Monday, July 29, 2013

Prevacid for heartburn review

I am a bzzagent and was able to try Prevacid for my heartburn problem that I get just about every night. I was using something else that was a bit of a problem because it had to be taken a little before bed so it would not cause my night pills to be so slow to work.

What I found out about this is if I took this other med at the same time I took my sleeping pills they would not work for a much longer time and I was up half the nigh anyway.

I started taking the other stuff at 9 pm but always forgot them. NOW with Prevacid I can take it in the morning and it works for 24 hours and keeps away all that heartburn nicely and I do not have to worry about it interfering with my nighttime meds.

I am real happy I got to try it and love that I do not have to worry about heartburn coming back to haunt me during the night. Here is the video review I did for it hope you get a chance to see it :) Thanks for looking #gotitfree

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

FaceFX Beauty tool by Silk'n continued review and video

Welcome to my second review for the FaceFx beauty tool I am trying out through the Silk'n company. so far I have been using this product since the 9th of July and I am already seeing an improvement in the firmness of my face and the general fresh appearance of the skin. Discolorations are fading nicely and I just love using it.

Why do I love using it, I love it because its so easy to use and painless and I cant say that about some of the other beauty tools I have tried. I do not say that the others are extremely painful but they are totally not as comfortable and the FaceFX is. Using the FaceFX is like getting a lovely warm massage on your face or any where you choose to use it.

I also have started using it on my hands because I suffer from old lady hands and trust me they are very unsightly. You can also use this tool on your neck to firm up the area.

Though I have only been using it a short while I am very happy with how things are coming along and I actually look forward to the days I use it, which is 3 times a week for 7 mins on each area being treated.

Like I said in my first review the FaceFX gets nice and warm and a red light comes on while it treating. I use an oil based serum because once I wash my face my skin is dry and the oil helps it glide better so Im sure to be treating the whole area.

In the video below I talk about how Im doing with it and show you how I treat my hands with it so your getting different info from the first post. I hope you have a look at that post because my before photos are in it. I will be taking after photos after about 8 weeks of use. So far so good. its easy and fun and takes no time at all to do a treatment its an easy thing to do to keep aging skin looking fresh and pretty.

I am so happy I was picked to try it and its working each day a bit more.Its just my favorite beauty tool!

I hope you have a look at the video which is below Thanks for looking and be sure and come back for my next installment on the FaceFX by Silk'n which will be in about 2 or 3 weeks. Dont forget to check the Silk'n website for more info on all the awesome products they make to keep you looking lovely.


Urban Decay Revolution lipstick and Liners review

Welcome to my review for the stunning new Urban Decay Revolution lipstick and liners that I got to sample from Vogue Influencer network this week. I was sent a tube of the Lipstick in the color catfight and once Ozone liner which is clear and helps to keep lipstick from feathering and a liner in the color Jilted.

all together I think this is a fantastic way to keep lips looking pretty and colorful. I love Urban Decay products and these and a wonderful addition to the line. The Ozone clear lip pencil works to keep you lipstick and liner in place all day. The array of colors to choose from is staggering and you can find many attractive and sexy colors to choose from.

The way you get these awesome lips is to first use the clear pencil in Ozone to hold things in place and stop feathering. Than you color the lips in with the coordinating lip liner pencil and than put on the lipstick. it works really well to keep you lips looking so pretty for hours with really rich pigments that last and last.

This is the set I got to try

They also have a nice deal going on here is that info

I am sure you will just love this process and the many colors to choose from Thanks for reading my review :)

Purex Fabric softener sheets x3 fragrance review and giveaway

Welcome to my Purex Fabric softener sheets x3 fragrance review and giveaway . I was sent some of these really new and fantastic sheets to try through Purex insiders and I can hold a giveaway so one person will win a coupon for a free box.

I love these because they have 3X the fragrance than they use to. these are so handy and make my laundry really fresh and smelling great for a very long time. I use to buy store brand because it was cheaper but these are only 1.49 at walmart for 40 sheets and that's a deal no one could pass up even if your on a budget like me.

I love these for laundry but they also work really well as a sachet. these are so filled with fragrance that you can put one in a drawer and it just makes everything smell fantastic. I also hide one or 2 in this basket of artificial flowers my dad had in the hall way leaning to the living room you can smell it as you walk into the house it s awesome.

