Monday, May 20, 2013

Applegate Natural Deli Meats review

I was able to try Applegate Natural Deli Meats through an insiders group and they had send me some coupons to try it free and see how well my friends and family liked it. I really love it and I can tell you I will be buying it for some really good reasons .

Besides being really tasty Applegate Natural Deli Meats, are very natural they do Minimal processing,they use family farms, all animals are humanely raised, there are no added Hormones or antibiotics.

You can really taste the care they put into there deli meats and cheeses. I got to try a few and I can tell you I am so in love with the turkey bacon, It really tastes like a well made Canadian bacon. The strips are wider and there are only 35 calories per slice and you cant say that about most bacon.

Applegate turkey bacon makes for a great B.L.T because you will be eating lighter but not sacrificing taste. Also I have a problem with regular bacon, it can be to chewy or way to crunchy and I fear it will damage my dental work.I love the texture of the Applegate Turkey bacon and just how tasty a sandwich it makes here is a photo.

Applegate makes so many different kinds of deli meats, cheeses, and even frozen food products, like Turkey burgers. I really wanted to try the sausage but my store did not have them. I love sausage and thought that the chicken one they make would go a long way to helping me eat what I kike with out the excess fat and calories.

I did try the deli meat in honey smoked turkey breast and Black forest ham. These are a bit more pricey than let say your run of the mill cold cut but they are really worth it for your health and the health of your children. I also found that they taste so much better and make a sandwich taste really great and fresh.

I did do a video review for Applegate so if you don't feel like reading the post you can just have a look at the video it tells the story :) I did have some difficulty finding Applegate in my Publix. The bacon can be found in the bacon but the deli meats seem to have there own end-cap across from the lunch meats. I looked for the sausage but could not find it and my Publix had the frozen Turkey burgers in the frozen section and they were not to hard to find.

The bottom line is if you are looking for a superior lunch meat that its health for you and still tastes soo good I hope you give these a try. Thanks for looking :)

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