Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Couples of the Bible a one year devotional by Robert and Boddie Wolgemuth review

I was able to read Couples of the Bible a one year devotional by Robert and Boddie Wolgemuth through book sneeze. This is a truly awesome study book and I learned so much about the different couples in the Bible. What I loved about this book was that I could read a story about the couple written in such a way as it brought them to life for me.

Even though I'm single right now I am hoping to one day be in a Christian relationship so I thought I would read this one.

I really loved it! First there are stores in this book that I never really appreciated while just reading my Bible. Robert and Boddie Wolgemuth have a great story telling ability that makes you want to read this book all the time.

The chapters are divided up with first a re-telling of a biblical couples story , than it has a just image chapter that has you really thinking about what you read, than it goes on to bring what you learned home with thoughts on how you can apply the lessons learned to your relationship.

This is a must read for any couple and would make for a really great wedding gift.

I learned so much and was so fascinated in these stories that even thought each chapter is designed so you can read a section every day for a week I was reading a chapter everyday.

This book is one of the very best Christian learning books that I have read in a long time. I will be reading it again because its so filled with interesting stories and practical teaching that I really want to read them all over again.

If you are looking for a really great study book with sound biblical teaching about how couples in the Bible lived their lives than this is a great choice. This is a very in depth study and you will learn about the lives of these biblical couples that you may have not been able to grasp as well as you will in this book. The list is very long of couples featured here and there are enough different couples to fill the year out in chapters.

Its a long book and not only a great learning tool but an adventure too. I am so happy that I was able to review it, because I will have this one by my side as a devotional always its really that fantastic. I sure hope you give it a try . If you have any interest at all in biblical stories and how the lessons learned can apply to your life and marriage than you will love this book its everything and more trust me.

Also I think that it would make a really great gift for a newly married couple and they will be so blessed from receiving it.. Thanks for looking at my review of Couples of the bible a one year devotional by Robert and Boddie Wolgemuth

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