These have so much fragrance they can almost be used as a air freshener if you leave the box open but more than that I love how my laundry is now soft and static free as well as smelling nice and pretty.

these are an awesome deal for the price I found them at walmart for only 49 cents more than a dollar store would have a dryer sheet. These are so much better than dollar store or store brand sheets its not even a contest.You really have to just try them they come in lavender and Mountain breeze I wanted the lavender but they were out of those and I am still so happy with the Mountain breeze scent.

which ever scent you use I know you will be really happy with them . I hope you enter my giveaway so you could win a free coupons for a free box please just enter the raffle copter below and Please have a look at my video review . thanks for looking :)

Here is my video review

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Simply Snackin 60 cal Snacks review

Wow I cant tell you how much I love Simply Snackin 60 cal snacks these are like a beef or chicken Jerky and OH so good. What I love about them is that they are low in calorie yet provide you with a healthy great tasting snack that's sure to be a favorite. I also love that they have so many flavors to choose from with wholesome ingredients that are good for you.

There are a whole lot of Jerky treats out there but you are not going to find any as gourmet as these are. Just have a look at the list below and tell me if you can find anything as healthy or with such unique flavors.

Teriyaki dried Sirloin with Pineapples

Dried Beef Sirloin with cranberries and blue berries

Dried Beef Sirloin with apple and cherry

Dried chicken breast with black bean and salsa

Dried chicken breast with Italian style seasonings and Romano Cheese

Teriyaki Dried chicken breast with Mangoes and Papayas

I have seen a lot of Jerky treats and snacks but none made with this much care and flavor. I can offer you a 10% discount for reading my post about Simply Snackin by giving you the code BLOGGIN10 Use this code at check out here at the Simply Snackin store through the month of August.

Simply snackin

I have to admit I ate most of them after I took the photo you see above but I managed to save 2 of them for the video review I hope you have a look at it. I hope you all decide to snack smart and get some Simply Snackin snacks to have on hand for the rest of the summer and back to school Your kids will love them they are really tasty.

Here is my video review for them

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Naturade All Natural Pea Protein 100% Vegan Formula Review

I was selected to try Naturade pea protein shakes through Tomoson and Naturade and the company sent me 3 packets to enjoy. What I really liked about it is its 100% vegan and is really easy to mix. you can ad this to water or your favorite juice to make a smoothly. I liked it with fresh squeezed orange juice. It tasted great and has so much great stuff in it that you will love what it does for you.

Naturade pea protein shakes are made with split peas so you can get all the benefits of a plant protein in a tasty shake. I got to try 3 packet samples but this product also comes in a multi serve container.

All you have to do is mix it into your favorite beverage and enjoy it. You will know that you are getting a full 40% of the daily recommended amount of Protein.

If you are looking for a great tasting vanilla shake that can offer you the healthy Protein you need than look no farther this one has it all .

The Naturade pea protein shake mixes very smooth and is not gritty or bland Its great in fruit juice because that will give it a nice kick and would be fantastic for the elderly or children who need to get more protein in there diets.

I know I like it, and would use it because I know how important Protein is to weight loss. Unlike some shakes this one only has 130 calories in it ,which is unlike the bottled kind you can get in the store. I got one of those a few days ago ad was surprised to see that it was over 200 calories.

You can be sure of quality with these shakes because it is formulated using only the highest quality pea protein isolate available. It is also 100% gluten-free, cholesterol-free, soy-free and dairy-free, so its really safe to drink. Here is a picture of the smoothly I made with the orange's I had this morning.

I love the way it mixes so easily and blends in well with any Juice you are wanting to use. I sure hope you give it a try its awesome . You can find more info about this and all Naturade products at the link below. Thanks for looking at my review.

Naturade web site

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers book review

I have read many a Christian Fiction story and I have to let you all know that this book Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers, has got to be the best story I have ever read. Its basically a re-telling of the biblical story of Gomer and Hosea. It takes place in the old west so you really get a great atmosphere and a familiar setting.

This book will make you cry though, it did for me. Im not sure it would be suitable for a very young reader because of the subject matter. This story pulls no punches but is a joy to read. It clearly shows the Redeeming Love of God for all his children no matter what kind of past they had.

What I love about it is that it is a very nice and complete re-telling of a biblical story that is epic in length, so we really get the idea of Gods Redeeming love hammered home to us in the characters. I tell you, you will not be able to put it down.

There is no graphic sex in this story but it is implied and stated that that's what happened so its really for the adult reader.

