Wednesday, May 1, 2013

AVEENO Intensive Night Cream My radiant dream for 2013

My Radiant dream for 2013 is to Un do some of the sun damage that I did while tanning when I was younger. I am going to be 53 on May 15th.I have real pale skin and I use to think I only looked presentable if I had a tan.

I tanned so much I got a real bad discoloration on my forehead that people thought was a bruise or something .I was being asked if I was in an accident! That was when I decided not to tan anymore not outside or at the tanning booth.

I am hoping to un-do some of this past damage by using the Aveeno Intensive night cream I received free from Influenster. The above picture is what I am using right now at night to get my aging skin back into shape and get rid of some of the damage I did in the past. That's My radiant dream for 2013! #RadiantwithAVEENO

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