Friday, May 31, 2013

OraMD the more natural Oral care review and giveaway

I recently got a chance to try OraMd and was sent a sample bottle to give it a try.

OraMD is the revolutionary, 100% pure and natural liquid toothpaste, mouthwash and breath freshener with ingredients that kill the 22 harmful bacteria that lead to gum disease and other oral health problems.

I really like that its so portable, I can slip this small bottle of OraMD into my handbag and not have to carry those small bottles of mouthwash, breath mints and tubes of toothpaste. OraMD will take the place of all those things so all I need is a small portable toothbrush and OraMD and I'm good to go.

I also like that this product is a natural way to keep your teeth cleaned and your breath smelling fresh, all in one small bottle. Just one of these small bottles will last a month of use. That is a whole lot of savings and you do not have to buy a bunch of products to do the same things as OraMD does.

Here is the info you need to know about OraMD, I think its a fantastic product with lots of benefits and a more natural way to care for your oral health.

Pure Ingredients – 100% Natural Almond, Spearmint and Peppermint Oils

Ingredients help create a healthy environment in your mouth Has interdental access, so it gets in between your teeth and those hard-to-clean areas Leaves a fresh and clean feeling unlike anything you’ve ever experienced

Ingredients polish teeth Safe and effective for everyone ages 3 and up May taste a little stout for the first 3-7 uses Safe for braces, veneers, bonds, crowns, fillings and dentures Also available in Extra Strength, a more advanced formula.

I hope you have a look at the website where you can buy OraMD here at this link

They also have a facebook page

here is the facebook page

The wonderful people at OraMD also have a great offer for you which is not part of the giveaway but a great way to try the drops for yourself. For a small shipping charge they will send you a free bottle to try. They also agreed to include 2 eye-opening reports called 1) “The 6 Hidden Dangers In Toothpaste” and 2) “Why The FDA Requires A Warning Label On Your Toothpaste.” That’s a total value of over $40.00 . you can fill out the form for that here. Free bottle just pay shipping

I am also able to host a giveaway where 3 different winners will win a bottle of OraMD to try . I also did a video review for this product so please have a look at it and than fill out the raffle copter for your chance to win.

here is the video review I did

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Advanced Mineral makeup pressed Powder review

I was recently able to try Advanced Mineral makeup pressed Powder and was given a free sample in the color Taylor to review. It was really easy to pick the correct shade for my skin tone because the powder comes in 4 tones and all you have to do is pick the celebrity who's skin tone closely matches you own.

I use a lot of pressed powder because it works best for me and I can touch up my makeup easily because my face can get shinny in the Florida heat. I really loved working with Advanced Mineral makeup pressed Powder, I used it with my brush and it goes on really nicely with just the right amount of coverage and not heavy feel.

you can use this Powder as a foundation, concealer or as a touch up powder so its really 3 products in one depending on how you want to use it. you can use it alone on your face and it will cover imperfections nicely or you can use a lighter application for a nice mate finish to the makeup you have on.

Advanced Mineral makeup, has different kinds of makeup to choose from you can get a Liquid mineral makeup, and a loose powder foundation as well as the pressed powder foundation I got to try. These were all developed Bu Annie Mayo Tv and Film makeup artist. she designed these to look flawlessly on camera yet not be to heavy on the skin causing a false unnatural look.

Advanced Mineral Makeup is a 100% natural makeup line. Unlike other makeup brands, it contains no parabens, preservatives, or harsh. chemicals that would irritate your skin.

I love the look the Advanced Mineral makeup pressed Powder gave me, its so pretty and so easy to use. I also loved that the color was perfect for me and I was able to blend it in nicely.

I like using mineral products because they are better for your skin and cover imperfections with a more natural look. I did a video review for this product so you can see what it looks like and how I applied it. Before I get to that here are some links for you so you can go find the perfect Advanced Mineral makeup for you.

You can buy Advanced Mineral makeup products here Advanced Mineral Makeup

here is the facebook page

I hope you get a chance to have a look at the video review I did, thanks for looking :)

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Boiron Oscillococcinum homeopathic remedy can help with flu symptoms review

I have been using Oscillococcinum homeopathic remedy to help ease the symptoms of colds and flu for a few years now and I can tell you that it can really help. Naturally Savvy and Boiron wanted me to do a review so they sent me a free package to try again and review.

