Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Olay Fresh Effects BB cream review

I got to try this Olay product called Fresh Effects BB cream through Influenster and the summer Voxbox. I got 4 items in the Voxbox to try so I am doing reviews on them as I go along.

Olay Fresh effects BB cream is a very lightly tinted BB cream that makes the skin feel very fresh and looking fresh. The tinting is very slight a bit too slight for me but than Im Old lol.

I think it would be a fantastic cream for the younger crowed because unlike me a younger woman may not have to worry about a better coverage, I have one or 2 age spots that need just a bit more tint wise to be less noticeable. .

Also I like my BB and CC creams to have a higher SPF, again because of my age. I still like it for days I'm going to be just around the house or running to the store its light feel is nice on hot summer days and the 15 SPF is fine for indoor ware for me.

I d like that its an actual tinted cream and not one of those adjust to my face pigment creams that never seem to get the color right. This one is in light and light it is. Its very easy to use and will sooth out minor imperfections on the face nicely.

I did a video review for it so you can see my thoughts about it thanks for looking.


  1. This is the one I use. I also wish the tint effects were a little more - I'm an Irish-American woman and I have freckles to cover. I do like it as a nice, light sunscreen and a "healthy glow."