Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Green Giant “Raise a Giant” campaign bully-prevention!

As a member of my Blogspark I really wanted to be part of this important campaign about Bully prevention. I was happy to see that PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center was partnering with Green Giant for this campaign so you could receive the help you need to talk to your kinds about this problem.

I have Grand children and if I were to write a letter to them about how to stand up to bullying, I would let them know that they should report any kind of Bullying they see to teachers or authorities. Bullying is not acceptable in any form. As a child I had a lot of problem with this and its greatly effected me as an adult. Many of the poor choices I made growing up were because I was bullyed and though it may not seem like much at the time believe me it is.

I encourage you to write a letter to your kids on the Green Giant “Raise a Giant” campaign bully-prevention website at this link Raise a Giant
Doing this will support the program which is very important.

I personally know the difficulties of being bullyed. I know how it feels to not to want to go to school and while there being so worried about the next bully attack that you cant think or study about what you learned. Its hard to be at school trying to learn but being too preoccupied with fear that you end up getting bad grades because of it.

I had it really bad because I had badness at school and badness at home I really had no safe haven and my life was filled with depression ( you have no idea how severe this was). All of this has effected me to this day and when I think back to my childhood I can find very few happy memories.

Please don't allow bullying to steal the joy from a child's childhood it can never be replaced and reaches much further than you would expect. Please write a letter to your kids explaining that its not only important that they themselves do not bully but also to be sure and report and not support bullying.

I have included in this post the video for this campaign which you can see below. This is such an important subject I happy I could post about it.

Like I said I really wanted to do this campaign for Green Giant MYblogspark and PACER. I hope you also support this post by tweeting it and facebooking it I would really appreciate it.

If this post helps just one child to not be subjected to bullying than its so worth it! I only wish help and information like this was available when I was a child and am happy to see it being addressed today . thanks for reading :)

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