Friday, November 8, 2013

Ozeri Touch 2 Digital Kitchen Scale review

Welcome to my review for the really wonderful Ozeri Touch 2 Digital Kitchen Scale. This scale will make it really easy for you to stick to a diet because its very accurate and easy to use. It also has Microban technology which is a antimicrobial product protection so you really can put the food right on the scale if you want to.

If you would rather weigh your food on a plate or bowl Ozeri makes this easy because you can set a tare weight of the plate so its not weighed with the food. its all very easy to set up and this lovely Kitchen scale is very easy to read with a big digital display and is thin enough to keep in a drawer or on the counter.

This scale also doubles as a postal scale and comes with a book so you can do that. some of the book deals with weights of food and calories they contain the other is postal rates and how to use the sale for postage up to 11 lbs .

The units you can measure in are grams- oz.-fl.oz- mls and pounds. you can be sure its accurate and will help you know only know the weight of the food you have but will also weigh things you may want to send in the mail for things like ebay or yardseller. Here is a photo of the inside of the book.

I think its a very pretty and modern looking scale that sure to help me with my weigh loss goals. Because of the Microban technology its also really safe to use. The scale will automatically shut off after 3 mins of non use.

So if you are on a diet and want a really awesome kitchen scale to weigh out your food or if you do a lot of shipping packaging or letters I hope you give this scale a try its easy and pretty and works very well. Thanks for looking at my review . Please have a look at the video review for more info . You can find this product on amazon easily.

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