Monday, November 4, 2013

Kushyfoot trouser socks review

Welcome to my review for the outstanding Kushyfoot Trouser Socks I got to try recently. I have tried other Kushyfoot products before and I have to say I love these Knee high Trouser socks.

What makes Kushyfoot products different is that they massage your feet with every step they have a padded sole so that they relieve tension and keep you feet and legs happy all day. I really like these longer knee high socks they are lovely on and have Graduated compression so legs feel energized all day.

I also got to try a pair of The shorter trouser sock that also has the padded sole and is also infused with cool max to keep feet cooler and comfy.

I think These Kushyfoot Socks are a great alternative to the knee high nylons or other socks we wear with pants to work. Other socks and nylon do nothing much to help your feet feel energized. You can really tell a difference using these knee high socks because the gradual compression supports your legs and keeps them massaged all day long so your not getting the feel of tired legs during the day. These are especially great for people who are on their feet all day standing or walking and they look really pretty on.

Kushyfoot makes a ton of items to add to your wardrobe that will look stylish and provide you with all day comfort and support . I just love them!

The longer knee high socks come in a pack of 2 and the shorter kind come in a one pack. Be sure and check all the items that Kushyfoot has to offer on their website, I know you will find quality product for happy legs and feet. When your feet and legs feel great you will feel great!

You can find out more about them at this link

Thanks for reading my review :)

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  1. These sound wonderful and cozy. I like to have cushioning which is why I do not normally wear trouser socks. I'd love to try these.