Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Deviled Eggs made healthy with Fage Greek yogurt

Hi everyone I have been trying disparately to keep up with a low carb diet ( sort of an adkins plan) and its not easy. The diet plan I am following says I can eat Deviled eggs . I love these and was really happy to eat them but I did get to thinking about all that fat in the mayo. I am not a fan of lite mayos so I thought I would see how they tasted using Greek yogurt in place of mayo.

I am doing a bzz campaign for Fage and thought this would be a great thing to try for the campaign. I got some free coupons for Fage and got some at my publix. #gotitfree

These Yogurt made Deviled Eggs taste great with out the guilt, all you have to do is- Make the eggs as usual mix up the yokes as usual but use the yogurt in place of the mayo. Than add some powdered mustard seed spice, pepper, onion powder, a dash of salt and mix that all in. Than top with Pepericka. They come out looking great please have a look at the photos

These look like traditional deviled eggs and taste great! I hope you give them a try thanks for reading

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