Monday, July 29, 2013

Prevacid for heartburn review

I am a bzzagent and was able to try Prevacid for my heartburn problem that I get just about every night. I was using something else that was a bit of a problem because it had to be taken a little before bed so it would not cause my night pills to be so slow to work.

What I found out about this is if I took this other med at the same time I took my sleeping pills they would not work for a much longer time and I was up half the nigh anyway.

I started taking the other stuff at 9 pm but always forgot them. NOW with Prevacid I can take it in the morning and it works for 24 hours and keeps away all that heartburn nicely and I do not have to worry about it interfering with my nighttime meds.

I am real happy I got to try it and love that I do not have to worry about heartburn coming back to haunt me during the night. Here is the video review I did for it hope you get a chance to see it :) Thanks for looking #gotitfree

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