Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Purex Fabric softener sheets x3 fragrance review and giveaway

Welcome to my Purex Fabric softener sheets x3 fragrance review and giveaway . I was sent some of these really new and fantastic sheets to try through Purex insiders and I can hold a giveaway so one person will win a coupon for a free box.

I love these because they have 3X the fragrance than they use to. these are so handy and make my laundry really fresh and smelling great for a very long time. I use to buy store brand because it was cheaper but these are only 1.49 at walmart for 40 sheets and that's a deal no one could pass up even if your on a budget like me.

I love these for laundry but they also work really well as a sachet. these are so filled with fragrance that you can put one in a drawer and it just makes everything smell fantastic. I also hide one or 2 in this basket of artificial flowers my dad had in the hall way leaning to the living room you can smell it as you walk into the house it s awesome.

These have so much fragrance they can almost be used as a air freshener if you leave the box open but more than that I love how my laundry is now soft and static free as well as smelling nice and pretty.

these are an awesome deal for the price I found them at walmart for only 49 cents more than a dollar store would have a dryer sheet. These are so much better than dollar store or store brand sheets its not even a contest.You really have to just try them they come in lavender and Mountain breeze I wanted the lavender but they were out of those and I am still so happy with the Mountain breeze scent.

which ever scent you use I know you will be really happy with them . I hope you enter my giveaway so you could win a free coupons for a free box please just enter the raffle copter below and Please have a look at my video review . thanks for looking :)

Here is my video review

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  1. I like that they have 3x the scent. Sometimes I wish my clothes smelled fresher when they come out of the dryer.

  2. I like that they have so many uses besides in the dryer. I use them behind the shutters all the way around the house. They stop bees and bugs from nesting behind the shutters!