Wednesday, November 13, 2013

FRAAS's Holiday Metallic Scarf Review

Welcome to my latest review for FRAAS scarfs, this one is the FRAAS's Holiday Metallic Scarf in gold color and as you can see its just the prettiest Scarf. This has a fashionable animal print with metallic gold accents that keep it shimmering in any light.

This Scarf is longer as all FRAAS scarfs are so you can do more with it to add a nice finishing touch to your holiday outfit this year. This Scarf is also so very soft and can be worn on your head to keep snow off it in winter or just the chilly weather . I did a video review for it so you could see just how shinny and lovely it is and how it would look on. I also took some photos of it and you can clearly see how beautiful it is by those photos.

FRAAS is renowned for making lovely scarfs. You can find FRAAS scarfs at different stores and you can also call them if you would like to buy or find out where to find them in your area. there phone number is 212-575-0191

I think this scarf would make for a lovely holiday gift and it could be worn all winter because the print really goes well with everything. This FRAAS Scarf comes in 3 colors. This one being the gold they also have a silver and a black color each shimmers with metallic detail that brings the scarf to life in any light and is sure to have people asking you where to get theirs.

This FRAAS Scarf would dress up any holiday or winter outfit you have and would look stunning with a brown or tan coat. Its long enough to wrap around you and wide enough to cover your whole head from fall and winter weather. Its so soft and silky you are not going to want to take it off. I really love this gold one because its festive enough for the holiday season yet fashionable enough to wear all winter long.

I did a video review for it so you could see the color and texture and the many ways you can wear it for a sophisticated and fashionable look this fall and winter season. Thanks for looking

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