Wednesday, July 24, 2013

FaceFX Beauty tool by Silk'n continued review and video

Welcome to my second review for the FaceFx beauty tool I am trying out through the Silk'n company. so far I have been using this product since the 9th of July and I am already seeing an improvement in the firmness of my face and the general fresh appearance of the skin. Discolorations are fading nicely and I just love using it.

Why do I love using it, I love it because its so easy to use and painless and I cant say that about some of the other beauty tools I have tried. I do not say that the others are extremely painful but they are totally not as comfortable and the FaceFX is. Using the FaceFX is like getting a lovely warm massage on your face or any where you choose to use it.

I also have started using it on my hands because I suffer from old lady hands and trust me they are very unsightly. You can also use this tool on your neck to firm up the area.

Though I have only been using it a short while I am very happy with how things are coming along and I actually look forward to the days I use it, which is 3 times a week for 7 mins on each area being treated.

Like I said in my first review the FaceFX gets nice and warm and a red light comes on while it treating. I use an oil based serum because once I wash my face my skin is dry and the oil helps it glide better so Im sure to be treating the whole area.

In the video below I talk about how Im doing with it and show you how I treat my hands with it so your getting different info from the first post. I hope you have a look at that post because my before photos are in it. I will be taking after photos after about 8 weeks of use. So far so good. its easy and fun and takes no time at all to do a treatment its an easy thing to do to keep aging skin looking fresh and pretty.

I am so happy I was picked to try it and its working each day a bit more.Its just my favorite beauty tool!

I hope you have a look at the video which is below Thanks for looking and be sure and come back for my next installment on the FaceFX by Silk'n which will be in about 2 or 3 weeks. Dont forget to check the Silk'n website for more info on all the awesome products they make to keep you looking lovely.


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