This story is about a prostitute in the west called Angel. She was born to a woman who was kept by a rich man who did not want her at all. She found herself alone in the world at 8 years old after her Mother dies from a broken heart and alcoholism.

Angel is sold to a man named Duke who has a fondness for little girls and the story goes on from there. I do not like to give away anything more than that because you really need to ready Angels Journey from destitution to life.

I can see clearly why this book is a classic and I'm sure it will be for years and years. I know I will be reading it again because its a beautiful story of just how much the father loves us in spite of ourselves.

This story is awesome but not for the faint of heart, it really gets into what life was actually like for a fallen woman in the west, it is not glossed over but shows how the love of a great man and the Lord could set her free. I recommend this book its a story every Christian woman should read. Thanks for looking at my review.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ozeri CardioTech Premium series BP Monitor

I want to introduce you to the next wave of Blood pressure monitors from Ozeri. The Ozeri CardioTech Premium series BP Monitor its as sleek as it is accurate its unlike others in that it has a really nice big display screen that makes it so easy to read in any light. I love the design and how easy it is to use .

Some of the outstanding features of the Ozeri monitor are that you can store reading in it up to 60 per person. each patient has there own reading stored for future reference. Just select the patient from the slider indicated as A or B. The unit than stores the info for that patient.

The Ozeri CardioTech Premium series BP Monitor is really professional looking and because of the lighted display and large numbers you can see at a glance what your readings are. This makes it really easy to use and is very user friendly.

This unit also has some unique features one is it will display irregular heartbeat so you know what going on with you, and the Hypertension bar at the bottom will tell you in graph form if your readings are normal to severe .It also calculates your average blood pressure based on the last 3 reading .

The Ozeri CardioTech Premium series BP Monitor is really different in that it will provide you with more info and store it up to 60 readings per person . the slider makes it really easy to select the patient you are monitoring.

All you do is put on the cuff and hit one start button the unit than fills the cuff and displays the reading in big bold lettering so its really easy to see.

In the video I made I demonstrate the unit working so you can see how easy it really is. Its also really professional looking and not at all unsightly as some BP units can be. The Ozeri CardioTech Premium series BP Monitor is very reasonably priced and for all it does its worth every penny.

I did a video review for it and really tried to show you how it works I hope you have a look at the video. The Ozeri is very compact and portable and comes with a nice case so you can take it with you .

I have use many a BP monitor and I really think this one is not only innovative but designed so nice its a pleasure to work with. I hope you give it a try, it is so easy to see the big numbers on the lovely blue screen that you will be so glad you go one for your blood pressure monitoring needs.

You can find the Ozeri CardioTech Premium series BP Monitor, Here on amazon Ozeri At Amazon
Thanks for looking at my video demonstration/review :)

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Join Purex insiders Now

I am so excited to announce that Purex insiders is seeking new members. You can join now through this link Purex insiders

I love being a Purex insider! I get to try awesome purex products and other things as well. I am able to host giveaways on my blog through Purex and you may have even entered the many I have posted about

Its so easy to be a Purex insider so I hope you join, its so much fun and a really happy group of bloggers to help you get started.

I have been a Purex insider for a few years and Love every second of being one. I know you will as well . Please just click the link, than fill out your info and join its as easy as that,,you will be so happy you did. :)

Bulu Box Weight Loss Box review

I would like to introduce you to Bulu box this is s box subscription that will send you great new products to try to help you with weight loss and health. I was sent a Bulu box so I could tell you a bit about what I received so you can see how really cool this box is. I love trying new things especially for diet and health. What I love about this box is that you get a number of items to try to see if you like them first before committing to a full size product.

I love subscription boxes and the Bulu box is a real nice one because I cant tell you how many times I wanted to try a new product but did not want to take a chance on buying it before trying it. The Bulu box takes the guess work out of trying a new product. In each Bulu box you will get a number of samples to try. In the box I got I received some really nice stuff. here is a list

1- 14 count bottle of burn blend by Shapeology , I really love this one you can feel it working really fast and the sample made it so I could really give it a try.

1-powerice- this is a frozen hydrating treat you put in the freezer its great and cools you off after exercising and provided you with electrolytes and energy.

1-Gu energy strawberry chomps a tasty chew providing amino acids to aid in building muscle so you can get the most out of you workout

1-Twin Lab power fuel drink mix for energy, focus and non stop performance while doing your workout.