If you are not familiar with Boiron than I can help by telling you that they make homeopathic remedies for lots of things like cold flu and cough. My mother and I love the Chestal Honey cough remedy, She will go to the ends of the earth to find it because it works best for her chronic cough and tastes great.

I have used the Oscillococcinum to greatly improve how I feel with a flu or bad cold. When I was married, My husband had a low thyroid so he was always getting flu's and colds, he even said the the Oscillococcinum made him feel much better and he is not a great believer in natural remedies. It works so well that he was actually asking me to go get more from the store ,that alone is a great testimonial .

In this coming school season its really good to have some Oscillococcinum around to help with these kinds of things because school season means cold and flu season.

Whats really nice about all Boiron products for children is they are natural and could never cause harm or side effects.You can be sure if your child has a flu or cold Boron Oscillococcinum homeopathic remedy, will help and not hurt . I really love all Boiron product and had the opportunity to try most of them a few years ago. I really am amazed how well they work. I hope you give them a try this cold and flu season. Thanks for reading my review.

you can find out more about Oscillococcinum and all the other great remedies that Boiron makes at this website. Boiron USA

Also for all kinds of ideas on how to find great natural products and info about how you can be more natural in your choices please visit Naturally Savvy website. Its so helpful and is loaded with fantastic info on the subject you can find them here

Naturally Savvy

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Fysiko Lash growth serum 21 days in Review

I have been using The Fysiko Lash growth serum for 21 days now and thought I would give you all an update. I already see improvement in my lashes and they are longer and fuller as you can see from the photo.

The photos of my eye has no makeup on it and if you would like to see the before shot please check the before picture that was posted on may 7th. This is the new shot of my eye after using Fysiko for the 21 days.

Here is another shot from a different angle.

I also wanted to do a new video review for Fysiko just in case you missed the last one. I just did this one today.

You can find more info about Fysiko here at their web site. The Fysiko web site

I am trying this product for free through Influenster Vox and am so happy I was selected to try it!

Also you can check them out on facebook here Here is the Facebook page for Fysiko
#LongerLashes @InfluensterVox @FysikoLashes #gotitfree

Monday, May 27, 2013

me at 53

Well I thought I would update a photo for my birthday that was on may 15th I am now 53. I took this one a few days ago so it would be current . :)

Friday, May 24, 2013

My plants came in today Yay

My Plants finely got here I'm so excited now I can set up the garden here is a picture of them.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Applegate Natural Deli Meats review

I was able to try Applegate Natural Deli Meats through an insiders group and they had send me some coupons to try it free and see how well my friends and family liked it. I really love it and I can tell you I will be buying it for some really good reasons .

Besides being really tasty Applegate Natural Deli Meats, are very natural they do Minimal processing,they use family farms, all animals are humanely raised, there are no added Hormones or antibiotics.

You can really taste the care they put into there deli meats and cheeses. I got to try a few and I can tell you I am so in love with the turkey bacon, It really tastes like a well made Canadian bacon. The strips are wider and there are only 35 calories per slice and you cant say that about most bacon.

Applegate turkey bacon makes for a great B.L.T because you will be eating lighter but not sacrificing taste. Also I have a problem with regular bacon, it can be to chewy or way to crunchy and I fear it will damage my dental work.I love the texture of the Applegate Turkey bacon and just how tasty a sandwich it makes here is a photo.

Applegate makes so many different kinds of deli meats, cheeses, and even frozen food products, like Turkey burgers. I really wanted to try the sausage but my store did not have them. I love sausage and thought that the chicken one they make would go a long way to helping me eat what I kike with out the excess fat and calories.

I did try the deli meat in honey smoked turkey breast and Black forest ham. These are a bit more pricey than let say your run of the mill cold cut but they are really worth it for your health and the health of your children. I also found that they taste so much better and make a sandwich taste really great and fresh.

I did do a video review for Applegate so if you don't feel like reading the post you can just have a look at the video it tells the story :) I did have some difficulty finding Applegate in my Publix. The bacon can be found in the bacon but the deli meats seem to have there own end-cap across from the lunch meats. I looked for the sausage but could not find it and my Publix had the frozen Turkey burgers in the frozen section and they were not to hard to find.

