Tuesday, July 9, 2013

FaceFx Beauty tool by Silk'n first impressions review

This is my first impressions blog post about the FaceFx skin care device I will be using by Silk'n. I did power it up and tried it for a very short time because it was not fully charged yet. I was still able to get first impressions about it from that short test and I did take the before pictures before doing that while I was waiting for it to charge up.

I wanted to be able to know how it felt on my skin before doing a full treatment and these are my thoughts and video about that experience.

First I really like that I can use it on my whole face and not just in a targeted area Like other devices. I liked the way it felt on my skin and it was warm and really comfortable to use. I have not yet tried the full treatment because I wanted to be sure it was all charged up and I am going to do the full treatment tonight.

I wanted to do it this way first so I could give you some idea of how it felt on the skin using it and show you the product and how its used so you know what I will be doing as I go on with the treatments. I will be doing 3 treatments a week and I want to do a lot of areas on my face because I have some things I really want to correct.

The FaceFx uses LED light and heat that encourages the skin to produce collagen, it will also shrink pores and help with discolorations, the warmth it provides deeply penetrates skin so the Light get to the deeper skin layers. Its SO easy to use and very comfortable to work with so far.

Now the pictures I took are in Macro I did this so you would be able to see my face as it is now before doing a full treatment. As you can see I have some discolorations, lack of firmness and other problems. Being 53 I am always trying to improve my skin care routine and I am excited to work with Silk'n and this awesome FaceFx device.

My plan is to post about every 2 or 3 weeks with pictures of my face in Macro so you can see changes. I will also do video because I'm thinking you would be able to see firming better that way.

This way I can tell you how things are going and how my skin is reacting to the device. Below are my Before photos that I took in Macro so you could see them better. My face has no makeup on it in these photos (YIKES).

Thanks for looking and be sure to look for other posts about the FaceFX on my blog and YouTube.

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