Friday, November 8, 2013

The Wall around Your Heart By Mary DeMuth book review

I was able to read this awesome study/devotional book through book sneeze. This is a fantastic work of Christian study. I read in the morning before my prayers and I always read some of a study book and some of a story book. This study was really helpful to me because I could really identify with what the writer and what she was trying to get across.

Like Mary DeMuth I had a very difficult childhood that had caused me so many problems as an adult, Because of all the hurt I went through I did wall off my heart for self protection not wanting to experience that kind of pain again. My life motto was keep yourself to yourself, don't touch and never show your feelings.

I loved how this book really got to what some of us do when we are hurt badly and how Christ can help is get past it and move on. I recommend this book to anyone who has suffered at the hands of others and than because of that hurt because self destructive as I did in so many ways.

The Wall around Your Heart By Mary DeMuth is the kind of book you will want to read again and would be great to add to any collection of helpful Christian study. I am so happy I got to read it its helpful, insightful, and inspiring.

The book would also make for a fantastic gift for anyone who you might know that has been through a lot of pain through the actions of others. I hope you give it a try you will Love it I'm sure

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