The bottom line is if you are looking for a superior lunch meat that its health for you and still tastes soo good I hope you give these a try. Thanks for looking :)

Secret Clinical deodorant Review

I was so Blessed to have been chosen for this years vocalpoint beauty bash and I got some things to try and share with my friends. I wanted to give all of these a test drive well before I pass them out to my friends so I could tell them all about my experiences with them.

First I want to say that I did all the video review for these products on the same day, my Birthday since I was not doing anything anyway lol. So the video will say its my birthday but actually that was the 15th and I am now 53.

I Love Secret Clinical antiperspirant and deodorant so much because I do need something stronger on these getting really hot Florida days. I also get a ton of hot flashes being 53 and its really annoying when a regular product dose not works as well as this one does. With Secret Clinical I can have to confidence I need to not only go out in the hot weather but be assured that when I do get a hot flash I will it will bot be noticed on my clothing. Secret Clinical works well, is easy to use and has a nice light scent that perfect for summer.

I did a video review for this product so you could hear my thoughts about it I hope you have a look at it below. Thanks for looking

Sunday, May 19, 2013

CoverGirl Blast Flip Stick review

Covergirls new Blastflipstick is one of the really nice products that I got to try in my Vocalpoint beauty bash package and I think it a really unique product.

First you are getting 2 complementary shades of lip color in one tube the one side would have a frosted and the other a matte. The Color I got to try is called Whisper its a nice pretty frosted pink with similar color matte pink on the other end.

I love this shade as it perfect for me, I like pinks and lighter shades because I feel a bit to old to wear the bright reds. I am always on the hunt for a pretty pink. The CoverGirl Blast Flip Stick, is really handy and they make the colors blendable so you can customize the color you want, the color also lasts a long time and stays put nicely.

I am so happy I get to share these with my friends because we are all about the same age and we all like to use more of the pinks in a lop color. Covergirl has you covered though because they have a selection of shades for any look you want.I hope you give it a try the one I got is very Blendable and I can chose to wear one or the other so that's a beautiful thing in a lip color . I did a video review so you could see it. I hope you get a chance to have a look at the video and thanks for looking :)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara review

I was so Blessed to have been chosen for this years vocalpoint beauty bash and I got some things to try and share with my friends. I wanted to give all of these a test drive well before I pass them out to my friends so I could tell them all about my experiences with them.

First I want to say that I did all the video review for these products on the same day , my Birthday since I was not doing anything anyway lol. So the video will say its my birthday but actually that was the 15th and I am now 53, Oh Joy, Oh Rapture ;) .

Anyway I think that the Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara it the very best Mascara that covergirl makes it really is easy to apply and it goes on like a dream with no clumping, just nice full lashes. The secret is in the brush which is excellent at applying the mascara and leaving no clumps so you save time by not going over it to unclump them. My Lashes are thinning due to age and this mascara keeps them looking long and full.

I did a video review so you could see the brush and my thoughts about this really hardworking effective mascara that's totally worth the price. I hope you get a chance to have a look at it and the other reviews I will be doing for the items I got to try and share through the Vocialpoint beauty bash 2013. I am spreading these out over the next few days so be on the look out for the post and thanks for looking at my review.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Heidi's Hair Ties review

I want to tell you all about Heidi's Hair Ties, I was sent one to review and really think its just so lovely.

Living in Florida I'm always wearing my hair up when I go out in the weather and have taken to keeping a hair tie around my wrist to be sure I have it available to use. The problem with this is the regular hair ties are rather unsightly, Heidi of Heidi's Hair Ties has solved this problem in a beautiful way. Heidi makes her hair ties like bracelets with colorful ribbons and stunning jewels.

Because these are so pretty you can confidently wear them on your wrist until you need to put up your hair. Than as a bonus you have a really nice looking pony tail holder that will just glimmer in the sun.

These would be fantastic to have on the beach or at the pool. The one I got to try holds well and looks very pretty and when not in use its on my wrist looking glamorous.

I did a video review for Heidi's Hair Ties so you could really see how pretty it is as the photo I took dose not do it justice but the video does so please have a look at it and stop my Heidi's Hair Ties web site and have a looks at her lovely items. Here is a link for you Heidi's Hair Ties

You can also find Heidi's Hair Ties on facebook here.