1- Eat green tea an edible tea that you sprinkle on your food to give you the antioxidants you need with out drinking green tea conventionally, a real time saver.

1- a sample packet of Thera-gesic pain rub for all those aches and pains after working out.

The wonderful people at Bulu box has a great offer for you by entering the codes on the website you can get an awesome deal on some of their most popular subs here are two I can share with you.

Get your 1st Bulu Box FREE! Purchase a 3 month gift for you or a friend, and get the first month FREE with promo code: JUMPONIT3 Note: this deal gets 3 months of Bulu Box for just $15 (compared to regular price of $30)

Get your first 3 Bulu Boxes FREE! Purchase a 6 month gift for you or a friend and get the first 3 months FREE with promo code: JUMPONIT6 Note: this deal gets 6 months of Bulu Box for just $30 (compared to regular price of $60)

Those are some great deals! you can get them here Bulu box website
I did a video review about the contents of the box I got to try so you can make an informed decision. I did try the Shapeology because that was a multi use bottle but the others are single use so I wanted to show them to you as they came and not just a bunch of empty wrappers. This video is mostly to show you the many benefits of subscribing to the Bulu box thanks for looking :)

First here is another photo of an example of a different Bulu box each one would be different so its like getting a surprise every month.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Couples of the Bible a one year devotional by Robert and Boddie Wolgemuth review

I was able to read Couples of the Bible a one year devotional by Robert and Boddie Wolgemuth through book sneeze. This is a truly awesome study book and I learned so much about the different couples in the Bible. What I loved about this book was that I could read a story about the couple written in such a way as it brought them to life for me.

Even though I'm single right now I am hoping to one day be in a Christian relationship so I thought I would read this one.

I really loved it! First there are stores in this book that I never really appreciated while just reading my Bible. Robert and Boddie Wolgemuth have a great story telling ability that makes you want to read this book all the time.

The chapters are divided up with first a re-telling of a biblical couples story , than it has a just image chapter that has you really thinking about what you read, than it goes on to bring what you learned home with thoughts on how you can apply the lessons learned to your relationship.

This is a must read for any couple and would make for a really great wedding gift.

I learned so much and was so fascinated in these stories that even thought each chapter is designed so you can read a section every day for a week I was reading a chapter everyday.

This book is one of the very best Christian learning books that I have read in a long time. I will be reading it again because its so filled with interesting stories and practical teaching that I really want to read them all over again.

If you are looking for a really great study book with sound biblical teaching about how couples in the Bible lived their lives than this is a great choice. This is a very in depth study and you will learn about the lives of these biblical couples that you may have not been able to grasp as well as you will in this book. The list is very long of couples featured here and there are enough different couples to fill the year out in chapters.

Its a long book and not only a great learning tool but an adventure too. I am so happy that I was able to review it, because I will have this one by my side as a devotional always its really that fantastic. I sure hope you give it a try . If you have any interest at all in biblical stories and how the lessons learned can apply to your life and marriage than you will love this book its everything and more trust me.

Also I think that it would make a really great gift for a newly married couple and they will be so blessed from receiving it.. Thanks for looking at my review of Couples of the bible a one year devotional by Robert and Boddie Wolgemuth

FaceFx Beauty tool by Silk'n first impressions review

This is my first impressions blog post about the FaceFx skin care device I will be using by Silk'n. I did power it up and tried it for a very short time because it was not fully charged yet. I was still able to get first impressions about it from that short test and I did take the before pictures before doing that while I was waiting for it to charge up.

I wanted to be able to know how it felt on my skin before doing a full treatment and these are my thoughts and video about that experience.

First I really like that I can use it on my whole face and not just in a targeted area Like other devices. I liked the way it felt on my skin and it was warm and really comfortable to use. I have not yet tried the full treatment because I wanted to be sure it was all charged up and I am going to do the full treatment tonight.

I wanted to do it this way first so I could give you some idea of how it felt on the skin using it and show you the product and how its used so you know what I will be doing as I go on with the treatments. I will be doing 3 treatments a week and I want to do a lot of areas on my face because I have some things I really want to correct.

The FaceFx uses LED light and heat that encourages the skin to produce collagen, it will also shrink pores and help with discolorations, the warmth it provides deeply penetrates skin so the Light get to the deeper skin layers. Its SO easy to use and very comfortable to work with so far.

