Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Big G cereal and Yoplait Savings at Publix

As a member of my blog spark I am able to let you in on a coming sale for Big G cereals and Yoplait at your local Publix so keep a close eye on those sale papers because even right now you can print coupons for savings on big G cereals and Yoplait yogurt. I was supposed to get the times and dates for this project for Publix but for some reason did not so I'm thinking is should be real soon.

I checked publix online and found that you can now print the coupons if you go to there coupon section. I was provided a publix gift card and a coupon for Yoplait so I could shop the sale.

This would be a great sale to stock up on your favorite Big G cereals and Yogurt. I hope you take advantage of the sale as soon as you see it and print the coupons in advance of it so you have plenty on hand.

You all know that I love publix not only for their sales but because they are the most coupon friendly store. Often Publix will have a display of the coupons and you can get them there I'm not sure if this will be the case for this sale

I also really love all the products in this sale as Yoplait Greek yogurt is my favorite and I buy it all the time.

It time to rethink you breakfast you can get the yogurt and mix in some cereal its awesome and here are some suggestions on that. Yoplait Greek Blended Coconut + Banana Nut Cheerios = feels like you’re on the beach!

Yoplait Greek Blended Vanilla + Chocolate Cheerios = tastes like an ice cream twist!

Yoplait Greek Blended Blueberry + Frosted Cheerios = blueberry pie!

Yoplait Greek Blended Pineapple + Fruity Cheerios = tropical taste!

So start having breakfast at home its much better for you and so tasty.

General mills and Yoplait provided me with a gift pack so I could shop the sale but my opinions are my own I truly love Publix and General Mills. Thanks for reading and I hope you Visit Publix soon. I'm going today Yay !

Here is the link to find out all about this awesome Publix offer Publix every day saver

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