Heidi's hair ties facebook page

Here is the video review for the tie I got to try. thanks for looking :)

Divine Age Guardian Serum with Growth Factor Perfective Ceuticals Review

I am so excited to tell you all about my experiences with Perfective Ceuticals Divine Age Guardian Serum with Growth Factor. I had tried and and reviewed the night cream and eye cream from this line and loved them so much they did wonders for my skin! When I heard I was going to be able to do a review for the serum I could not wait to get it in.

I really love this serum for many reasons, first its a very quick drying thinner serum that absorbs into the skin quickly. It did not cause a problem when using it under my night creams as so many serums I have tried can do. The problem is with most serums is they can cause your heavier night creams to pill and simply roll off your face so the benefits from a night cream are greatly compromised.

Perfective Ceuticals Divine Age Guardian Serum with Growth Factor, dose not do this it will dry nicely so when you put on a night cream it stays put. It Will make your face so soft and pretty it will do so much for your skin because of the really effective Ingredients in it.

Here are some of the many reasons this serum and the entire line of Perfective Ceuticals works so well.

Divine Age Guardian Serum with Growth Factor is an intense wrinkle serum that features an unparalleled physiological combination of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) and Amino Peptide. Each ingredient interacts synergistically, signaling cellular activity for renewed collagen, elastin and other skin proteins. In all, it smoothes and reduces fine lines and wrinkles for a more vibrant, youthful appearance.

Incorporated with a cocktail of powerful anti-oxidants and the moisture binding Hyaluronic Acid, it also restores radiance and suppleness and boosts the skin's immune function to shield against future aging.

I really love everything about it, it works well, is easy to apply and you get a whole lot of serum in this bottle, because you only need to use 3-5 drops of it this bottle should last you a great while. I have just turned 53, so I can use all help I can get to fight aging all the way! I hope you consider using Divine Age Guardian Serum with Growth Factor. Its so great I'm sure you will be please with the results. I hope you have a look at the video review I did which is at the bottom of the post ! You can find out more about it by clicking the link below.

Divine age Guardian Serum

Here is the video review I did . Thanks for looking :)

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Second Chances More Stories of Grace By Max Lucado book review

I got a chance to read Second Chances More Stories of Grace By Max Lucado through book sneeze . I love Max Lucado he is a fantastic writer and he always dose a great job with all of his works.

In this book Max tells us stories from a scripture passage, Its not a commentary but more a retelling. He really does this well and I loved all of the stories in this book. The way Max did this was to take a passage of scripture and than create a story around it so we can see if from a more contemporary angle.

What I did was read it as part of my morning devotional, The chapters are really good for this and you can read them one each day as I did and than digest what Max is trying to get across.

I really like it, I think it would make for a fantastic gift for anyone who wants to learn from these stories but also get a different way of looking at these passages of scripture . I hope you give this one a chance, it would also make for a great gift. I am a huge Fan of Max Lucado and I am very glad I was able to read Second Chances.

Fysiko Lash Growth serum demo video review

As most of you know I am testing out the wonderful Fysiko Lash growth serum for Influenster . I did this video to show you the product and how to apply it. My Lashes are really thinning with age so Im so happy to be able to give Fysiko a try and will be posting my progress through my social networking sites over the next 16 weeks. I have alread posted up the before picture and info so this blog post is about how things are going for me after 2 weeks of use and how to use Fysiko. so far its doing a great job and I can already see a difference thanks for looking :) #LongerLashes @InfluensterVox @FysikoLashes #gotitfree

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pantene Expert Collection Age Defy Hair care review

A while ago I had gotten in one of those packet samples of this Pantene Expert Collection Age Defy shampoo and conditioner. I gave it a try not expecting to much from a trial. well I loved the way my hair came out so much I literally ran to the store and bought the full size.

I was a little surprised by the cost but after the trial I had to get it. I find that This stuff really works so much differently than most others that clam to do the same thing. I was so surprised that if I left my frizz prone wavy hair to dry naturally I was provided with some really cute curls and bounce and a whole lot of shine..

