Friday, May 17, 2013

Heidi's Hair Ties review

I want to tell you all about Heidi's Hair Ties, I was sent one to review and really think its just so lovely.

Living in Florida I'm always wearing my hair up when I go out in the weather and have taken to keeping a hair tie around my wrist to be sure I have it available to use. The problem with this is the regular hair ties are rather unsightly, Heidi of Heidi's Hair Ties has solved this problem in a beautiful way. Heidi makes her hair ties like bracelets with colorful ribbons and stunning jewels.

Because these are so pretty you can confidently wear them on your wrist until you need to put up your hair. Than as a bonus you have a really nice looking pony tail holder that will just glimmer in the sun.

These would be fantastic to have on the beach or at the pool. The one I got to try holds well and looks very pretty and when not in use its on my wrist looking glamorous.

I did a video review for Heidi's Hair Ties so you could really see how pretty it is as the photo I took dose not do it justice but the video does so please have a look at it and stop my Heidi's Hair Ties web site and have a looks at her lovely items. Here is a link for you Heidi's Hair Ties

You can also find Heidi's Hair Ties on facebook here.

Heidi's hair ties facebook page

Here is the video review for the tie I got to try. thanks for looking :)

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