or bowl Ozeri makes this easy because you can set a tare weight of the plate so its not weighed with the food. its all very easy to set up and this lovely Kitchen scale is very easy to read with a big digital display and is thin enough to keep in a drawer or on the counter.

This scale also doubles as a postal scale and comes with a book so you can do that. some of the book deals with weights of food and calories they contain the other is postal rates and how to use the sale for postage up to 11 lbs .

The units you can measure in are grams- oz.-fl.oz- mls and pounds. you can be sure its accurate and will help you know only know the weight of the food you have but will also weigh things you may want to send in the mail for things like ebay or yardseller. Here is a photo of the inside of the book.

I think its a very pretty and modern looking scale that sure to help me with my weigh loss goals. Because of the Microban technology its also really safe to use. The scale will automatically shut off after 3 mins of non use.

So if you are on a diet and want a really awesome kitchen scale to weigh out your food or if you do a lot of shipping packaging or letters I hope you give this scale a try its easy and pretty and works very well. Thanks for looking at my review . Please have a look at the video review for more info . You can find this product on amazon easily.

The Wall around Your Heart By Mary DeMuth book review

I was able to read this awesome study/devotional book through book sneeze. This is a fantastic work of Christian study. I read in the morning before my prayers and I always read some of a study book and some of a story book. This study was really helpful to me because I could really identify with what the writer and what she was trying to get across.

Like Mary DeMuth I had a very difficult childhood that had caused me so many problems as an adult, Because of all the hurt I went through I did wall off my heart for self protection not wanting to experience that kind of pain again. My life motto was keep yourself to yourself, don't touch and never show your feelings.

I loved how this book really got to what some of us do when we are hurt badly and how Christ can help is get past it and move on. I recommend this book to anyone who has suffered at the hands of others and than because of that hurt because self destructive as I did in so many ways.

The Wall around Your Heart By Mary DeMuth is the kind of book you will want to read again and would be great to add to any collection of helpful Christian study. I am so happy I got to read it its helpful, insightful, and inspiring.

The book would also make for a fantastic gift for anyone who you might know that has been through a lot of pain through the actions of others. I hope you give it a try you will Love it I'm sure

The Dawn of Christmas by Cindy Woodsmall book review

I was able to read The Dawn of Christmas by Cindy Woodsmall through blogging for books. This is a great book to read at this time of year its interesting and romantic. I really liked reading it.

This story is about two Amish people who have had their hearts broken in one way or another. You have Sadie, who was about to get married to Daniel but a few hours before her wedding she finds Daniel kissing her relative in the barn and the wedding is off. No one believes Sadie, they all think she is just over reacting and seeing things and Daniel will not admit to doing anything wrong.

Levi is wanting to stay single because his brothers wife had left their marriage to care for their son alone. As a result Levi is not trusting of women and wants nothing to do with them.

Because Sadie and Levi are contentedly being pressured to find someone to marry by their respective family's they come up with the plan to pretend interest in each other. They plan to break up after a while so they can go back to the way they want to live.

God has other plans for them however and as the story unfolds you will see how two people who thought they wanted to remain single find love in each other. This is an awesome story and would be great for anyone who loves Christian fiction.

I was sent a free copy to read and review

Monday, November 4, 2013

Kushyfoot trouser socks review

Welcome to my review for the outstanding Kushyfoot Trouser Socks I got to try recently. I have tried other Kushyfoot products before and I have to say I love these Knee high Trouser socks.

What makes Kushyfoot products different is that they massage your feet with every step they have a padded sole so that they relieve tension and keep you feet and legs happy all day. I really like these longer knee high socks they are lovely on and have Graduated compression so legs feel energized all day.

I also got to try a pair of The shorter trouser sock that also has the padded sole and is also infused with cool max to keep feet cooler and comfy.

I think These Kushyfoot Socks are a great alternative to the knee high nylons or other socks we wear with pants to work. Other socks and nylon do nothing much to help your feet feel energized. You can really tell a difference using these knee high socks because the gradual compression supports your legs and keeps them massaged all day long so your not getting the feel of tired legs during the day. These are especially great for people who are on their feet all day standing or walking and they look really pretty on.

Kushyfoot makes a ton of items to add to your wardrobe that will look stylish and provide you with all day comfort and support . I just love them!

The longer knee high socks come in a pack of 2 and the shorter kind come in a one pack. Be sure and check all the items that Kushyfoot has to offer on their website, I know you will find quality product for happy legs and feet. When your feet and legs feel great you will feel great!

You can find out more about them at this link

Thanks for reading my review :)