I had see the ads for this product in my magazines and thought it would be great if it works as well on my nasty hair. I was not sure it would but all you have to do is look at the video review to see just how nice it worked! I can have some bouncy curls that almost make me look like I got a perm. I really recommend it to anyone who has problems with there aging hair like I have.

I am 53 today and I will be buying and using Pantene Expert Collection Age Defy all the time now. Its the first shampoo and conditioner that makes my hair look nice and dose not strip the color. I have done some blog posts for some other shampoos that were for scalp conditioning and dry scalp but the problem with those is that if you want your hair color to remain nice, you just cant use them all the time they will dull and strip color from hair that's processed like mine.

I hope you get a chance to look at the video review because you will see the results and if you have seen other videos I made you will be able to see what a huge difference Pantene Expert Collection Age Defy makes. I have to admit that I never really thought that Pantene was right for me, I had used it before and was not really impressed but that was just a for normal hair Pantene . This age defy is leaps and bounds better than anything I have used so far and I have used some really pricey products.

As I said I did pay for these they cost 6.99 each at my Publix. HoweverI was also selected to do this years RSVP beauty bash from vocalpoint and they sent me a bunch of trial sized bottles to give away at my party so my friends can try it out. I am so happy this one is part of that RSVP because its a really fantastic new product that I want all my friends to experience. Please have a look at the video and let me know if you think it did a good job on my hair. and thanks for looking at my review :)

Here is the video review

Thank you for reading :)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Deviled Eggs made healthy with Fage Greek yogurt

Hi everyone I have been trying disparately to keep up with a low carb diet ( sort of an adkins plan) and its not easy. The diet plan I am following says I can eat Deviled eggs . I love these and was really happy to eat them but I did get to thinking about all that fat in the mayo. I am not a fan of lite mayos so I thought I would see how they tasted using Greek yogurt in place of mayo.

I am doing a bzz campaign for Fage and thought this would be a great thing to try for the campaign. I got some free coupons for Fage and got some at my publix. #gotitfree

These Yogurt made Deviled Eggs taste great with out the guilt, all you have to do is- Make the eggs as usual mix up the yokes as usual but use the yogurt in place of the mayo. Than add some powdered mustard seed spice, pepper, onion powder, a dash of salt and mix that all in. Than top with Pepericka. They come out looking great please have a look at the photos

These look like traditional deviled eggs and taste great! I hope you give them a try thanks for reading

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Fysiko lash Growth serum before use photo

I will be trying out Fysiko lash growth serum for Influenster for 16 weeks this is how my lashes look now really thin . I will be posting update on how this lash growth serum works for me. #LongerLashes @InfluensterVox @FysikoLashes #gotitfree.

I cant wait to see how well Fysiko will work for me I am going to be 53 on May 15th ans my Lashes have thinned a whole lot. It use to be I was accused of wearing false eyelashes to work when I was younger, Since getting old :)

I have very thin lashes so I hope Fysiko will bring my lashes back to beautiful during this 16 week trial. I will keep you posted as things go forward thanks for reading :)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bubblews -get paid to post, comment, and like or dislike

Hi everyone I thought I would let you all know about Bubblews that I just joined it a get paid to post website.By the time I had finished with my profile , posted up one post and liked a few others I had 1.10 in my bank .

This sight works much like gather if you know about them. If not all you do is join up and start posting up reviews or anything else in a category you like. I am posting in beauty because I get to try so many beauty products but they have bunches of different categories to choose from.

So why not get paid a little extra for posting your thoughts. They pay by paypal or check. Its easy and fun and you can join up here . be sure to connect with me when you do and thanks for looking :) Bubblews

AVEENO Intensive Night Cream My radiant dream for 2013

My Radiant dream for 2013 is to Un do some of the sun damage that I did while tanning when I was younger. I am going to be 53 on May 15th.I have real pale skin and I use to think I only looked presentable if I had a tan.

I tanned so much I got a real bad discoloration on my forehead that people thought was a bruise or something .I was being asked if I was in an accident! That was when I decided not to tan anymore not outside or at the tanning booth.

I am hoping to un-do some of this past damage by using the Aveeno Intensive night cream I received free from Influenster. The above picture is what I am using right now at night to get my aging skin back into shape and get rid of some of the damage I did in the past. That's My radiant dream for 2013! #RadiantwithAVEENO