Now the pictures I took are in Macro I did this so you would be able to see my face as it is now before doing a full treatment. As you can see I have some discolorations, lack of firmness and other problems. Being 53 I am always trying to improve my skin care routine and I am excited to work with Silk'n and this awesome FaceFx device.

My plan is to post about every 2 or 3 weeks with pictures of my face in Macro so you can see changes. I will also do video because I'm thinking you would be able to see firming better that way.

This way I can tell you how things are going and how my skin is reacting to the device. Below are my Before photos that I took in Macro so you could see them better. My face has no makeup on it in these photos (YIKES).

Thanks for looking and be sure to look for other posts about the FaceFX on my blog and YouTube.

You can learn more about the Silk'n company through these links

Silk'n web site

Find them on facebook here Silk'n products Facebook

Silk'n twitter page

My first impressions video review

Friday, July 5, 2013

Noxicare Pain Relief rub review

Recently I was able to try Noxicare Pain Relief cream so I could review it for you. What I found out is that Noxicare Pain Relief cream, really worked well on my chronic shoulder pain.

I have a pinched nerve somewhere in my upper back that cause's me to have a lot of pain right next to my shoulder blade, this pain can get to feeling like someone is putting out a cigarette on my back, and is just very annoying.

I have tried other pain rubs but they smell to medical and just lets everyone know Im having some problems with pain.

I really do not like to advertise I'm in pain by the smell everyone recognizes. When my Shoulder flairs up all I can think about is getting rid of the pain because I can not concentrate with it acting up.

I started using Noxicare Pain Relief cream, and was impressed on how long it worked on my pain while not making me smell like a medicine cabinet. I also really liked the active ingredients. Most topical creams for pain will have menthol as the main ingredient. Noxicare has a whole bunch of proven herbals that work to penetrate and relieve the pain better.

Some of these are Holy Basil, Turmeric, willow bark and others,I like that it has these in there because if I take Turmeric in pill form I get some bad heartburn so this way I by pass the stomach and can apply it right to the pain. It works quickly and for longer than my usual pain rub.

Noxicare Pain Relief cream, is very creamy but not greasy its really a very nice hard working pain cream that has no scent.

I hope the next time you need a really wonderful pain cream you will choose Noxicare Pain Relief cream. You can find product info and ordering info here at this link NOXICARE

You can also find it at many health and natural stores and on the website you can just type in your zip code for the store nearest you that has it. Please keep in mind they also make Noxicare in a pill form now so be sure and check that out if you would rather try that one.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects BB cream review

I got to try this Olay product called Fresh Effects BB cream through Influenster and the summer Voxbox. I got 4 items in the Voxbox to try so I am doing reviews on them as I go along.

Olay Fresh effects BB cream is a very lightly tinted BB cream that makes the skin feel very fresh and looking fresh. The tinting is very slight a bit too slight for me but than Im Old lol.

I think it would be a fantastic cream for the younger crowed because unlike me a younger woman may not have to worry about a better coverage, I have one or 2 age spots that need just a bit more tint wise to be less noticeable. .

Also I like my BB and CC creams to have a higher SPF, again because of my age. I still like it for days I'm going to be just around the house or running to the store its light feel is nice on hot summer days and the 15 SPF is fine for indoor ware for me.

I d like that its an actual tinted cream and not one of those adjust to my face pigment creams that never seem to get the color right. This one is in light and light it is. Its very easy to use and will sooth out minor imperfections on the face nicely.

I did a video review for it so you can see my thoughts about it thanks for looking.

Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics review

These Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics were one of the few products I got to try in my Summer Voxbox from Influenster. they sent me the summer box free so I could make an informed review for this items in it.

I really like these hair ties they don't pull out my hair like the regular kind do and they are more comfortable to sleep on. These are softer and since I have to wear my hair up at night I was really impressed that they did not feel to uncomfortable in my hair as my regular bands do.

I also loved that they come in such nice colors and you get a bunch in a packet. These also look really good just wearing them on your wrist, so they are handy when you need to put up your hair. I did a video review to show you what I mean and just how nice they look.

I am so happy I got to try them because I was getting so sick of my hair ties pulling out my hair when I take it down in the morning. My hair can break easily and since I cant sleep well with all my longer hair on my neck I have to put it up because I really get hot at night.

The Goody Ouchless Ribbon Elastics, really are a pleasure to wear . I hope you have a look at the video review below thanks for looking.@GoodyHair #Ouchless